Family Line:
Absalom Bainbridge

“My Great Grandfather and Mother came from England in Yorkshire. They were of the society of Quakers. They settled in New Jersey near Princtown (they came from an ancient Saxon family) where they lived to a good old age and left behind several children, among whome was my grandfather, Edmond Bainbridge, who was born March 20, 1693. My Grandmother, Abigail White, was born June 20, 1697. They were married March 4, 1717. I think my Grandfather, as I have been told, lived to the age of 77 and my Grandmother died nine days after him. They left behind them several children among whome was my Father, Peter Bainbridge. He was born near Princtown, state of Jersey, March 20, 1721, and was twice married. His first wife was Isanna Oakes, by whome he had one child. Both child and mother died less than two years after the marriage. His second wife was Ruth White, my Mother, by whome he had seven sons and three daughters. Some time before his death he began to decline and grew very feeble but kept about within one day of his death. He remained perfectly in his reason to his last moments and expressed a willingness to be with Jesus, whome his soul loved, and on Saturday morning about sunrise, February 9, 1806, without a struggle, groan or sigh, breathed his last and, I hope, fell asleep in Jesus. He was within 37 days of his 75th year. My dear Mother, Ruth Bainbridge, was in a low declining state of body with consumption for one year and departed out of time into eternity on the November 5, 1807. Had she lived until the 29th of February, she would have been 69 years of age, a member of the Baptist society for 35 or 36 years and, I think, possessed vital religion which has given her an everlasting portion in the kingdom of God.”

Absalom Bainbridge


Absalom Bainbridge was born the 29th of December, 1766, in Frederick Co., Maryland, and was married to his beloved wife, Elizabeth Beatty, the 8th of April at 4 o’clock and 40 minutes in the afternoon, in the year of our Lord, 1790. Elizabeth Beatty was born the 6th of August in the year of our Lord, 1772, also in Frederick Co., Maryland.

Their children:

Darius Bainbridge was born the 26th day of February, Wednesday morning, 2 o’clock and 20 minutes, in the year of our Lord, 1794. He was born in Frederick Co., Maryland, and moved with his parents to Kentucky before 1800.

Elizabeth Bainbridge was born the 1st day of November, Sunday night, 11 o’clock, in the year of our Lord, 1795.

Anna Bainbridge was born the 28th day of April, Saturday, 4 o’clock and 30 minutes, in the year of our Lord, 1798.

Amira Bainbridge was born the 17th of February, Monday night, 11 o’clock, in the year of our Lord, 1800.

Erastus Bainbridge was born the 1st day of December, on Tuesday, 2 o’clock in the morning, in the year of our Lord, 1801.

Almeda Bainbridge was born the 1st day of September, Friday morning, 15 minutes after 12 o’clock, in the year of our Lord, 1803.

Eusebius Bainbridge was born the 8th day of July, Monday, 2 o’clock, in the year of our Lord, 1805.

Meroe Bainbridge was born the 25th day of May, Monday, 11 o’clock, in the year of our Lord, 1807.

Zulina Bainbridge was born April the 26th, Wednesday, P.M., in the year of our Lord, 1809.

Leodine Bainbridge was born the 9th of June, Sunday, 3 o’clock and 30 minutes A.M., in the year of our Lord, 1811.

Armilda Bainbridge was born October the 19th, Monday, 11 o’clock and 30 minutes A.M., in the year of our Lord, 1812.

Zerelda A. I. Bainbridge was born february the 24th, Friday, 11 o’clock P.M., in the year of our lord, 1815.


Darius Bainbridge, son of Alsalom Bainbridge, was born February 26, 1794, Frederick Co., Maryland and died July 28, 1860, buried in Muddy Creek Cemetery, KS..
marriedNov. 27, 1815, Clark Co. Kentucky
Mary (Polly) Wright was born April 27, 1798, probably in Virginia. She died in March 12, 1851?
[yr. on stone difficult to read in the photo I have]. She is buried in Muddy Creek Cemetery, KS.

Their children::

Elizabeth Bainbridge was born 1816. Married John H. Ward and moved to Oregon..

Martha Malvina Bainbridge was born Jan. 17, 1819, in Kentucky. The family moved to St. Charles Co., MO, when she was an infant. Married Jefferson J. Groshong. She died May 8, 1912, and is buried in Meriden Cem, Meriden, KS.

Mary Eleanor Bainbridge was born Mar. 31, 1820 and married Sylvester Warfield Groushong.

Thomas Absolom Bainbridge was born Feb. 8, 1822 and married Rosannah Aker. Died 1852.

Alpheus W. Bainbridge was born Mar. 31, 1823 and married Rosannah Aker.

Eliza (Elizabeth) Ann Bainbridge was born Aug. 31, 1825 at St. Charles, Mo. she died Apr. 9, 1836 at Smithville, MO, and was buried in Goss Cemetery.

Caroline G. Bainbridge was born May 8, 1827. She married first Otia Newton and moved to Oregon. Her second marriage was to Marcellus Faulconer.

Darius Bainbridge was born Jan. 17, 1829 and married Mary Aker.

Zerelda Emaline Bainbridge was born Mar. 13, 1831 and married John W. Dunn. They moved to Oregon.

Emma Bainbridge was born Sept. 15, 1833 in Clay Co., MO, and died Apri. 3, 1835. She is buried in at Goss Cemetery, Smithville, MO.

Arminta Dorman Bainbridge was born Sept. 15, 1839 and married Pleasant Bush. They moved to Oregon.

Amira Eusebius Bainbridge was born Sept. 15, 1839 and married Pleasant Bush. They moved to Oregon


Martha Melvina Bainbridge Groshong and husband, Jefferson Groshong

Martha Malvina [or Melvina?] Bainbridge
b. 1-17-1819 in Kentucky
d. 5-8-1912

buried Meriden Cemetery
m. Mar. 3, 1836

Jefferson J. [or Jeremiah Jefferson?] Groshong
b. 5-29-1813 in Kentucky
d. 9-9-1885 in Kansas
buried Meriden Cemetery

Martha Melvina Bainbridge
, daughter of Darius Bainbridge, was born January 17th, 1819 and died May 8, 1912 [age 93]. She is buried in Meriden Cemetery, Meriden, KS.
married March 3, 1836
Jeremiah Jefferson Groshong [in other places listed as Jefferson J. Groshong]. He was born May 29, 1813, and was married to Martha Melvina Bainbridge in March 1836. He died in September 9, 1885 [age 72]. He is buried in Meriden Cemetery, Meriden, KS.

The Bainbridge's of New Jersey and Allied Families, a book by Gwen G. Seefeld of Wichita, KS, states that Cleveland's grandfather, Jefferson Jeremiah Groshong (his mother Ann's father) "was the son of Jeremiah I. Groshong who came to St. Charles County, MO, where he had a Spanish Land Grant along with the family of his wife (Mary Magdalene Kroh) and the Daniel Boone family. Jeremiah I. was the son of the immigrant Jacob Grojean who came to America Oct. 4, 1751, on the ship 'Queen of Denmark,' settling in PA. He was a French Huguenot and went by the name of 'French Jacob.' He had a large family, most of them going to KY with him, then on to MO."


Backstory on the Groshong family:

Jeremiah J.'s grandfather, known as "French Jacob" Groshong, a French Huguenot (Protestant), came to America seeking religious freedom and settled in eastern Missouri, near St. Louis. Wm. H. Egle provides an online story of highly-entertaining folklore connected with French Jacob.

below, Grove's Mill, PA, possibly built by French Jacob:
Groves Mill,
Thanks to Thomas Groshong Sr., Fredericktown, OH, for photos

Near this spot Jacob Grozing erected a grist mill in 1774 which was used as a place of refuge by the settlers during the Indian troubles here on May 18, 1780. A patrol of Revolutionary soldiers were attacked by a band of Delaware Indians. The four following men where killed.
John Forester Jr.
George Elzweler
James Chambers
Samuel McLoughlin

Johann(es?) Jacob ("French") Grosjean (Grozong/Groshong) b.1725 Alsace/Lorraine, French Huguenot?, mig. 10/4/1751 Ship Queen of Denmark via Rotterdam, Holland to Philadelphia PA, "built log mill btw 1776-79 in Northumberland Town, PA on Salomon Heberling's site, attacked 5/18/1780 by Native Americans, defeated in suit at Surbury and moved mill 1782/3, assessed by name 1787, added saw mill 1789, hero of wild tales of Indian troubles, French Jacob=large spring above tavern on Brush? Valley Rd., beside which he hid from Indians, 1793 moved to end of Nittany Mtn. in Centre Co. & then West" -- PA History, MO?/ [See Groshong web site.]

Maria Magdalena (Kistler) Groshong was born 1/14/1744 and baptized 2/17/1744 by Rev. Johann Casper Stoever. The records of Rev. J.C. Bucher show that Maria Magdalena married Jacob Grosjean/Groshong on May 30, 1764; LDS records show that the marriage occurred in Carlisle, PA, and that Jacob was born in France about 1730.

Maria/Mary Magdalena/e Kistler b.1/14/1743or44 Tulpehocken, Berks PA, m.5/30/1764 German Reformed Church, Carlisle, Cumberland PA, Lincoln Co. MO.

In 1769, Jacob Grosjean and his family were settlers on the west side of the Susquehanna in Buffalo township, Northumberland county (now Union county), PA. By 1794, however, Jacob was on the tax list in Harrison county, KY.

Sometime between 1794 and 1800 Jacob's family moved from Kentucky to St. Charles county, MO. Apparently, in all of these moves Jacob Grosjean/Groshong was accompanied by the family of his brother-in-law, Daniel Kistler (NF).

Maria is reported to have died about 1822 in Lincoln county, MO (immediately to the north of St. Charles county). LDS records show that Jacob, her husband, died about 1836 in Adams county, IL (on the Mississippi river, across from Missouri, about 60 miles north of Licnoln county).

Known children of Maria Magdalena (Kistler) Groshong and Jacob Groshong are as follows:

Peter Groshong, born about 1765 in Carlisle, Cumberland county,
     PA, married Elizabeth Williams, born about 1763.
William Groshong, born about 1785.
Judith Groshong, born about 1765.
Jeremiah [I.] Groshong, born about 1771, died 5/17/1858.
John Groshong, born about 1784.
Samuel Groshong, born about 1786.
Jacob Groshong, born about 1790.
Abraham Groshong, born October 1797.

Jeremiah I. Groshong married Mary Magdalene/ina "Polly" Crow/Kroh, d.9/13/1843, bur. Kinney Groshong Cem., Hurricane Grove, Grant Co. WI. [So, Jeremiah I. Groshong's mother was Mary Magdalena (Kistler) and his wife was Mary Magdalene (Crow/Kroh).]

And below is info about Jeremiah Jefferson Groshong's father:

History of Lincoln County, Missouri, page 232-233

Soon after the settlement of Maj. Clark came Jeremiah [I.] Groshong a native of Pennsyvannia, who had lived a few years in St. Charles County, near the Missouri River. He settled half a mile northeast of Clark's, on the land known as the Castleman of Herndon Place. He built a stone house on this farm, raised a family of nine children, was a prominent citizen, and took a active part in the organization of the county. In 1836, he and his family, except his son Jacob, moved to Wisconsin, where both he and his wife died-- he at the age of eighty-six years.

Jacob [Jeremiah Jefferson's brother] was born in October, 1800, a few months before his father settled in this county. [Descrepencies: note that material above states he was born around 1790, and information below says he was born in Lincoln Co., MO.] About the year 1843, he settled on a farm four miles from chain of Rocks on the Troy road, and lived there till his death. He had been a resident of the county longer than any other person, and was doubtless the only person within its limits who had been a subject of Spain and France, a citizen of the District of Louisiana, the Territory of Louisiana, the Territory of Missouri, and the State of Missouri, without a material change of his place of residence.

Also concerning Jeremiah I. Groshong: (Excerpts taken from Encyclopedia of History of Mo. Vol. 4, pages 67-69; edited by Howard L. Conard: Published The Southern History Company of New York, Louisville and St. Louis)

"The territory now Lincoln County is one of the parts of Missouri where those in favor of Spanish regime were given grants of land, though there were no record that any permanent settlement was made before 1799. The real estate transfers recorded in the courts of Lincoln county show that in 1797 one Louis Brazeau executed at St. Louis a deed of trust to Antoine Soulard of a part of his claim in the neighborhood of Cap-Au-Gris, on the Mississippi. In 1799 Major Christopher Clark made a trip through the territory now Lincoln county, and visited the spot where the town of Troy is now located. The following year he settled on land three miles southeast of the present site of Troy, where he built a cabin, and later a stockade. The same year Jeremiah [I.] Groshong settled six miles east of Clark's stockade and a few months later a son, whom he called Jacob was born, this being the first white child born within the limits of Lincoln County"... [Again, Jacob would be younger brother of Jeremiah J. Groshong. See list of known offspring of Jeremiah I. and Mary Magdalena Kroh Groshong, above.]


Children of Martha Melvina (Brainbridge) & Jeremiah Jefferson Groshong:

William Henry Groshong was born August 2, 1828 and died Nov. 11, 1828.

Darius Bainbridge Groshong was born June 9, 1840.

Sylvester Warfield Groshong was born November 12, 1842.

Anna Eliza Groshong was born July 23, 1845.

James Absalom Groshong was born February 19, 1849.

Jefferson Monroe Groshong was born May 11, 1857.


Ann Eliza Groshong
b. July 23, 1845
Mar. 2, 1935, buried Steward Cem, Jackson Co., KS
m. Feb. 8, 1866

Christopher Columbus Martin
b. Apr. 21, 1842
in Platte Co., MO
May 27, 1927, buried Steward Cem, Jackson Co., KS

Ann Eliza Groshong, daughter of Martha and Jefferson Groshong, was born July 23, 1845, in Grant Co, WI. She died March 2, 1935, in Meriden, KS, and is buried in Steward Cemetery, Jackson Co., KS.
married Feb. 8, 1866
Christopher Columbus Martin, son of George Washington Martin & Rebecca Drais, was born Apr. 21, 1842. He died May 27, 1927, in Meriden, KS, and is buried in Steward Cemetery, Jackson Co., KS.

Their children:

Willie Jane Martin was born Dec. 3, 1866.

James Lewis Martin was born Dec. 7, 1868.

Martha "Matt" Agnes Martin was born May 6, 1870.

Robert Jackson Martin was born Dec. 30, 1872.

Mary "El"nora Martin was born Mar. 10, 1879.

Christopher C. Martin was born Aug 24, 1881.

Cleveland Taylor Martin was born Dec. 9, 1884.

Lolly Martin was born Jan 2, 1887.


Martha Melvina Bainbridge Groshong and husband, Jefferson Groshong

Cleveland Taylor Martin
b. Dec. 9, 1884, Jackson Co., KS
d. June 19, 1976
in Topeka, KS
buried Steward Cem, Jackson Co, KS
m. July 11, 1906

Mabel Rose Stone
b. Jun. 11, 1885 at Adrian, Jackson Co., KS
d. Jun. __, 1988 in Topeka, KS
buried Steward Cem, Jackson Co, KS

Their children:

Children married:

In-laws Births & Deaths:

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