Keaton and the Kansas Filmmakers, 19th Annual Celebration19th Annual

Buster Keaton &
The Kansas Filmmakers

Sept. 23 & 24, 2011
Bowlus Fine Arts Center

205 E. Madison, Iola, KS •

Bob Keckeisen and Marvin Faulwell
Silent motion pictures and shorts throughout the celebration

Featuring live musical accompaniment by

Marvin Faulwell
, organ, and Bob Keckeisen, percussion

All activities are
free and open to the public     

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Trip to Piqua

St. Martin's Church, PiquaGrain elevator, Piqua, KSSoutheast Kansas skyBack seat as Amy chauffeurs
Piqua Rural Water District and Keaton MuseumKeaton marker, east of the Rural Water buildingAmy, Bill, ? and Martha JettKeaton memorabilia display
Piqua museum stafffans enjoy Keaton displaysTrevor Jost, visiting from Newton, KSWonderful Keaton quilt
Keaton and Talmadge clans at Keaton's 20s home, The Italian VillaBuster as a child performerJoe Keaton's family with Keaton relatives. Buster stands farthest right.Rooming house in Piqua, KS, where Joseph Francis Keaton II was bornThe Three Keatons

Our Presenters

Frank Scheide's audio interview with Keaton's friend James Karen Eric Monder, Bethany College, lectures on Film Stars of Kansas Kansas native Hattie McDaniel
Audio interview with Keaton's pal
James Karen.
Eric Monder discusses Kansas
Filmmakers of the 20th Century.
Actress Hattie McDaniel
was from Wichita.
Kansas native Louise BrooksKansas native Annette BeningKevin Willmott, filmmaker, lectures on Kansas Filmmaking
Louise Brooks was from
Cherryvale, KS
Annette Bening was born in
Topeka, KS
Kevin Willmott discusses
21st Century Kansas Filmmaking
Jill Warford, Exec. Dir., Gordon Parks Museum, Ft. Scott, discusses the life and career of Kansas native Gordon ParksJonathan Cavallero, University of Arkansas, lectures about Hollywood screenwriter Delbert MannLisa Stein Haven, Ohio U., Zanesville, lectures about Kansas Film Flappers
Jill Warford discusses career of
Gordon Parks
, Ft. Scott, KS, native
Jonathan Cavallero lectures about
Delbertt Mann, screenwriter
Lisa Stein Haven talks about
Kansas Film Flappers
David MacleodRobert Arkus 1Robert Arkus 2
David Macleod speaks about Keaton
as the "Accidental Kansan"
Robert Arkus presents a rare Arbuckle and Keaton short, "His Wife's Mistake"
   Robert Arkus

Orval Hixon Photography Display

Framed article about the photography of Orval Hixon Hixon photos on display in the Mary L. Martin Gallery, Bowlus Fine Arts Center Lucille Fay LeSueur, photo on the left, was later known as Joan Crawford Exotic, and in chainsOrval Hixon: “Images of an Era,” an exhibit of photos shown at the Mary L. Martin Gallery, downstairs in the Bowlus Fine Arts Center.
Film enthusiasts enjoy Hixon photos Marie Dressler featured

Onstage Talent

Bill Shaffer welcomes attendees Bill Shaffer onstage Live music in evening shows was by Marvin Faulwell, organ, and Bob Keckeisen, percussion David Macleod comes each year from London to lecture. Here David is with wife, Graceann
Keaton Committee member and host Bill Shaffer
Organist Marvin Faulwell and
percussionist Bob Keckeisen
Presenter David Macleod and wife Graceann


Jeni, David, Lisa, Bruce Levinson from Katonah NY, Fran Crawford from San Francisco, Graceann, dog unknownImportant folks eatingImportant folks eating #2Marvin Faulwell with long-time Keaton Committee and Piqua resident Amy Specht
Cookie, Robert and KeithBill, Max and CarolMarvin and Mary Faulwell0David wears a chocolate Keaton flat hat
Emy Platt, Iola volunteerEric Moder, celebration lecturerClayton CrawfordMartha JettLisa Stein Haven
Bowlus Center at twilightSunrise, Anderson County just north of Iola


Celebration Web Archives:

blankKeaton was born near Iola, KS at Piqua in 1895
Visit Iola's official Keaton Celebration site.
Visit the Buster Keaton Museum, Piqua, Kansas.
Visit International Buster Keaton Society.

This event is funded by the Kansas Humanities Council, a nonprofit cultural organization encouraging the appreciation of history, heritage and values; the Iola Convention & Tourism Committee; the Daniels Bequest and private donors. Sponsored by the Keaton Celebration Committee in cooperation with the Bowlus Fine Arts & Cultural Center.

Also check the Kansas Silent Film Festival web site. KSFF is held each February in Topeka, KS.

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Haver/Keaton photos collages (below) ©2011 by Carol Yoho
Event photos (avobe) ©2011 by Carol Yoho/ Robert Arkus

Haver collage
Keaton collage

Special Attraction

A spectacular exhibit of ORVAL HIXON photographs from 1914-1930
HIXON was named the Official Orpheum and Shubert Vaudeville Photographer
Exhibit was shown at the Mary L. Martin Gallery, downstairs in the Bowlus Fine Arts Center

Visit Orval Hixon web site.

Combs Organ Specialists, Newton, KS, provided the organ for the 2011 Buster Keaton Celebration. Visit Combs Organ web site for more information in meeting pipe organ needs.

2011 Schedule:
Also visit Iola Official Buster Keaton Celebration site
NOTE: This schedule is subject to change.

FRI., Sept. 23, 2011

A.M.: 8:30
Registration opens at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center in Iola, KS.
Auditorium Lobby (Free admission)
Welcome and Remarks by Master of Ceremonies Frank Scheide, Keaton Co-Chair
"Remembering Buster: An Interview with James Karen," by Frank Scheide
Q & A
"Stars of Kansas," by Eric Monder
Q & A
Screening of The E-Flat Man
(1935) Educational Pictures, w/ Buster Keaton
Lunch Break
P.M.: 1:00
Welcome and introductions
by Master of Ceremonies Lisa Stein Haven
“21st Century Kansas FIlmmaker,” by Kevin Willmott
Q & A
“Gordon Parks,” by Jill Warford, Gordon Parks Museum, Fort Scott
Q & A
"Delbert Mann: From Lawrence, Kansas, to Hollywood's Oscar," by Jonathan Cavallero
Q & A
Screening of Marty (1953) Television version with Rod Steiger, directed by Delbert Mann
Dinner Break
Fri. evening screenings:
The Balloonatic, (1923) w/ Buster Keaton & Phyllis Haver (22 min), new DVD edition from Keno
Chicago (1927) w/ Phyllis Haver
—there will be a short intermssion during the screening of Chicago

Evening films shown with live music by the Marvin Faulwell, organ, and Bob Keckeisen, percussion

SAT., Sept. 24, 2011

A.M.: 8:30
Registration opens at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center in Iola, KS.
Auditorium Lobby (Free admission)
Welcome and introductions by Master of Ceremonies Bill Shaffer
“Buster Keaton: The Accidental Kansan ” by David Macleod
Q & A
“Eugene Pallette: Thin Man in a Large Body,” by Martha Jett
Q & A
Screening of Should Men Walk Home?
(1927) w/ Mabel Normand & Eugene Palette (Oliver Hardy does a caemo.)
Lunch Break
P.M.: 1:00
Welcome and introductions by Master of Ceremonies Martha Jett
“Arbuckle & Keaton,” with special short film premiere, by Robert Arkus
Featuring the premiere screening of a new video restoration of "His Wife's Mistake(1916) with Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle
Q & A
“Kansas Film Flappers: Phyllis Haver/Thelma Hill/Louise Brooks and the Portrayal of Postwar Feminine Experience,” by Lisa Stein Haven
Q & A
“Famous Travels of Osa & Martin Johnson, Kansas Filmmakers,” featuring a rare film clip of the New York City premiere of Congorilla.
by Jaquelyn Borgeson, Osa & Martin Johnson Safari Museum, Chanute, Kansas
Q & A
Screening of Simba (1928) with Osa & Martin Johnson Warning:this film depicts the killing of animals as part of the story. These depictions may be offensive to some viewers.
Dinner Break
Sat. evening screenings:
Rowdy Ann Short w/ Fay Tincher (of Topeka, Kansas) (18 min)
Two Tars with Laruel & Hardy & Thelma Hill (of Emporia, Kansas) (20 min)
The Navigator (1924) Feature w/ Buster Keaton (59 min)

Evening films shown with live music by the Marvin Faulwell, organ, and Bob Keckeisen, percussion

Speakers & Guests:
  • Frank Scheide, Ph.D., University of Arkansas
  • Eric Monder, Documentary Filmmaker & Lecturer at Bethany College, Balwin City, KS, and member of Kansas Humanities Speakers Bureau
  • Lisa Stein Haven, Ph.D., Ohio University at Zanesville
  • Jill Warford, Executive Director, Gordon Parks Museum, Fort Scott Community College
  • Jonathan Cavallero, Ph.D., University of Arkansas
  • David Macleod, Keaton historian and co-founder of the Blinking Buzzards Buster Keaton Appreciation Society (UK)
  • Martha Jett, Documentary Filmmaker and Keaton Biographer
  • Robert Arkus, Film Historian & Archivist
  • Kevin Willmott, Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Playwright, Actor Activist; Associate Professor, University of Kansas
  • Jaquelyn Borgeson, Osa & Martin Johnson Safari Museum, Chanute, Kansas
Hosts/Masters of Ceremonies:
  • Frank Scheide, Ph.D., University of Arkansas
  • Bill Shaffer, Producer/Director KTWU Channel 11, Topeka
  • Lisa Stein Haven, Ass. Professor of English, Ohio University Zanesville
  • Martha Jett, Admin. Ass., West Verginia University Hospitals, Morgantown, WV.

Kansas Humanities Council

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