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first view of Roatan  near dock  pilot boat
the captain guides the docking  nearly docked  native greeters
The only time we docked in daylight was at Roatan, Honduras. A pilot was shuttled aboard to help with docking. It was interesting to watch the captain oversee the docking.

at the dock
sea shells for sale  more sea shells  weaving straw hats
along the dock  souvenir t-shirts  natives play and dance
The island of Roatan is undeveloped, but beautiful. Natives sold shells, teeshirts and hats at the muddy dockside. The mud was a clue about events to come.

on the beach
vista 1  vista 2  vista 3  our guides
There is one main road along the spine of the island. Mud roads lead from the main road to other places. Our bus, taking us to a private beach, slithered up muddy hills until we reached wide vista views of the natural beauty of the island. The driver stopped so we could take pictures. Two native boys rode with us on the bus. Our driver was excellent in handling the muddy roads.

beach shoreline  beach shade tree  beach view  Max lounging  
Jim ready to snorkelJim and Max enjoy cigarsCarol ready to snorkelsand crab
The beach we used at Roatan was lovely. Just off land was a beautiful coral reef. Jim and I tried snorkeling. I had a wonderful time cruising through blue waters enjoying the coral and fish in dazzling colors. Julia found a hermit crab crawling on the beach. It rained on our return trip to the ship. The drives on Roatan were quite exciting. Our van had a flat tire in the rain on our way back to the ship. We were glad to reboard safely.

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