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Caboose chair, no cat Eleanor and Arty Award Max with first corn, 2013 brocholli cheese soup A brocholli cheese soup B next slide
  Caboose chair, no cat Eleanor and east window glass pieces Max & first 2013 corn-on-the-cob We enjoyed a batch of broccoli cheese soup with farm-fresh brocholli, Spring, 2013. Thanks, June and Bill!  
Eleanor with vinca blossom sunset, December Gift chimes Eleanor and smashed Sousaphone December 2012 snow Eleanor tries to remember snow
Eleanor with vinca blossom, Mar. 2013 Neighbor Jean gave me a heads-up about this sky Holiday 2012 gift chimes Eleanor/
Snow view, Dec. 2012
Eleanor tries to remember snow
Guacamole Caboose chair A Caboose chair B Naomi dancer Memorial flowers Flowers in honor of Naomi Patterson
Eleanor on the Katy R.R. caboose chair
Naomi's dancer
Flower gifts in remembrance of Naomi Paterson

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