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Posted 12/30/98
Roberta Sooter was in Topeka recently visiting family. Several of the family enjoyed a tour of Linda Wilson's new home.
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Bob and Donna Martin had a New Year's Eve party for Roberta, Jack, Leota, Zora, and Mary. A good visit was enjoyed by everyone attending.

Posted 11/28/98
Roberta Sooter had surgery on her right index finger in November. The bone was cancerous and the finger and knuckle had to be removed. Roberta reports that she is healing smoothly and is practicing her writing and local driving. We were partciularly glad to hear that her doctor thinks he removed all of the cancer and did not recommend chemo or radiation treatments. Our thoughts and prayers are with Roberta.

Posted Fall 1998— Below are three photos of Cole Forrest Martin, son of Roger and Lisa Martin and grandson of Bob and Donna Martin. Cole's dad holds him in two photos. His cousin Layne Martin holds him in the middle picture.

Cole and Dad 1Cole and cousin LayneCole and Dad 2
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Posted July 1998

Darlene and Harvey Margans have sold their home in the country and moved into southwest Topeka.

Linda, Ken and Lori Wilson have a spacious new home in southeast Topeka. Roberta Sooter had her cateract surgery on Aug. 20. All went well. Five new babies were born between our July 1997 and July 1998 reunions. They are:

  • Jennifer Lynn Sooter is daughter of Mark and Karen Sooter and granddaughter of Roberta Sooter. Jennifer's sister and brother are Justin and Katie. Blake Porter Reaser is son of Doug and Peggy Reaser and grandson of Darlene and Harvey Morgans. Blake is brother to Zachary and Monica. Carly Sue Tillery is daughter of Angie and Brian Tillery and grandson of Connie and Bill Lay. Carly is sister to Ashlyn and Molly. Cole Forrest Martin is son of Roger and Lisa Martin and grandson of Bob and Donna Martin. He is Roger and Lisa's first.
  • Dalton Michael Finch is son of Kim and Sean Finch, grandson of Beverly Phillippe, and great-grandson of Mary Martin. Dalton's sister is Ashlea.

See photos of Blake, Jennifer and Dalton at Reunion 1998. Congratulations to proud families.

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