International Programs can help!

International Programs staff can provide you with additional support in navigating a relationship with your roommate, as well as great opportunities to get involved!

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ResLiving Staff can help!

If you are needing additional help building a relationship with your roommate, please do not hesitate to contact your RA or someone in our office. We want to help!

So, you have an International roommate….


Living with someone for possibly the first time ever can be a difficult and scary thing for most students.  Then, you add all the unknowns about living with someone from a different country and culture.  It can be overwhelming, but here are some resources that you can use to help build an effective roommate relationship across cultural barriers.

  • First, know that you and your roommate are in similar circumstances.  They have to overcome the same cultural barriers that you do, just from the other side of things.  They here to learn at Washburn, and are paying to utilize on campus facilities just like you are.
  • Having an international roommate doesn’t mean that it’s automatically going to be more difficult or stressful than living with anyone else.  Communication and living together can be challenging for any roommate pairing, it’s the desire to develop a good roommate relationship that usually determines success.
  • Avoid stereotyping.  If you create an image of what you think your roommate will look like and how they will act, it makes it more difficult to allow them to create their own first impressions.  Allow your roommate to tell you about who they are and what they are like, instead of going off of other’s experiences, or what you may think.
  • Try not to assume every issue is a result of cultural barriers.  It can be easy to chalk everything up to cultural differences, but that could lead you to think that it is something that is out of your control to change.  If you have an issue, address it, but leave room for them to explain what things may look like at home for them.  Example, if you feel like you and your roommate have different standards of cleanliness, it may be an individual issue instead of a cultural one.  Communicate your expectations with them and maybe ask what kind of cleaning schedule they have at home; understanding the other side of the issue is helpful.
  • Be prepared to compromise.  Compromise is a natural thing that needs to happen in any good roommate relationship.  Don’t expect that as an American your roommate needs to meet your standards and expectations.  This is a recipe for disaster in any roommate relationship.
  • The skills you learn and use to build a relationship with your roommate are important skills that can be transferred to most situations and work environments.  Communication and compromise will be something that you will use for the rest of your life!