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Teepee on the Kansas prairie Ka-O-Ko_mo-Quah family members

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Left & just below: Black & white photos were taken in 1958 at the home of Gary Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Sr. The women, left, are Wahb-no-sah / Ke-O-Ko-Mo-Quah / Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk family members. These were taken in Kansas.

Teepee on the Kansas prairie; photo taken 1958 Photo taken 1958 at home of Gary ka-o-ko-mo-quah, father of Gary Sulser Wiskegeamatyuk Sr.

Florence Foster, daughter of Rhodie Rose Burnett Gary Ka-O-ko-ma-Quah Sulser Wiskegeamatyuk Sr. Far Left: The woman on the right on the car hood, in the striped top, is Florence Foster, daughter of Rhodie Rose Burnett.
Near Left
: Gary Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Sr. (Burnett / Wahb-No-Sah Family), biological son of Rhodie Rose Burnett.

Burnett clan reunion photo, 1970s Another Burnett clan reunion photo, taken in the 1970s. Florence Foster, daughter of Rhodie Rose Burnett
The photo above is from the 1970s. —a Burnett clan family photo. Here is another Burnett clan family photo from th 1970s. Florence Foster, known as “Aunt Flo,” is Rhodie Rose Burnett's daughter.
Another Burnett family reunion photo. Mko-Quah-W-Sah


Uncle Bob, Auntie Irma, Great Uncle George, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Flo

Above: Family Reunion of the Burnetts. Family are playing Indian stick games, also known as hand games. This is an ancient gambling game popular with American Indians. Players try to guess which hand their opponent is hiding a marked bone or stick. This guessing is accompanied by the singing of special songs to bring the player’s luck & to foil the opponents fortune. A Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk/ Wahb-no-sah/ Ke-O-Ko-Mo-Quah family member of the Burnett family who comes from Mukwanago (place of the Bear Clan)— Potawatomi elder Mko, biological uncle to Gary Wahb-No-Sah/Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Sr.   

Standing: Uncle Bob, Auntie Irma, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Flo. Seated: Great Uncle George.

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Grave of Gary Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah, with eagle feathers.

Another photo of the grave of Gary Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah, with eagle feathers.

Grave of Gary Ka-O-Ko-Mo-Quah

Above: Grave of Gary Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Sr.(Wahb-no-sah / Burnett family), of the Potawatomis, Gary is buried at a cemetery for war veterans. The feathers in the photos are of real Golden Eagle feathers, carried for religious purposes.

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