Buster Keaton Celebration 2007, Keaton and Fairbanks, Iola, KS, Sept. 28 and 29, 2007


15th Annual

Buster Keaton and Douglas Fairbanks
“Disciples of Teddy Roosevelt's Philosophy
of the Desirability of the Physically
Strenuous Life ”

Sept. 28 & 29, 2007
Bowlus Fine Arts Center

205 E. Madison, Iola, KS •

2007 Presenters
Jim Welsh displays his pharmaceutical pen John Tibbetts discusses The Choreography of Hope David Macleod introduces Buster and Doug Hooman Mehran speaks about Snitz Edwards, supporting player for both Buster and Doug Tom Prasch discusses Teddy Roosevelt's Philosophy of the Desirability of the Physically Strenuous Life Robert Arkus shares rare film and television snippets
Tracey Doyle speaks of business matters -- why Doug smiled and Buster didn't
Jim Welsh introduces John TibbettsBill Shaffer introduces Friday evening's movies
Tracey tells the audience that Doug had better financial advice from family than BusterFred Krebs expoundsspeaks of Men in the ArenaFred shares the philosophy of T. Roosevelt's active lifestyle
Frank Scheide interviews Buster's granddaughter, Melissa Talmadge CoxMelissa shares a warm memory with Frank
Bill shares film introductions on Saturday evening Frank Scheide introduces founders of the Buster Keaton Celebration Frank lays out rules of order for Saturday's events



Frank introduces David Macleod
Tom Prasch David and Graceann give the high sign Fred Krebs relaxes after his presentation Bill Shaffer helps welcome movie lovers in the Bowlus lobby
Film fan John Kelso with John Tibbetts Rodney and Brian in formal wear John Tibbetts played piano accompaniment to Saturday afternoon's showing of Fairbank's movie Down to Earth Keaton researcher Martha Jett greets Melissa Talmadge Cox
Martha and Frank Jeni Rymer Arkus and Bruce Levinson, both visiting Iola from N.Y.C. Terril and Janice
Jeanne Keaton Holler, cousin of Buster's, with Buster's only granddaughter, Melissa Talmadge Cox John Tibbetts talks with Topeka tv personality Bruce Jones Jane Bartholomew and Martha Jett
Eileen Wille and Margaret Raines are Iola volunteers David Macleod and his fiancee, Graceann Maciolek Keaton Celebration founder, Amy Specht, of Piqua, and Emy Platts
David talks with Rodney Sauer of Mont Alto Celebration speakers and their guests at lunch Bowlus Center director Susan Raines sells t-shirts Frank Scheide's family

Inside Bowlus Arts Center
Friday evening in the lobby of the Bowlus Fifteen years of Keaton lobby cards by Keaton committee member Bill Shaffer More lobby cards produced by Bill Shaffer

Q&A Sessions
Hooman Mehran answers questions from the audience Q and A session with Frank Scheide, moderator; Tracey Doyle and Jim Welsh Movie fans line up to ask questions at the house mic
Fred Krebs responds to a question David Macleod answers a question Jim Welsh responds with a comment Tracey Doyle offers input during Q and A session
Saturday afternoon Q and A session
Frank Scheide moderates Q and A session with John Tibbetts and David Macleod on Saturday morning Frank reacts to comment of panelists

Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra
Dawn Kramer, trumpet David Short, cello Rodney Sauer, piano Brian Collins, clarinet Britt Swenson, violin
Rodney plays while Brian turns his music Brian and Dawn play prelude, Saturday evening Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra takes their bow
Mont Alto warms up the audience while Bill Shaffer waits to take the stage Friday evening prelude, looking over the shoulders of Dawn and David

Outside Bowlus and Around Iola
Bowlus Art Center exterior, Saturday a.m. Keaton's Kafe in front of the bank across the street from the Bowlus Center Molly the Trolley waits to transport passengers around town and over to Piqua to the Buster Keaton Museum
Buster shares a block in the Veteran's Memorial on Iola's town square with several other famous names Gene Bates locates Buster's granite block in memorium, Iola's town square Rebecca and Jamie came to Iola from Lawrence, KS. Other guests came from all over the United States and from London.
Celebration committee members and esteemed guests gather just before the start of the Keaton weekend eventsLaughing Grave Tent of the Wichita Laurel and Hardy fan club gather on the steps at the Bowlus Center
Downtown shops in Iola cater to the whims of the Keaton celebrators Carol Yoho poses beside the new bronze statue of Iola's own native son Frederick Funston, The Fighting Bantam. During the Spanish-American War, he commanded troops in the Philippine Islands.

1993-2007, Fifteen Years: Event Founders Reminisce
Clyde Toland had the idea of starting a Keaton Celebration John Tibbetts was recruited early in planning Amy Specht of Piqua has been involved from the beginning Mary Martin, retired director of the Bowlus Center, was proven wrong when she doubted participant interest in Buster Keaton

Three photos by Jane Bartholomew:
Event planners Frank with his daughter, Bill and Jeanne Honored guests Jeanne, Martha, and Melissa Faithful attendees ohn, Jeff, Cherrie and Cookie

  • Robert Arkus, Film Historian
  • Tracey Doyle, Keaton & Fairbanks Historian and Author
  • Martha Jett, Keaton Historian, Documentary Filmmaker & Author
  • Fred Krebs, Professor of History, Johnson Co. Community College
  • David Macleod, Keaton historian, author, and co-founder of the Blinking Buzzards Buster Keaton Apprciation Society in the United Kingdom
  • Hooman Mehran, Film historian and C0-editor of The Chaplin Revue
  • Thomas Prasch, PhD, Washburn University
  • Frank Scheide, PhD, University of Arkansas
  • Bill Shaffer, Producer/director, KTWU, Channel 11
  • John Tibbetts, PhD, University of Kansas
  • Jim Welsh, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Salisbury University

Iola is located in Southeastern Kansas,
110 miles South of Kansas City,

110 miles East of Wichita and
120 miles North of Tulsa.

regional map

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Speakers Lists 1993-95

Keaton was born near Iola, KS at Piqua in 1895
Visit Iola's official Keaton Celebration site.
Visit the Buster Keaton Museum, Piqua, Kansas
Visit International Buster Keaton Society.

This event is funded by the Kansas Humanities Council, with help from the Iola Tourism Fund and private donors.
Sponsored by the Keaton Celebration Committee in cooperation with the Bowlus Fine Arts Center.

Check the Kansas Silent Film Festival web site. This free event is held each Februaary in Topeka, KS.

All photos, except as indentified otherwise © 2007 by Carol Yoho
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PhotoS & collage ©2007 by Carol Yoho


2007 Schedule:

Silent motion pictures and shorts
throughout the celebration

Featuring live musical accompaniment by
The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra

and piano accompaniment by
John Tibbetts

FRI., Sept. 28, 2007

Registration 9:30 a.m.
(there are no fees)

Beginning 9:50 a.m.
Frank Scheide:
Welcome, Intros & Opening remarks
Jim Welsh: "American Icons of Energy and Optimism: Fairbanks & Keaton in the Shadow of T.R. "
Screening of The Frozen North
(1916) with Buster Keaton
Tracey Doyle:
"Why Douglas Smiled and Buster Did Not ”
Panel Discussion/Q&A
with Jim Welsh and Tracey Doyle, moderated by Frank Scheide

12:15 p.m. Lunch (on your own)

Resuming 1:30 p.m.
Martha Jett: Welcom and Introductions
Fred Krebs: "Men in the Arena: Keaton & Fairbanks"
Hooman Mehran: "Physically Unfit: 'Snitz' Edwards as Counterpoint in the Films of Keaton & Fairbanks"
Panel Discussion/Q&A with Fred Krebs and Hooman Mehran, moderated by John Tibbetts
Screening of The Awakening, (1954) Douglas Fairbanks Jr. TV show featuring Buster Keaton. Plus rare Teddy Roosevelt film footage courtesy of Robert Arkus.

5:00 Dinner (on your own)

Friday Evening of Silent Cinema, 7:30 p.m.
Welcome and Introducions by Bill Shaffer
Short: Character Studies (1927) Carter DeHaven, with assorted cameo appearances
Short: The Love Nest (1923) starring Buster Keaton
Feature:The Black Pirate (1926) starring Douglas Fairbanks; in Technicolor!
With live musical accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra<

SAT., Sept. 29, 2007

8:30 a.m. Registration (there are no fees)

Beginning 9:00 a.m. 
Bill Shaffer: Welcome & Introductions
David Macleod:"Buster and Doug "
John Tibbetts: "The Choreography of Hope: The Contemporary Satires of Douglas Fiarbanks Jr."
Panel Discussion/Q&A with David Macleod and John Tibbetts, moderated by Frank Scheide
of Mooching Through Georgia (1939), Keaton sound short

12:00 Lunch (on your own)

Resuming 1:00 p.m.:
Hooman Mehran:
Welcome & Introductions
Robert Arkus:
"Rescued from the Cutting Room Floor: Rare Outakes from Keaton & Fairbanks"
Q&A with Robert Arkus
Thomas Prasch: "Teddy Roosevelt's Philosophy of the Desirability of the Physically Strenuous Life"
Humanists Panel with Jim Welsh, Tracey Doyle, John Tibbetts, and Thomas Prasch, moderated by Frank Scheide
Screening of Down to Earth, (1917) a Douglas Fairbanks

5:00 Dinner (on your own)

Saturday Evening of Silent Cinema, 7:30 p.m.
World Premiere:
A Modern Musketeer, (1917) restored Douglas Fairbanks
—Our grateful thanks to David Shepard, Thomas Christensen and the Danish Film Archive, Serge Bromberg and Lobster Films, Peter Williamson and the Museum of Modern Art, Jeffrey Vance, Bill Shaffer, and John Tibbetts for making this premiere screening possible.
The Saphead, (1920) starring Buster Keaton
With live musical accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra




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