2009 Buster Keaton Celebration at Iola, KS, features WWI, Dark Comedy, and Film

17th Annual

WWI, Dark Comedy, and Film

Sept. 25 & 26, 2009
Bowlus Fine Arts Center

205 E. Madison, Iola, KS •

Silent motion pictures and shorts
throughout the celebration

Featuring live
organ accompaniment
Marvin Faulwell  

Organ provided by
Combs Organ Specialists

of Newton, Kansas

Marvin Fauwell, organ accompaniment

Trip to Piqua Museum
Keaton commemoration plaque, Piqua face of Keaton plaque Keaton fans and admirers
Piqua Museum staff, with Judy Westman at right David Macleod, in Piqua from London, visiting yearly since 1995 plaque text browsing in the Keaton Room of the Piqua Museum
Many years of Keaton Celebration posters, done by John Tibbetts Piqua Museum is also the Rural Water District building

Dave Murray Doran Cart John Tibbetts Lisa K. Stein
Robert Arkus, rare footage David Shepard Jim Blakley David Macleod
David Shepard video projection Leslie Midkiff DeBauche Frank Scheide

Visual Reinforcement
Buster with the Sunshine Troop Buster still from Doughboys Harry Langdon in All Night Long
Jim Blakley with Powerpoint Doran Cart with documentary photo of World War I Martha Jett's interview with Frank Buckles
Music by Marvin
Marvin takes a curtain callMarvin Faulwell with Mary Martin
Bill Shaffer and Marvin Faulwell Marvin plays the Combs organ

Programs Hosts
Susan Raines, Bowlus administrator Bill Shaffer Frank Scheide David Mcleod Bill and Friday night's line-up
Bill in Buster-hat David Shepard makes comments Bill Shaffer again Frank Scheide, with David Shepard in the shadow

morning light at Bowlus CenterBowlus Center & Iola  
west facade of Bowlus Centerelectronic marquee
Iola flags are out
Amy Specht leads an expedition to Piqua's Museum
Iola town center on Friday morning Drug store event promotion
Downtown themed window display Downtown themed window display 2

Staff & Volunteers
Jean Anderson, hostess Keaton Kafe Coffee Shop volunteers Misty Rutherford, in the beverage closet
Saturday lunch for speakers Serving line hostesses Saturday's lunch line
Bowlus Lobby Jeff Jordan, tech guy, with Bill Shaffer Jasmine helped with sound

Lisa Tatge and Bill Shaffer Keith Goering's amazing cake Keith and his cake John Kelso, Saturday night
Judy and Dave Murray, Tad Pretchett Jeni Rymer and Susan Cygan Jim Barkley, Bill Shaffer, John Tibbetts, David Shepard Amy Specht Frank and his daughter, Danielle
Robert Arkus, Keith Goering, Wichita guys and Bill Shaffer Grace and David Doug Moore
Keith GoeringJohn Kelso with W.C. FieldsTom Gynn and Joanleya
Amy and Carol with Gerald Potterton's painting to Buster from The Railrodder
Cookie and Lisa, from two of four sides of the U.S.Clark, Jeff, Cherie, Walt and John
David Shepard and scooterDavid on his scooter in downtown Iola, KSAmy Specht
At the Edge of Iola
ripple clouds sun setting orange cloud glow
storm's edge Iola landscape

2009 Keaton Celebration poster
Keaton Celebration poster by J. Tibbetts

Celebration Web Archives:

blankKeaton was born near Iola, KS at Piqua in 1895
Visit Iola's official Keaton Celebration site.
Visit the Buster Keaton Museum, Piqua, Kansas
Visit International Buster Keaton Society.

This event is funded by the Kansas Humanities Council, with help from the Iola Tourism Fund and private donors.

Sponsored by the Keaton Celebration Committee in cooperation with the Bowlus Fine Arts Center.

Also check the Kansas Silent Film Festival web site. KSFF is held each February in Topeka, KS.

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Photo archive & photo collage
©2009 by Carol Yoho

2009 Schedule:
The Iola web site
NOTE: This schedule is subject to change.

FRI., Sept. 25, 2009

A.M.: 8:00
Pilgrimage to Piqua: Interested parties please meet Amy Specht and David Macleod outside the Bowlus.
Registration opens at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center Auditorium Lobby (no fees)
Welcome and Remarks by Susan Raines, Executive Director, Bowlus Fine Arts Center, and Frank Scheide, Master of Ceremonies
Sunflower Journeys: Video Segment on WWI Museum (10 min.)
“World War I: Causes & Effects,” by David Murray
Q & A
“Lights, Camera, and REAL Action: The U.S. Army Signal Corps Motion Picture and Still Photographers' Work, 1917-1919,” by Doran Cart
Q & A
P.M.: Noon
Lunch Break
“The Worm's Eye View: A Presentation concerning the 1919 film, Yankee Doodle in Berlin,” by John Tibbetts
Q & A
“Tommy's New Tune: Warner Brothers' The Better 'Ole (1926) and Redefining American Patriotism,” by Lisa K. Stein
Q & A
Screening of The Moving Picture Boys in the Great War (1975) and War Story (2001), introduced by David Shepard
Q & A
Dinner Break
Fri. evening screenings:
It Happended to You
Shoulder Arms (1918) with Charlie Chaplin
The Bond* (1918) with Charlie Chaplin
  All Night Long*, 1924, with Harry Langdon
The Bellboy*, 1918, Arbuckle & Keaton

*with live musical accompaniment by Marvin Faulwell, organist/pianist

SAT., Sept. 26, 2009

A.M.: 8:30
Registration opens at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center Auditorium Lobby (no fees)
Welcome and Remarks by Susan Raines, Executive Director, Bowlus Fine Arts Center, and Bill Shaffer, Master of Ceremonies
“Educational Opportunities at the National W.W. I Museum,” by Jim Barkley
My Career at the Rear (Documentary on Buster Keaton's WWI military career by Martha Jett)
“Buster and War,” by David Macleod
Q & A
WWI Films: The Liberty Loan Drive, Newsreels and Slapstick Comics Go to War: Screening of Seldom Seen Footage (plus rare Keaton on video), introduced by Robert Arkus
P.M.: Noon
Lunch Break
Welcome and Introduction by John Tibbets , Master of Ceremonies
“Buser Keaton Fights the Great War,” by Leslie Midkiff DeBauche
Q & A
“Charles & Penny Chilton's Oh! What a Lovely War!,” by Frank Scheide
Q & A
Screening of Yankee Doodle in Berlin* (1919) by Mack Sennett, introduced by David Shepard
Screening of Doughboys (1933 sound feature) with Buster Keaton
Dinner Break
Sat. evening screenings:
General Nuisance (1941) Columbia sound short with Buster Keaton
Short clips and tributes
Special Presentation: The Last American Surviving WWI Veteran, a 2008 interview with Mr. Frank Buckles by Martha Jett
  The Better 'Ole* (1926) with Syd Chaplin

*with live musical accompaniment by Marvin Faulwell, organist/pianist

Speakers, Hosts, Performers:
  • Robert Arkus, Film Historian & Collector, Flushing, NY
  • John Barkley, National World War I Museum, Kansas City, MO
  • Doran Cart, Curator, WWI Museum, Kansas City, MO
  • Leslie Midkiff DeBauche, PhD, University Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • Marvin Faulwell, Accomplished theatre organist, Lee's Summit, MO
  • David Macleod, Keaton historian and co-founder of the Blinking Buzzards Buster Keaton Appreciation Society in the United Kingdom
  • David Murray, WWI historian, Topeka, KS
  • Susan Raines, Executive Directory of the Bowlus Fine Arts Center, Iola, KS
  • Frank Scheide, PhD, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
  • Bill Shaffer, Producer/Director, KTWU PBS TV, Topeka, KS
  • David Shepard, Film Preservationist, Los Angeles, CA
  • Lisa K. Stein , PhD, Ohio University-Zanesville
  • John Tibbetts, PhD, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

2009 Celebration Supplemental Materials:
Iola Keaton fficial Web Site
Keaton in WWI
Buster Keaton: Comedian/Soldier

Noteable Registrants: WWI Draft
Last survivor of trench warefare in WWI dies at age of 111
About Frank Woodward Buckles, last U.S. survivor of WWI
National WWI Museum at Liberty Memorial, K.C., MO
WWI Museum, a personal tour

Below, a sequence from Keaton's Doughboys, MGM, 1930


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