Chief Topinabee was the biological brother to Chief Chebaas, who was the biological grandfather to Chief Abram B. Burnett.
   Topinabee means "He who sits quietly" in Potawatomie language. One of Tecumseh's war chiefs and signer of important treaties, Topinabee was known as a great chief and warrier. Born in 1758, he died July 26, 1826.
   See also: Pipe Stem of Topinabee.
Topinabee, Potawatomie chief and warrior

Below,Chief Abram B. Burnett's natural son was Joseph Burnett. Joseph was marrried twice, first to Emma Anderson Burnett [mother
of Clara (Clarissa) Burnett], who was one-half Choctaw, and then to Isabell McDole Burnett, who was one-half Potawatomi. Emma's photo, below, is scanned from a photocopy.

Joseph Burnett, true son of Chief Abraham Burnett

Emma Anderson Burnett, first wife of Joseph Burnett

Graves, the two wives of Joseph Burnett, natural son of Chief Abraham Burnett

, Graves of Joseph Burnett's two wives. They are buried in the old Indian cemetary across the road east of the Sacred Heart Church and Parish Cemetary in Potawatomi County, Oklahoma.

Below, relatives of Wahb-no-sah/Ke-O-Ko-Ma-Quah/Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk family. This photo was left at death by Gary Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Sr. (Burnett/Washb-No-Sah Famly) of the Potawatomis, in keeping for his son, Gary Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Jr. Photo was taken in Kansas.
unidentified, but believed to be related to Chief Burnett






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Mary Jane Burnett, daughter of Abram B. Burnett
Above, Mary Jane Burnett, daughter of Abram B. Burnett, sister of Joseph Burnett.

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Chief Abraham Burnett, Potawatomi historical figure





















































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