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Posted 11/7/00
Cabot WilliamCole, Lisa and Roger Martin announce with love the arrival of Cole's new baby brother! Cabot William Martin was born Sept. 12, 2000, 5:32 p.m., 8 lbs. 8 oz., 20 inches. Bob and Donna Martin are the proud grandparents.
The photo at left is Cabot at three days old. Welcome to the world, Cabot!

Jack Martin celebrated his 80th birthday on Oct.ber 12, 2000. He was honored with an Open House at Crestview Shelter House in Shunga Park by his daughter, Carol Yoho, and the Yoho family. The weather was mild, and well over 100 people attended. Martin family was well-represented, and Jack will have many fond memories of the event. He would like to thank everyone who helped him celebrate--in person, or by mail.

Many Martin family members celebrate October birthdays--Bob 10/9, Jack 10/12, Donna 10/17 and Roberta 10/30. Ben Hope was born 10/31/1923.

Posted 7/4/00
Reunion 2000 is now published online.

Don and Joan's son, James, is engaged to be married to Debbie O'Sullivan on Nov. 18, 2000. Several family members have been to Europe this summer. Aftan Martin, daughter of Kelly and Allison Martin, is traveling with her dance troop. Mom Allsion and sister Kahla went along. Edwin and Brenda Martin's two sons, Joshua and Phillip, are also currently traveling in Europe. Dick Martin's daughter Stacie is still in Munich, Germany.  She will finish this semester of school in late July and will return to the U.S. in time to finish her senior year of college in Georgetown. Mike and Debbie Martin are raising and showing Jack Russell terriors.

During Spring Break 2000 Edwin and Brenda Martin took their entire family on vacation in Paris. Edwin reports that he enjoyed the trip, but the statues in the art museums all began to look alike after awhile.

Posted 6/5/00
Edwin Martin of Wamego was involved in a truck/train accident on Saturday, 6/3/00. Edwin was driving a truck, hauling a trailer of cattle. Two friends were in the truck cab with him. Edwin and one friend were shaken, but able to walk away from the accident. One friend was taken to a Wamego hospital with injuries. No cattle were injured and, generally, the accident could have been much more serious than it was, as a second train stopped just short of hitting the damaged truck immediately after the accident.
      Our thoughts are with Ed, his family, his friends, and their families.

Karen Sooter sent an e-mail address for Mark Sooter's family. (Family members may contact Carol for the address by selecting the hot link at the top of this page.)
     Karen reports that their son, Justin, received  State Level Recognition on Sunday, June 4 at the Lied Center at KU for his score on the ACT test.
     She writes "This is part of the Duke University Talent Identification Program (TIP).  Each year seventh graders from 16 states who score at the 99th %ile on some or all sections of their yearly standardized testing are able to take the ACT test.  Depending on their ACT subjects scores and composite score, they receive recognition at the state level or the national level. This year 1,039 students of the 2,540 who tested in Kansas qualified for state recognition. It was a nice day. Mark and I appreciated it more than Justin did, I think - But it has to be pretty awesome for a 13 year old to get that kind of attention."
     Congratulations, Justin! Linda Wilson reports that her oldest son, Kevin, will graduate with a degree in Business Management from Washubrn University in December. His wife, Lida, is majoring in Nursing at Wasubhurn U.
     Son Jason is engaged to Angela, whom we met at the Martin Reunion 1999, with a wedding date set of September 16.
     Daughter Lori is home from her freshman year at KState and has a nice summer job working for KPERs, the Kansas Public Employers Retirement program. Bob Hope is working on a business venture which includes Caribbean travel--sounds great!! Roberta Sooter joined her brothers Bob and Jack and sister-in-law Mary Martin in attending this spring's high school reunion in Meriden. This was her 65th reunion. Whereas she was the only attendee from her year's class, she greatly enjoyed visiting with the 50-year attendees--many of them had been her pupils when she taught grade school in the area, well over 50 years ago! Marty Gish is in the Pacific Northwest on his way to Alaska to find summer employment. His mom, Phyllis, reported this news.

Posted 2/18/00
Our family seems to be doing alright as they head  into the 21st century.

Zora Martin had surgery for skin cancer. She spent some time at Peggy Long's early in her recovery, but is now back at Drury Place. She has two patches to heal--one where the cancer was removed from her nose, and one where they took skin from her neck to graft on her nose. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery, Aunt Zora! Ann and Tom Roberts and their kids (Brian, Christopher and Kellie) are moving to a larger home in Derby. They will no longer live next door to Roberta Sooter, but we understand that they will still be quite close. Good luck with your move! Marty Gish, oldest son of Phyllis and David Gish, is working at "The Buz" coffeehouse in Brookwood Shopping Center, Topeka. Marty mentioned that he is distantly related to Lillian Gish, movie actress of silent film days--who also happens to be, perhaps, movie's finest actress. Hello, Marty! Marty Gish

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