2001 Martin Family News

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Posted 11/17/01

Phyllis Gish writes:

Derek is attending Mt Olive College in North Carolina. Dave and I were able to go visit him but didn't get to see him play much soccer due to an injury he had sustained during one of the games. He had arthroscopy on his left knee the first of November, but the news was pretty good. He did not tear his ACL, but he did tear his PCL (Posterior Cruciate ligament). He is off crutches now and will begin rehabilitation soon. With several months of extensive physical therapy he should be able to get along ok. He plans on playing next year wearing a knee brace to prevent furthur injury.

Karen Sooter writes:

Near the end of her morning walk (11/16), Roberta stumbled and fell. She was close to home and got up and made it home, even getting the door unlocked.
She called Ann who spent most of the day taking her to get medical treatment. Her left wrist is shattered. Her glasses were broken and that caused some cuts on her face. The wrist is not good. They visited several doctors today including specialists. The wrist is broken in 4-6 pieces and dislocated.
    She will have surgery on Monday. It is immobilized for now with a type of splint. She has pain medication and was planning to sleep sitting up in her recliner. They were able to get temporary glasses. Ann speculated that she might be really sore in the morning. There didn't seem to be any other injuries, but they were trying to address the wrist, so weren't real sure what else might crop up.
Ann Roberts adds:
Karen filled you in fairly well on the details of yesterdays fall for Mom. The surgery will be Monday at a Surgery Center. They will be attempting to wire together the bones in her wrist. The Dr. said the surgery should take about an hour. She will be able to go home that same day.
It is her left wrist so she feels lucky in that regard as she is right handed. This morning she is feeling sick to her stomach. She is taking food along with the pain medicine so I am not sure why she is experiencing the nausea. I talked to her a little bit ago and she was going to try and get some sleep. She said she did not sleep well last night.
I will keep you posted on how things are going. She really does not want any help right now, other than letting us check on her periodically and taking her food. She has lots of friends in Derby who are checking on her also.

Posted 10/11/01

Darlene Morgans writes:

Dear family and friends--

Kathy Reaser, Carla Stovall, Dennis ReaserHarvey and I just returned from the Court of Appeals office where Carla Stovall presented Dennis and 5 other police officers from across the state of Kansas with the Annual Wheat State Crime Prevention Award. Needless to say, we are very proud of him. Following is from the news release:

Officer Dennis Reaser initiated a Johnson County Task Force to develop strategies to reduce the incidence of teenage suicide, a full seven months before the U.S. Surgeon General issued the Call to Action to Prevent Suicide. The officer's ANSWER (Adolescents Never Suicide When Everyone Responds) Network formed after beginning as a grassroots movement with law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, educators, the faith community, parents, and youth to address the serious probelm. In the spring of 2000, the Network partnered with the Mental Health Association of the Heartland to work jointly on the issue. The goal of the ANSWER Network is to educate and provide resources for help in an effort to eliminate teen suicide.

For more information on Dennis' work, see www.teenanswer.org.


Posted 7/27/01

Justin SooterJustin Sooter, son of Mark and Karen Sooter, and two other scouts from Girard, Sean Bradshaw and Rob Gardner, are attending the 2001 Boy Scout Jamboree in Fort AP Hill in Virginia through August 1, 2001.
--news from Karen Sooter


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