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Returning to Kusadasi, Turkey, we were given an interesting presentation on the art of Turkish rug-weaving, a job done only by Turkish women, although men run the business of rug sales. I succumbed and bought a wool and cotton runner, which was mailed to me in the states. I love it!

In leaving Turkey we passed through an area where Europe and Asia are divided by a small island in a narrow channel of Mediterranean waters.

Our second stop of Day 5 was at Patmos, the Greek island where St. Peter lived in a grotto and wrote letters concerning his Christian beliefs. Some of my companions walked up a steep hill and visited the grotto, but I had twisted my ankle in Rhodes and found the uneven footing, once we'd left the streets and sidewalks, to be difficult to transverse. So I headed back down the hill and occupied myself with a drink of ouzo at a bar across the street from our cruise liner.

We travelled while sleeping. A good night of rest really helped my ankle recuperate. By the next morning, when we docked on Day 6 in the port at Rhodes, I was ready to explore. We were given much of the day wonder within the city walls.

I loved seeing this walled city, exploring inside of the turrets, and peering across a now-dry moat to the port where, once, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World resided...the Colossus of Rhodes. My understanding is that a sculpture once spanned the harbour entrance, with one foot of the huge Colossus on each side of the entrance. These days bronze-cast animals that look like antelope stand on pillars at either side of the entrance to the port.

I found a 12th century castle fortress, full of Roman mosaic floors, to be fascinating. I also liked the row of cannons just outside the castle entrance. They were aimed across a now-dry moat.

I had the nicest, most relaxing luncheon of our trip at an outdoor restaurant in Rhodes. I enjoyed the food, drink, and my companions: Maggie, Cathy and Mike, from among the Washburn travellers.


Day 5 (Tuesday continued): Kusadasi, back to the port + the Rug Pitch
Back to the port of KusadasiPort, with the Cristal loomingTurkish coastal ice cream standTurkish shopping areaImpressively crafted small weaving on displayImpressively crafted small weaving on display BDyed wool, with the items that provided the color for dyesCarpet showroomCarpet company ownerExplaining the special way Turkish rugs are wovenShowing a carpetExplaining how a Turkish carpet crumplesSpreading a carpetTurning the carpet for a different play of colorPassing out samples of apple drinkMany carpets laid outCarpet at my feetEven more carpetsSilk carpet sheenThe runner I had mailed to the U.S.A.Street in KusadasiNear the dockJust under the surface of the seaZoom, penninsula fortressFriendly Turk serving Turkish ice creamIndependent port catClimbing aboard to leave Asia and Turkey

Day 5 (Tuesday continued): Stop at Patmos, where guides were on strike
Lunch aboard the CristalMarcus, John and AlexAlex, Marcus, John and CarolNarrowest place between Europe and Asia, Greece (right) and Turkey (left)Two contenentsSmall island between Turkey and GreeceWe've past the narrow divideGreek islandsDeckhandsArrival at PatmosPatmos APatmos BPatmos harborPatmos CShip turns in-placeGreeted by native dancers and Greek musicPassengers departPatmos churchChurch bellsPatmos windmills, high on a distant hillPatmos donkeyPatmos dwellingPatmos laundryPatmos hillsideIndependent pier cat, PatmosPatmos at sunsetPatmos at sunset B <View Greek folk dance performed in the Isle of Patmos
Maggie, Nancy and Glenda on Deck SixDessert onboard CristalTowel swan awaits us

Day 6 (Wednesday): Rhodes, a walk in the walled city
Sunrise WednesdayOutskirts of RhodesIndustrial RhodesFortress at RhodesArriving in Rhodes portArriving in Rhodes port BArriving in Rhodes port CImpressive walled city and gate, Rhodes, as seen from our shipMore fortressesLifeboat and blue Mediterranean whatersDeckhand paints stairwell aboard the CristalOld car on display in the entertainment roomWalled city of RhodesAshore, RhodesIndependent cat, Rhodes church ruinsChurch ruins, RhodesChurch ruins, Rhodes BChurch ruins, Rhodes CChurch ruins, Rhodes DGreek sandalsOutdoor restaurant, too early for lunchCat inspects motorbikeReligious icons on bookmarksA variety of Greek t-shirtsFountain, public square, RhodesLocal restaurant's trained parrotsRestaurant owner and parrotCarol and parrotCarol and parrot BWalking the streets of RhodesRainwater spoutsStone rainwater spoutArch detailingArch and gateOne Rhodes wall-gate, seen from insideWalled gate, seen from outsideWall with archMarble decoration over archThick rock archwayPebbled streetLocked gateUphill street in Rhodes walled cityStreet with stairsWrought iron gateMedieval facadeView from the streetMultiple arches

Day 6 (Wednesday continued): Rhodes Medieval Castle + Roman mosaic
Castle fortress, built about 1300 A.D.Outside the castleFortifide castle entranceCannon defenseCannon defense BCastle courtyardCastle outdoor staircaseTable legSculpture on displayLong staircase to castle interiorCastle lightingFirst glimse of Roman mosaicsRoman mosaic, built into this castle about 1300 A.D.Porpoise mosaicPorpoise mosaic, close-uipMosaic heart vineDecorative motif AMosaic urnMosaic swirlsMosaic woven circlesAngelWinged defender candleholderMedusa mosaicMedusa mosaic BMosaic vineLeopard mosaicCarved wooden wall seatsArched roomCarved wooden bench endArched supports and wooden ceilingArched supports and wooden ceiling BAnother angelMore elaborately carved wooden ornamentationWooden bench carvingsOcean wave motif mosaicOcean wave motif mosaicAdditional carved woodMosaic floor patternElaborate mosaiced roomDolphin and heart vine mosaicMore carved woodGeometric mosaic patternMan fights beast mosaicMan fights beast mosaic BLess primative mosaic workGod figures mosaicGod figures mosaic Bmarble fireplace mantleTwo chairs with elaborate textiles as seats and backsSeatie with elaborate textiles as seat and backClose-up shot of textile on furnitureCheribs carved on wall bench seatingKaleidescopic mosaic patternAnother view of castle courtyardWashburn students at Rhodes castleA view from cannon turretA view of the now-dry moatCastle fortress wall and renovation constructionCastle garden

Day 6 (Wednesday continued): Rhodes luncheon and visit to the port
Minorette and gothic archMaggie, Cathy and Mike at lunchMike and roving musician. Note the money pouch on his guitar neckWe shared a delcious salad at lunchCafe cat ACafe cat BCafe cat CNearby cat has climbed to roof levelMore cafe catsCafe ownerOur friendly waiterRhodes fortress wallAnother view of the dry moat at RhodesThree towersWas this a prison?Seashore at harborPebbles at the shorelineSite of the ancient "Collassis at Rhodes" -- once one of Eight Wonders of the Ancient WorldLonger shot of the space where feet of the Collasis once bridged the port openingBronze statues now occupy the portal to the city of RhodesA lighter, more open gate in the wall at RhodesFortress view of the harborWall entranceBetween the wall and the waterA marble fragment shows beautiful carvingSomeone private porticoArcheology Museum closed at 3 PM. I was there to look at 3:15. Sigh.Fur window displayShopping areaRock in the MediterraneanWall is high and strongWall is high and strong BMoss at shorelineCristal crew ashore, soon to return to the ship

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