2002 Martin Family News

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Posted 12/21/02:

Jack with score card and lucky golf ball On Monday, Dec. 16, 2002, Jack (Cleve) Martin golfed a HOLE-IN-ONE on the 115-yard No. 16 hole at Village Green Golf Course near Ozawkie, with an 8-iron. The event was witnessed by Bob Martin (who golfed a hole-in-one in Oct. 1999!) and a barber-friend, Billy Williamson.
Such an event is a golfer's dream. Congratulations, Jack!

Posted 12/15/02:

Ed and Brenda Martin were honored with a surprise reception in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary at the Senior Center in Wamego, Kansas on Sunday afternoon November 24.2002. Hosting the party were their kids, Josh, Phillip & Heather (Andrea being out-of-state) and both mothers, Leota Martin and Elaine Medeiros. Leota made the cake, and topped it with the original topper from the wedding, held in fall of 1977 out in California. Congratulations to Ed and Brenda!

Ed & Brenda, 25th anniversary, Nov. 2002 anniversary cake by Leota Fay Martin family members are among those gathering to celebrate

Posted 12/8/02, news from Leah & Tim Bengfort--

Lucas is growing so fast and changing so much. He is 9 wks old and weighs 13 # 2 oz as of 12/5, I'm sure it's more now! : ) He is starting to find his hands and tongue and is starting to coo and ahh. It's so adorable. Lucas is not sleeping through the night yet, and mom and dad can't wait for that to happen! (if it ever will...) Anyways we just wanted to say hello and give you an update on our sweet baby boy!

Posted 10/21/02, news from Rosemary Lester--

Just a note to let you know my good news. I became a Great Grandma on Oct 17, 2002. My granddaughter Michelle had a little baby boy. His name is Preston Michael and he weighed 8 lbs. 10oz. and is 20 1/4 inches long. He is beautiful (of course). [Preston's grandma is Rosemary's daughter, Kathleen Cooper.]


Max Yoho's humorous novel, The Revival, won the 2002 J. Donald Coffin Award for Best Book published by a member of the Kansas Authors Club. Both of Max's novels are included in the" Kansas Collection" of the Spencer Library, Kansas University, Lawrence, Kansas.

Posted 10/9/02, news from Leah Bengfort--

Well the time has finally arrived! Our new addition, Lucas Timothy Bengfort, was born Oct. 2, 2002 at 5:22am (my BIRTHDAY)! He weighed 8#15oz---20" tall---has brown hair and dimples and is soooo cute! Tim and I are so thankful that everything went well and that we have a beautiful healthy baby boy. (He was a little yellow due to a high bilirubin, but that is gone now).

Posted 10/3/02, news from Katherine & David Ragland--

Just a note to let you know ITS A BOY! Tim and Leah Bengfort have a new son. Lucus Timothy was born on October 2, 2002 at 5:27am. He weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz.. Grandparents are David and Katherine Ragland, Great grandmother is Leota Fay Martin. October 2 is Leah's birthday. Mother and son will have the same birthday. We will go to Overland park this weekend where first-time Grandma Katherine will spend the week with Leah.

Posted 9/23/02, a family update from Randy Martin--

A few odds and ends by way of Update:
    Mom [Donna Martin] had her other knee replaced on Friday Morning, September 20. She is doing well, and was pleased to have visits from many in the last few days, including Uncle Jack and our gracious e-host: Carol. Russell and I have been giving her a hard time as the knee they took out now goes on the stack with the other knee, part of her liver, part of her colon, her appendix and other parts that shall here go unnamed. We think she might be trying to create a clone of herself, which would be wonderful as far as making the world a better place, but it is going to be very confusing for the grandkids!
     Dad [Bob Martin] stayed at the hospital two nights, but was to go home Sunday night. Mom is to go home Tuesday, but she faces some difficult weeks of therapy to get eveything working right. Since Dad is the one that has to make her go
through all that work, you might to wish them both of them good luck!

In other news:
    Susan and I have moved to a new home in Manhattan. The kids are fine with it all, but our golden retreiver Hollie hasn't quite returned to her lazy old self yet. She kind of paces around like she's waiting on a cab to come by at any minute and take her home. We were pleased to have Ed and Brenda for a visit a week ago Sunday. They gave us hope that these kids will all get grown and started on their path some day!
    Speaking of the kids, Christopher started at Manhattan High this year, and in just a few short weeks is in the Marching Band, back to swimming two or three miles each day, and keeping up with school work. Like Justin Sooter, he, too, got to go to Philmont this summer and had a wonderful time. He saw two bears but didn't have to share his food with any. He did just fine, I
thought we might have to airlift his Mother in for a visit: she was quite nervous about the whole ordeal.
     A few hours before he got back his sister Layne left for a mission trip to southern Colorado where they had a wonderful experience in helping with some much needed community work. After a long hard summer of softball she was
excited to do this and is already talking about going to Mexico next summer to help build a school. As of this writing her middle school volleyball team is undefeated and she a couple of her friends are talking 2008 Olympics. ( I'll keep everyone posted about ticket ordering)
      As you can probably tell, we've had quite a summer. I hope that Gods grace and love has been as abundant for you as it has been for us.       —Randy, Susan, Chris and Layne Martin

Posted 9/21/02  

Mary Cooper , who recently completed certification as a Communication Specialist, reports that Rob Martin, grandson of Bob and Donna Martin, married his long-time girlfriend Rhonda in Sept. 2001. They recently moved to the Boulder, CO area where Rob is attending Naropa, a private school which focuses on religious studies. He is enjoying his studies and enjoying Colorado.

Lots of Martin aunt/uncle birthdays are coming up in October: Bob Martin: Oct. 9, Jack Martin: Oct. 12, Donna Martin: Oct. 17 and Roberta Sooter: Oct. 30.

Don Martin sent a photo of his twin granddaughters, Erin and Ella. It would make their Great-grandpa Harry Martin proud to see his girls in overalls!

Stacie, Richard, KatePosted 9/5/02 -- Dick Martin (known by all but family members as "Richard") keeps busy traveling for his Kansas City business. He reports on daughters: "Stacie started law school a couple of weeks ago (George Washington Law School in Washington, D.C.). She wants to pursue a career in international law. Kate started back to school recently ( 5th grade). She turns 11 in November and considers herself officially a "teenager in training". I told Stacie that before I get Kate raised, it may prove to be beneficial to have an attorney in the family."

Posted 8/16/02 Don Martin sent this photo-- Erin and Ella look healthy & happy.Erin, left and Ella, right

Posted 5/17/02 Karen Sooter writes--

Justin Sooter and other ScoutsJustin left for Philmont Scout Ranch yesterday morning. They will arrive today, have the orientation, shake down, etc. this afternoon, stay at base camp tonight, and start on an 11 day trek tomorrow. Their original trek is not possible because of the Ponil Forest Fire, but they have been reassigned to a trek in the southern part of the ranch. Haven't heard for sure what that will be. He may call tonight. I've enclosed a photo of Justin, the other 3 scouts and a dad making the trek from Girard.

Posted 5/17/02  Katherine Ragland writes-- 

Our daughter Leah is getting married. On May 23, 2002 she will marry Mr. Tim Bengfort. They will reside in Overland Park,. Kansas.

Every good wish to the happy couple.

Posted 5/9/02  Great news! Don writes --

The twins came home Monday evening May 6th. We went and saw them last night, they are doing great.
Ella & Erin, May 2002 Ella on top hereElla, left & top / Erin rt. & bottom

Posted 4/6/02  New dad, James Martin, writes this update about his twins, born Mar. 9th-- 

...Today they are trying something they don't do at Overland Park Regional very often: they put both girls in the same isolette (plastic house). Debbie had just read an article that was saying twins do better in this situation, but the doctor came to her today before she even mentioned it. I guess he had heard us talking about how it seems like the girls are racing or copying each other. Some days it's a race to see who gains the most weight, some days we take steps backwards. It seems like when one does something the other follows. Debbie always says "she wanted to be like sister".

As you saw both girls were born around 900 grams (approximately 2 lbs.) As normal, they both lost weight and were down around 750 grams. Now they are both doing great and are over 1100 grams. I think Ella is over 1200. That doesn't sound like much, but 750 to 1100 is very noticable. They are much less intimidating now. They are starting to make more noises, and next week might get to try nursing. We have been giving them passifiers to see that they will suck, and giving them just a few drops of milk to swallow.

It's really getting fun and exciting. Only thing is, it still doesn't seem that real. When I'm done at the hospital, I just pick up and go home. I'm sure when they are here 24 hours a day with no nurse doing our job, then it will be very real!

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Posted 3/24/02    

On Saturday, March 23, Amanda Fay Wood, daughter of Roger and Ruth Wood, married Brett Aaron Bendure. Vows were exchanged at Northland Christian Church, 3102 Northwest Topeka Blvd., Topeka, KS., with a reception following the ceremony at the State Grange Center near Lake Perry. The bride wore a shimmery silver cape. The groom's two sons took part in the ceremony.

Every good wish to the happy couple.

Emma Grace
Emma Grace Reaser
was born Nov. 26, 2001 to Dennis & Katie. She weighed 7 lb. 3 oz. and was 19 in. long. Brother and Sister are Trevor and Mason. Grandparents are Darlene and Harvey Morgans. Emma is known to some as "Emma Grapes."


Posted 3/10/02    Great Aunt Peggy Long writes about Don & Joan Martin's new granddaughters--

Thought I would let you know that James & Debbie's twin girls came a few months early. They were due the first of June but were delivered Saturday March 9 in Kansas City. They are both doing great so far. Ella was born first -- she weighs 2 lbs and is 13and a half inches long. Erin came next -- she weights 1lb 14.8 oz. and is 12 and a quarter inches long. They were delivered by c-section -- Debbie should be released on Tuesday but will be spending lots of time at the hospital. They are all at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. (Family may e-mail Carol for James & Debbie's address and email.)

We went to see Debbie today. The pictures of each baby with James' hand he took today. Baby on her back is Erin. Baby on her tummy is Ella.

Erin and Ella Martin

They don't have middle names picked out yet. Babies decided to come early so middle names will come later.

We are all praying they continue to do well -- they are expected to be in hospital for at least a couple of months.

Posted 2/7/02

Family may know that Roger Martin teaches Auditing at Indiana University in Bloomington . As an indication of how well respected his opinion is, he was quoted in Wed.'s New York Times.

Below, find a message from Roger's proud brother, Randy--


I thought I'd let you know that my brother Roger is quoted in the Business Section of the New York Times today [Wed., Feb. 6m 2002] regarding how the ENRON case is impacting accounting courses and instruction.

He tells me that he was interviewed at length while presenting at a Florida conference, but that only a smaller portion was reported, an occurance many have experienced.

I don't know if this news is of interst to all, but I was pleased to find out about it and I thought I'd let you know.

There is a link at http://www.nytimes.com/2002/02/06/business/06CASE.html to see the article, but you'll need to fillout a password request form first. [You must be registered or must register--free--to access the online version of the NY TIMES. They seem to want some personal info.]

Quote from article:

A Case Study: Enron Is Grist for Business School Courses
Business school professors across the country say they are latching onto the Enron scandal as a way to make courses on everything from Accounting 101 to crisis management come alive.

Some teachers are treading cautiously, partly because business-school case studies usually focus on historical events, not unfolding dramas, and partly because the Enron collapse is so complicated.

But the revelations about the maneuverings of Enron Corporation executives and the machinations of the company's auditor, Arthur Andersen, are too tempting to pass up, professors say.

Roger D. Martin, an assistant accounting professor at the business school at Indiana University, says he introduced a graduate accounting class on the company early in November, when Enron had to restate its earnings and "things started smoking."

Profess Martin said he planned to use Enron's financial meltdown for years to come as a case study in his advanced accounting class. "This is a classic case in almost everything related to accounting," he said. "If anything, it might make it tough to keep the conversation going in just one direction because there are so many angles."...


Posted 2/3/02

Karen Sooter writes from Girad, KS:

Hi! We survived the ice storm - had no power for 48 hours - but it's back on now and the mess is getting cleaned up. I know there are lots of people who are still w/out power in our county and in the region - including where some of you live in the KC area. Overall, it was not a bad experience for us. We had heat from the wood stove, a gas range to cook, a gas hot water heater, and an extension cord to the neighbor's for the fridge and the freezer. I'm sending a picture or two of what it looked like in Girard on Thursday morning - specifically at our house. The worst part of the storm was listening to the limbs fall around us. As each limb fell, we would look outside to see what the damage was. With the door open we would hear sounds like gunshots as limbs broke - then fell all over town. Pretty spooky. That was definitely not fun. The girls slept in our room Wednesday night because our big pin oak tree was losing limbs right outside their room. With all the midwest winter weather I've experienced, this was my first major ice storm - I'll take a snow storm any day!

pinoak, front yard courtyard view from entry

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