Chief Abram B. Burnett Treasures


Cane of Chief Abram B. Burnett

Cane photographed with Chief Burnett Chief Burnett with his ivory-handled cane

Chief Abram B. Burnett's Rifle-Musket

Burnett's gun is still in posession of his family. It has been identified as an 1860 Austrian Lorenz rifle-musket.
Distinctive features include a cheek rest, to assist in siting down the barrel while aiming.
Chief Burnett engraved his name into the wood of the weapon, near the trigger.

Chief Abram B. Burnett's rifle-musket
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trigger and trigger guard Burnett's name engraved in wood chin rest
buttfiring mechanismbarrel tip

Chief Abram B. Burnett's Sword Cane

Silver-headed sword cane belonged to Potawatomi Chief Abram B. Burnett.
While not the cane in the famous photo of Burnett, this cane is owned by the Kansas State Historical Society and is traced directly to use by Abram B. Burnett.
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Silver-headedcane top

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Cane with sword top removed Cane and sword top


Chief Abraham Burnett, Potawatomi historical figure






































































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