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Right, Rhodie Rose Burnett is the daughter of Clara Burnett Shincis, Potawatomie, who is the daughter of Joseph Burnett, direct son of Chief Abram B. Burnett. Clara Burnett married Frank Shincis, who is Potawatomi & absentee Shawnee.  

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Right, Rhodie Rose Burnett with her husband, Frank Castaneda.
She is grandmother of Gary Sulser Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk and is great granddaughter of
Chief Abram B. Burnett

Rhodie Rose Burnett and her husband.
Grandma Rhodie Rose Burnett and her sister, Auntie Francis Birdie Burnett, Potawatomi elders.
Grandma Rhodie Rose and Auntie Francis, Potawatomi elders
Grandma Rhodie Rose
Rhodie Rose, granddaughter of Chief Abraham Burnett
Grandma Rhodie Rose with her youngest son, Steven Castaneda-Burnett [behind],
and her granddaughters:
[ bottom left], Corina [above Carol],
[far right]. The girls are the daughters of
Rick Castaneda-Burnett
Grandma Rhodie Rose with grandchildren
Gary Sulser in traditional dance outfit
, Gary Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Jr.
in traditional dance outfit.



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Rhodie Rose Burnett and her husband.

Below, copy of birth certificate of Rhodie Rose Burnett, including her birthday date in 1917 and lists her parents, Clara Burnett Shincis and Frank Shincis. This photo links to a larger version of the certificate in PDF format. Adobe offers a free Reader for PDF files.

Copy of birth certificate, Rhodie Rose Burnett

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