2003 Martin Family News

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Posted 10/7/2003 --

Gracelyn AnnFrom Brian & Dana Hallauer:

Brian & Dana Hallauer are pleased to announce the arrival of a beautiful baby girl, Gracelyn Ann, born Tuesday, November 4, 2003, at 10:20 pm at Stormont-Vail. She weighed 6 lbs and is 19 1/4 inches long. Only pictures available to see so far are on Stormont-Vail's website. Will send more as soon as we get them together. Dana and Gracelyn are doing fine. She was delivered by c-section (a bit of a surprise there) so Dana is taking it really slow for now. [Grandparents are Sue and Ray Hallauer.] Select photo, left, to see larger version. 11/07/03
Well, she's here. A little baby girl, Gracelyn Ann. She was born on Tue, Nov. 4 @ 10:20p. She weighed 6.0 lbs and was 19.25 in. in length. Mommy and baby are doing fine. We went in Tue am for a scheduled Dr's appt and was told that Dana's water had ruptured. We had sort of suspected it. So her Dr. sent us straight to the hospital to start Patosin(sp) (which starts contractions). After having contractions for about 11 hrs, the Dr.s' decided she wasn't progressing fast enough and probably wouldn't, so they took her in for a C-section. Everything went really well, and really fast. Mom's a little sore still but progressing very well. She's at home still but I decided to come back to work as I was getting a little behind. When I get pic's from my camera onto my PC, I'll send everyone some of them also. Hope everyone is doing great. 11/10/03, UPDATE: Some more pics of Gracelyn. Everybody is doing great. We went back to the clinic today and she weighed 6 lb 11 oz. 11/25/03

Joseph's familyFrom Darlene Morgans:

Julie and Todd Goodman are proud new parents of Joseph Allen Goodman, born November 7, 2003, weighing in at 8 lb. 5 oz. Older brother Christopher is sure happy it is a boy. Katherine and Elizabeth aren't too disappointed that they didn't get a sister; they think Joseph is so cute. [Grandparents are Darlene and Harvey Morgans.]

Select photo, left, to see larger version. 11/07/03

Posted 10/4/2003 --

From Don Martin:

Debbie (Don's daughter-in-law) went to Joplin, this evening for her sisters little boy's birthday tomorrow. I guess she was turning when a car coming from behind was going to run into the back of a car behind Debbie, it went around that car and ran into the side of Debbie's van. Debbie bumped her head, but twins were ok. The van is totaled, they say. —That's all I know for now.

Speaking of auto accidents—on Sept. 16th, Jack Martin had the front bumper torn off his new 2003 Chevy by a driver "in a hurry to get home from work.". He was in the process of transporting an elderly lady from her optometrist appointment near Holiday Inn West in Topeka. Luckily, no one was hurt and the car, except for its bumper, wasn't damaged. Jack picked up the bumper and one headlight, loaded them into the back seat, and drove himself to the Chevy dealership. The car has been repaired and looks good as new.

Posted 8/18/2003 (revised 8/23/2003) --

From Linda Wilson:

Kevin Wilson had an Open House at his business, Professional Martial Arts, 1900 S.W. Clay, Topeka, on Sat. August 23. Several of the Topeka family dropped by during the afternoon.
   This project started in Oct. or Nov. of last year and the building was just pretty much "gutted" and they started over. Lots of HARD work and LONG hours!!!! It's finally done!

Karate Open House Co-owners, Ruben and Kevin Kevin and neighbor storefront basement activity room acupuncture chart cake with business logo in frosting store side first floor activity room trophies and honors Lida's massage room Professional Martial Arts

Posted 8/15/2003--

From Sandie Mahon:

April and Avery Nicolas 2 April and Avery Nicolas Anthony and April I just wanted to let everyone know that I became a grandma for the first time yesterday. My daughter April and Anthony had a baby boy on August 14th at 7:21 am. He weighed 7 pounds 7 ounce, and was 20 inches long. They name him Avery Nicolas. Avery is the grandson of the very happy and proud grandma Sandie Mahon. And the great grandson of Rosemary Lester. Mother and son are doing very well. They are at St Francis hospital in Topeka. I include pictures for everyone see.

Thanks, Grandma Sandie

Posted 8/14/2003--

From Don Martin:

1948 John Deere "B"This is a picture of the 1948 John Deere "B" [select photo to see larger version] that my dad bought new in 1948. I can remember watching it being unloaded from a truck down at our corner. I have known where this tractor was for the last 30 yrs or so. But today was the first time I had seen it since dad sold it. I am not sure of what year he sold it, but it was the middle 50's. Dad and uncle Bill had a farm sale and sold a lot of their farm machinery. This was the tractor I grew up driving, except when they would put me on Granddad's Massey Harris to rake hay. I never did like that Massey Harris, but it was my job to rake the hay. I remember once I was raking hay and Uncle Bob was across the field, he went to waving his arms to flag me down and when I stopped he told me that my wheels were turning, Grrrrrrrrrrrr!! Just what I needed to hear.
     Anyway, this tractor brings back a lot of memories. I am trying to buy the tractor as the farmer that owns it is 84 yrs old. But after talking to him today I don't think we are going to be able to ever agree on a price!!!

From Linda Wilson:

Lori was in San Diego teaching at a Yearbook Camp, but is home now. Lida is in Czech, Republic visiting her parents. She's to be gone for a couple of weeks. Ken and I took off for a week in July to Colorado; had a wonderful time!!!!

Posted 7/2/2003--

From Roger Martin:

Hello from Virginia. We got moved to Charlottesville over the last couple of weeks and are trying to dig our way through a maze of boxes.
This is the home of Mister Jefferson, as they refer to him. The history of the place is astounding, including here at the University of Virginia. Mr. Jefferson designed "The Lawn" so that he could see it from Monticello, which sat atop a hill overlooking the town. My building on campus is in the row of buildings just off the Lawn, so I'm only about 40 yards from the very center of the historical part of campus, including the Rotunda designed by Jefferson himself.
    We are living toward the Blue Ridge mountains, which are about 20 miles west of here or so. Our lot is covered in trees so we can't see much now, but I understand that our winter views include seeing the mountains - quite a lot different from the plains of Indiana and Kansas!
   I'll be thinking of everyone at the reunion this weekend!

Posted 7/1/2003--

From Kelly Martin:

Kelly and Allison Martin have a new family member. Her name is Andrea Bolz ( we call her Andie) She is 8 years old and belonged to Allison's sister who passed away last May and she will be raised by Kelly and Allison. Andie was adopted by Allison's sister from a Russian orphanage when she was 2 years old.
     Also news about our son Taylor, he has just agreed to play baseball next year for Kansas University so hope you all can make it to a game sometime. Taylor is a left handed pitcher and is very excited to be playing at KU.

Posted 5/29/2003--

From Ed Martin:

We just went to Heather's final "Sports" banquet of her high school career. She received Most Valuable Player on her softball team! She was the catcher and a real team leader. --lots of fun, but lots of rain-outs this season.

If all goes well, I'll have four kids in college next year. The boys both plan on graduating next year --if class schedules hold. Joshua with a dual degree from KSU in Mechanical Engineering and a Business finance degree. Phillip is also is pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering specializing in nuclear engineering. Phillip says he has completed all of his nuclear classes and should wrap up the remainder of his class requirements this year.

Andrea got back from Australia and the Borneo Island and will spend the summer with us. Then she is headed to Middle Tennessee University to study medicine of some sort. (Nursing, Mid-wifing, or pre med???) Heather meanwhile has rented an apartment for this fall in Manhattan and plans on studying business.

All the kids will be close this summer --the three younger living at home, and Joshua in Manhattan, but will scatter this fall leaving Brenda time to turn her full attention to all my bad habits!

From Richard Martin, recently moved from apartment living to a home in Kansas City, MO:

Kate arrives here June 18 for the summer. I have a college girl lined up to watch her, take her to the pool, etc. Really looking forward to it. Stacie is currently in Santiago, Chile for a month taking two international law courses from American University (guess they don't offer international law courses in the U.S. in the summer???). She returns to KC June 27 and has an internship with a federal judge in KC for the rest of the summer. It will be nice to have them both home for the summer.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Linda Wilson writes about travel plans of daughter Lori:

I wanted to let you know about Lori's plans. She has enough credits to graduate this month from Kansas State University, but she has chosen to study abroad in Paris for the fall semester. She'll leave in Sept. and come back in Dec. and has already prepared me that she may not get back in time to go through the graduation ceremony in Dec. (sigh). She'll stay with a host family while she's there. We're even talking about going to see her in Paris!

Posted 5/11/2003, several pieces of news--

From Roger and Lisa Martin: I'm sure Dad [Bob Martin] has filled you guys in, but we are going to be moving next month to Charlottesville, Virginia. I'm joining the faculty at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia in the Fall. I will continue to teach and research accounting and auditing as I've done here at Indiana University. Cole will start kindergarten in the Fall out there as well. We've bought a house there.

From Linda Wilson: I wanted to let you know about Lori's plans. She has enough credits to graduate this month but she has chosen to study abroad in Paris for the fall semester. She'll leave in Sept. and come back in Dec. and has already warned me that she may not get back in time to go through the graduation ceremony in Dec. (sigh). She'll stay with a host family while she's there. We're even talking about going to see her in Paris.

From Karen Sooter of Girard, KS (in response to a question about bad weather): There is lots of damage in Crawford County. Almost 200 houses are damaged to some degree or were destroyed. The first tornado traveled approximately 1/4 mile south of Girard, then angled NE across the county, hitting many farmsteads, newer homes in the country, a couple of old mining towns and eventually into Franklin and the outskirts of Mulberry. We know several families who lost their homes. Many families have mountains of debris to deal with, but one couple, who took shelter in the basement of their Victorian style home built only about 6-7 years ago, have little evidence of there ever being a house there. All that remained was the basement and its contents. A car landed in the basement with them, the landscaping is there, but the house is gone. It's amazing there were only 3 fatalities in our county. The early warnings worked. Hope all the rest of the family is OK, too.


Posted 4/28/2003, news from Brian & Dana Hallauer--

Hi all-- We have some great news to report. Dana and I are having a baby!! Yep, finally happened. We found out about a month ago and she had her first sonogram today. The nurse said everything looked great. Officially she's a little over 12 weeks and her due date is Nov. 10. It's really exciting for us. The little tike was moving like crazy today during the sonogram. I was really amazed as to how much you could see on the monitor during the sonogram. The babies little arms and legs were always moving. Really amazing. And truly a blessing.
Hope this message finds everyone doing well.

Posted 3/9/2003:

Ella's first birthday, 3/9/03Erin's first birthday, 3/9/03Twins first birthday, 3/9/03Don Martin sent these FIRST BIRTHDAY photos of Ella (with red cake) and Erin (with blue cake). Their birthday is March 9.


Posted 2/16/2003:

James and Debbie's twins, February 14, 2003Don Martin sent this Valentine photo of his granddaughter's, Erin and Ella.
The parents of the twins are James and Debbie Martin.

Posted 1/6/2003:

From Ruth and Roger Wood's Christmas letter: Amanda married Brett Bendure in March. and they live in Kansas City. Brett's sons are Nick, 12, and Jake, 8. Ellie and Grandma Leota have been making trips to the "Y" to swim. April is a senior in high school.Tel is a freshman football and basketball player. Capp is a 5th grader. He is learning to play the trumpet, and also plays football and basketball. Dad Roger is busy with farming and his business and Mom Ruth enjoys her work in Human Resources with the Postal Service.

Roger & Lisa Martin send this photo of their sons, Cabot & Cole. Cabot and Cole

Linda & Ken Wilson send this family photo. Wilson clan


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