Keaton and Chaplin festival logo 1997

Keaton & Chaplin "Everyman & "The Little Tramp"
-- Fifth Annual Celebration --

Bowlus Fine Arts Center
205 E. Madison
Iola, Kansas 66749

September 26-27, 1997
program is free


FRIDAY, September 26, 1997

Beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Dan Kamin:
Contrasting the physical comedy of Keaton and Chaplin
Bonnie McCourt & Patricia Tobias:
Examining the artistic difference and similarities between Keaton and Chaplin
John Tibbetts:
The United Artists' Connection
David Shepard:
Frank Scheide & James Welsh:
English Music Hall tradition, roots, influence on Vaudevill & Keaton-Chaplin 

SATURDAY, September 27, 1997

Registration Begins 8:30 a.m. and continues all day

David Macleod:
Historic Review
Richard Meyer:
Keaton and Chaplin, the path to "Limelight"
Keaton film
Presentation of the "Buster" award by the Iola Keaton Celebration and the "Damfinos"
David Robinson:
Chaplin and the FBI
Chaplin film
Panel Discussion: moderated by Robert Butler 

Films: from 7:30 to 10:00 p.m. both nights
Friday Evening:
Seven Chanceswith Buster Keaton
The Circus with Charlie Chaplin 
Saturday Evening:
Our Hospitality with Buster Keaton
The Gold Rush with Charlie Chaplin
Live musical accompaniment by Lenora Remmert


  • David Robinson: Director of the Pordenone Film Festival, the most prestigious international event dedicated annually to silent film
  • Presentation of the third "Buster" award to a recipient whose work and career exemplifies excellence in the tradition of Buster Keaton -- to David Robinson
  • Keaton/Chaplin film festival Friday and Saturday evenings in the Bowlus Auditorium
  • Panel discussion moderated by Robert Butler, movie editor for the Kansas City Star
  • Displays, books, souvenirs, autographs and new friends
Speakers List
  • James Welsh
  • Richard J. Meyer
  • Bonnie McCourt
  • Dan Kamin
  • James Karen
  • David Robinson (Buster winner)
  • Jeffry Vance
  • John Tibbetts
  • Frank Scheide
  • Patricia Tobia
  • David Macleod
  • Robert Butler

Principal funding for this program is provided by the Kansas Humanities Council, a nonprofit cultural organization encouraging the appreciation of history, heritage and values. Sponsored by the Keaton Celebration Committee in cooperation with the Bowlus Fine Arts Center, the Iola Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Allen County Historical Society.

Additional funding is provided by the City of Iola Tourism Fund and private donations.

Select the small photo to see the larger version:

Amy and Mary have helped plan the Keaton Festival for over 5 years.
Amy Specht and Mary Martin are two founding members of the committee who plans each Keaton Festival. Amy lives in Piqua and Mary oversees the Bowles Fine Arts Center in Iola, where each festival is held.
David Macleod has organized a Keaton Fan Club in Great Britain.
David Macleod, a Scotsman by birth, has established The Blinking Buzzards, Great Britain's Keaton Fan Club.
Betty came with her son, John, from Wichita for the festivities. Betty and John and loyal Keaton fans.
Betty Kelso comes each fall from Wichita to enjoy the Keaton festivities with her son, John. John has a remarkable knowledge of film and film lore.
Patty Tobias, founder of The Damfinos
Patty Tobias founded the U.S. Keaton Fan Club, The Damfinos

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Speakers List: 1993-1995

Photos © 1997 by Carol Yoho
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