Martin Christmas 1958, pictures by family

The Martins traditionally got together at Christmas time. At first we could fit into someone's home, but as the family grew we started renting the Odd Fellows Hall in North Topeka. The photos below were taken Christmas 1958.

Lewis and Velma are not pictured here. They lived on the West Coast and often were not with us at Christmas, so we recorded reel-to-reel audiotapes at reunions and mailed audio-greetings to our California family.

Third generation family members not shown in these photos include Roger and Russell, sons of Bob Martin, not yet born.

In about 1960 home movies began to record family growth.

Pictures are named left to right, back to front
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Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Lolly and Bob's family

Bob, Lolly, Donna
Cleve, Mabel
Randy, Debbie

holly sprig

Darlene, Ron, Lois, Connie
Chris, Millie,
Debbie, Belinda

holly sprig

Chris' family
Harry's family

Marilyn Sue, Peggy, Don
Zora, Harry,

holly sprig

Roberta, Joyce
David, Mark, John

holly sprig

Roberta's family
Jack's family

Jack, Gerry

holly sprig

George, Mary
Dick, Beverly, Kelly

holly sprig

George's family
Bonnie's family

Bob, Ben
Linda, Bonnie

holly sprig

Bill, Leota
Phyllis, Katherine
Edwin, Ruth

holly sprig

Bill's family

three holly
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