Keaton Celebration, Iola, KS
 Bowlus Fine Arts Center
 205 E. Madison, Iola, Kansas

There will be NO Buster Keaton Celebration in 2014.
Watch this space for plans for the 2015 Buster Keaton Celebration!

.21st Annual Buster Keaton Celebration
Keaton, Chaplin and the "Fabulous Fifties"

21st Annual Buster Keaton Celebration
Sept. 27 & 28, 2013

View Wrap-up of 2013 Celebration

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Video from Buster Keaton's Last Birthday
(Oct. 1965, 70th), from American Masters

Fabulous Keaton Montage on youTube, compiling over 7 minutes of magic Keaton moments. Watch!


Against the Grain: Buster Keaton savored his Oklahoma ties
-- by William F. O'Brien, Special to EdmondSun, 8-13-2013

Harvard grads come to Kansas to film Old West thriller: Movie about infamous Bender family to begin shooting in July
-- by Jan Biles, Topeka Capital-Journal, 6-30-2013

NPR's Bob Mondello recommends Kino's "Buster Keaton: The Ultimate Collection." Read and/or listen to Bob's comments online. 1/24/2013

Fred KrebsFred Krebs was an original member of the Keaton Celebration Committee. Fred shared years of Keaton Celebration memories onstage at 20th Annual Keaton Celebration in Iola in September, 2012. Fred passed away December 28, 2012, at the age of 66.
He will be fondly remembered. 1/28/2012
• Krebs obituary
• Krebs memorial service wrap-up

American Public Media (playable with Real Player) Looking for Buster
Broadcast Date: October 8, 2005
What do New York filmmaker Woody Allen and Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan have in common?
They've borrowed 80-year-old comedy gags from Buster Keaton, an actor, director and writer
who would have been 110 years old this week.
Producer and Keaton fan Yolanda Perdomo traveled to a Keaton convention in Iola, Kansas,
to experience all things Keaton with one of his youngest fans, her three-year-old son.
See also:

Also from the APM site: Downloadable Buster Keaton movie video:

The Paleface (1921)
Daydreams (1921)
The Playhouse (1921)
The Blacksmith (1922)

Columbia University transcriptions and audio files of Keaton talking about his career:
Interview: Buster Keaton on Comedy and Making Movies
Session One  — Buster Keaton's Vaudeville Childhood
Session Two  — "Fatty" Arbuckle Puts Buster Keaton in the Movies
Session Three  — Buster Keaton on Making Movies
Session Four  — Buster Keaton on the End of Silent Films
Listen to the interviews, then take the Quiz.

Crum on Show Biz: Worth 1,000 Words, Buster Keaton & his boys

Hear Buster play ukulele at a Hollywood party—excerpts from a tape once owned by his widow, Eleanor Keaton: NPR Lost & Found Sound: The Sounds of Silents

Quotes by Buster and about Buster @ Wikiquote
: Generally Buster web site
About the passing of Buster's son, James Talmadge

Buster Keaton was almost literally "born in a trunk."
His parents had stopped in Piqua, Kansas in early October, 1895 while
performing with a traveling medicine show. Myra Keaton missed playing the saxophone at
the October 4th performance when Buster arrived,
delivered in a boarding house just across the street from the site of the evening performance.
Young Keaton began appearing on stage with his parents at a tender age,
became a child vaudeville star on Broadway, and earned a reputation as a comic genius
in the world at large with a body of classic silent film comedy.
He died in California in 1966.

In 1992, the city of Iola, Kansas, seven miles east of Piqua,
decided that it was time to start celebrating
the life of their Kansas native son with an annual Buster Keaton Celebration.

All celebrations have been hosted by the Bowlus Fine Arts Center of Iola.
Past celebrations have included insights into Buster's work by such notibles as
Eleanor Keaton
, David Shepard, Steve Allen, Kevin Brownlow and Leonard Maltin. These and other Keaton experts have mixed with fans in this pleasant,
small-town atmosphere. Celebrations occur on the last weekend of September
We celebrate the life of Buster Keaton with film, lecture, music and sharing.

All events are free and open to the public.
Funded, in part, by the Kansas Humanities Council
with help from the Iola Tourism Fund and private donations

Fall of 2013 marks the 21st Annual Keaton Celebration in Iola, Kansas. Whereas the first 3 celebrations were not recorded, below is a record of the celebrations since 1996.

Keaton Celebration Archive:

2013: Keaton, Chaplin and the Fabulous Fifties
The Timeless Comedy of Buster Keaton
Keaton & The Kansas Filmmakers
2010: Keaton & The Sad Clowns
2009: Keaton & World War I
2008: Keaton & Will Rogers
Keaton & Douglas Fairbanks
Keaton & the Funny Ladies
Keaton & W.C. Fields
Keaton & Kovacs
Keaton Vaudeville
: 10th Anniversary Celebration
2001: 2001, a Keaton Odyssey
2000: Keaton & Laurel & Hardy
1999: Keaton & Lloyd
1998: Keaton & Pickford
1997: Keaton & Chaplin
1996: Keaton & Arbuckle
Speakers List: 1993-1995

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RV Parks are in LaHarpe
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phone 620-496-2341,
Riverside Park, Iola,
call 620-365-4930.
Also in Humboldt / Yates Center according to the
Chamber of Commerce.
Call COC, 620-365-5252,
for more information.

Keaton Piqua Museum
The Damfinos
Iola Keaton site
Actors Colony, Bluffton, MI


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