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roses indoors Schureman roses, plus Marilyn Max Yoho and cousin" Butch neighborhood associaition meeting 2012 toadstool in the aloe next slide
Roses indoors
Schureman roses + Marilyn
Max Yoho & "cousin," Butch Association Annual Meeting
Mushroom in the aloe

Pan filled with much needed rainwater Thornton Place greened up after the rain pathetic flower Jerry Garcia doll Eleanor outdoors, a first
  Aug. 24/25 rain
Rain greened the lawn
Dried up blossom needed rain!
Eleanor stepped outdoors
Doorway cat
Mushroom B Mushroom C Mushroom D Cicada Homegrown mushroom, back Homegrown mushroom, front  
Neighborhood mushrooms
Volunteer mushroom, back Volunteer mushroom, front  

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