2005 Martin Family News

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from Ed Martin :

Josh and Ann closed on their new home Friday.  By Sunday evening, they had moved a bunch of dirt outside to address draining issues, tore out some walls they wanted to replace and  had re-painted four rooms. Much more work to complete before they move in this weekend.
   They could have had more help—except for this being deer season.  Much of their "help" was trying to get the trophy buck.  Next weekend will be the final of the rifle season.  After deer season closes, we will be able to help more! 12/06/2005

Troy Hallauerfrom Sue and Ray Hallauer:

Our son, Troy Hallauer, has joined the Army National Guard. He left recently for 10 weeks of training at Ft. Jackson, S.C., then 7 more weeks of training at Ft. Lee, VA. He will also spend time at Ft. Hood, TX, but is expected home for 3 weeks during the Christmas 2005 season. A friend is holding a job for Troy at the new National Guard building at Forbes Field in Topeka, for when he finishes his training. 11/18/2005

from Carol Yoho:

Ella and Mabel Stone
Jessie, Mabel (standing), and Ella

  I had a nice surprise when I got three old photos via e-mail of Grandma Mabel Martin and her mother, Ella Vanette Jackson Stone.
  One photo of Grandma is of her as a young girl with her even younger sister, Ella. The other photo is of Jessie, Grandma and Ella. These photos are now also on-line at the bottom of our Family Photos page, with photo captions for each of the three:

Here is the note that came with the photos:

Hi Carol,
  I haven't been able to think about family history for several months, but recently visited descendents of Lilla Stone (her daughter Mildred Wells Eby lives in Jackson County and is age 96).  She was kind enough to share photos of the Stone-Jackson line.  I have attached 2 of Mabel as a young girl, and a different portrait of Ella Vanette Jackson.  Ella Vanette Jackson Stone, mother of Lilla, Jessie, Mabel and Ella
   I have so appreciated your Historic Martin Family Photos and Mabel's Story.  It provides a rich heritage for all who are related to her! --
Bobbe Mansfield

An earlier message from Bobbe tells us:
My husband is Jerry Mansfield, whose grandfather was George Wells, son of Lilla Stone and Clarence D. Wells. [Lilla was Grandma's older sister. She married a younger brother of her mother's second husband, David Wells] 11/18/2005

from Dick Martin

Stacie and I visited Kate in Birmingham a couple of weeks age. Kate got a part as the youngest daughter in the family in a production of the  “Grapes of Wrath” that her school (Alabama School of Fine Arts) did in conjunction with the University of Alabama at Birmingham .So, we went down and saw her “debut”. Quite a production. It was at the Fine Arts Center on the University Campus in Birmingham. Had a great time. Also, Stacie recently received notice that she passed the Law Bar Exam, and  was thrilled to say the least. She is  working for a law firm in D.C. They both will be home for Thanksgiving,  which will be really nice. 11/13/2005

cover, The Moon Butter Routefrom Carol Yoho

Max and I are proud to announce publication of Max's fourth book: The Moon Butter Route. This humorous fiction is the story of Wally Gant, a boy who takes a job with a small-town dairy and inadvertently gets involved with moonshiners and bootleggers. While this book is not a sequel, readers will recognize some of the same characters as those in Max's first novel, The Revival. You should be able to order from any bookstore (ISBN 0-9708160-4-9) or get the book from us. 11/13/2005

from Brian Hallauer

Gracelyn and baby Benett Scott Hallauer
Hi All,
Dana and I are parents twice over now.  We are now proud parents of a baby boy. Benett Scott Hallauer was born at 8:17, October 12 (Uncle Jack's 85th birthday!), at Stormont Vail, weighing 7lbs 11 oz and 20.5" long. Mom, Dana, and baby are doing great and he has very healthy lungs. :) Sorry I left my camera in the hospital room and forgot to bring it home (that's what getting up a 4am will do to ya). Hope everyone is doing great. Photo here is Benett with his big sister, Gracelyn.

PS.  Happy Birthday Uncle Jack! 10/15/2005

from Linda & Ken Wilson

Lori was home last weekend. We had a great time!!! Lori, Kevin, Lida, Jason and Angela ended up surprising us for our 35th wedding anniversary (Oct. 23rd). They took us out for a nice dinner then all of them spent the night. We played games, ate waaaaay too much food and really had a good time. It was wonderful!!! Lori had been working on the plans for awhile 10/15/2005

from Darlene Morgans

Harvey is attending adult daycare 4 days a week and doesn't seem to mind it. In fact, some days he isn't ready to leave when I pick him up. I really enjoy being close to the kids. Hope you can come and see us sometime.
Carol can share Darlene's postal address and e-mail with family, if they e-mail or call. 10/15/2005

from Carol Yoho

Cleve Martin, MM-R First ClassDad (Jack Martin) spent the afternoon of Oct. 13, 2005 (the day after his 85th birthday) being interviewed on digital videotape at the Colmery-O'Neil VA Medical Center, Topeka, for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.
    Dad spoke of his service in the U.S. Navy during WWII (1942-1945), where he was a Machinist Mate-Refrigeration, First Class. He served aboard a "baby flat top" aircraft carrier, the USS Block Island CVE-21, freight troops and supplies across the Atlantic Ocean, then taking on a flight crew and patrolling on submarine patrol duty in the Atlantic theater of operation.Cleve Martin, Division
   The USS Block Island was sunk in the Atlantic off the coast of North Africa on May 29, 1944, just before the D-Day Normandy Invasion of occupied France. Of the 964 crew members aboard, 954 survived. (Dad barely survived, trapped at his battle station below the water line and diving through fuel oil as it poured into his cabin space to reach the surface just before his area of the ship was sealed and the few remaining crew members left the ship.
   The USS Block Island was the only U.S. aircraft carrier lost in the Atlantic theater of operation.
    After 30 days of survivor leave Dad was reassigned to another, larger aircraft carrier, also called the USS Block Island (this one CVE-106), commissioned with the original crew and supplement staff in July 1944. He served in the Pacific theater until the end of the war with Japan, mustering out on December 10, 1945, in San Jose, CA.
   Dad will receive a VHS copy of the tape made on Thursday. The original will be stored at the national Library of Congress. I have a Word document version of Dad's story, which I am happy to send any family member via e-mail who is interested in reading about Dad's war experiences. 10/15/2005

from Leah Bengfort

sonogram2sonogram1Hi everyone! I am writing to give you the latest news....we are expecting our second child!  I am about 11 wks pregnant and our due date as of now is April 19th, 2006. We are very excited and cannot wait to add this new addition to our family and know Lucas will make an awesome big brother. Today we had our first sonogram to verify the actual due date and everything looks great and right on schedule. Attached to this email is two sonogram pics we were able to take earlier today.  Isn't the peanut cute! We hope you all are well, and God bless.  —Sincerely,  Leah and Tim 9/30/2005

from Don Martin

Didn't remember who all I had sent the picture of this casino on the Gulf Coast I took in Feb. But finally found an "after Hurrican Katrina" picture!! You can see the building and boat are still there but not in too good a shape. 9/30/2005
before hurricane
after hurricane




from Darelen Morgans

We are moving to Olathe in August to be closer to the kids. Our house has sold, and we're moving to a maintenance-free townhome. I wanted to get there and get settled while Harvey was still doing fairly well.  I look forward to seeing everyone on July 3rd at our reunion.  —Love, Darlene
[E-mail Carol for Darlene and Harvey's new mailing address] 6/24/2005

family photo, 2004, includes Dick, Kate, & Stacie


from Richard Martin:

Stacie Martin graduated from the George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. in May 2005.  After taking the Bar exam in July, Stacie will go to work in the Washington, D.C. law offices of  Dykema Gossett. 6/22/2005

from Ruth Wood:



Ashton Cole Wood was born 5/15/05, 6 lbs 4 oz, , and doing fine.  His mom is Amanda. His grandparents are Ruth and Roger Wood.His great-grandmother is Leota Fay Martin. Congratulations to all! 6/22/2005 —Photos added 7/4/2005


from John Sooter

John Sooter, 1999 reunion    We´ll sure be thinking of everyone on July 3rd.
    Here we are all fine & busy. If you would like & can get time, I would invite you to check out an internet report on the social project we are involved in here in Sao Paulo. Go to www.familycare.org and from there look at Latin America & then Brazil. This US foundation, although they have no funding for us, at least advertisies us a bit.
Also, if anyone needs flipflops for summer foot wear, look at www.coolflipflops.com This is an American company who is sponsoring us with US$1,00 for every pair they sell! They got in touch with us via our page on the FCF site. So far I think they only sold about 50 pairs. (We are sure hoping summer will improve sales & that he will get some advertising breaks.) He started in business in December last year. We also have a virtual store at www.kiddyviddy.com.br It´s all in Portuguese, but it can give you an idea of another project we are working on, which is distributing this video, DVD & CD material to help parents & preschools with character formation.
    So we keep busy & everyone is happy & healthy. I personally just miss Kansas sometimes - but I guess someday we will be able to visit more regularly - hope so!
Please send everyone our greetings at the family meeting & here´s a big Brazilian hug & a kiss for you & Max & everyone there - xxxxxxxxx!!

Love always, John 6/22/2005

from Karen Sooter :

Justin graduated from Girard High School on May 15. Roberta, Dave and Viv and family, and Tom and Ann and family were able to attend the graduation and spend a little time visiting. Brian brought his cap and gown along so we could get some pictures since we knew that Justin couldn't attend Brian's graduation on the 21st in Wichita. Justin will attend Pittsburg State University this fall and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering there. One of his part time jobs has developed into a full time job for the summer. He really begins to work a 40 hour week tomorrow. Tuesday through Thursday his hours will be 10:30 AM to 7 PM. Then he'll work 7 AM to 3:30 or 4 PM on Saturdays. Perfect for a teenager!

Mark, Katie, Jennifer and Karen were able to attend Brian's graduation at Koch Arena at WSU on Saturday. Then they spent the rest of the weekend with Roberta and Dave's and Ann's families. We don't get to do that too often these days since the grandchildren are all involved in many activities. Makes it hard to get together. We all Justin Sooter and Brian Roberts, Spring 2005 high school graduatesenjoy it when we do.

The photo is of Brian and Justin after Justin's graduation. [Select the photo to see the larger version.] Justin and Brian were born 13 days apart and have always been close. It's hard to believe that they've passed this milestone!

The Mark Sooter family and Ann Roberts family will travel to Topsail Island, NC soon for a week at the beach. This is our 5th family trip to Topsail Island. Our first was the summer before Justin and Brian started Kindergarten. It seemed fitting that we should make this trip the summer after they graduate. Dave and Viv's family have joined us several times also, but had conflicts this summer.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Martin Reunion on July 3rd! 5/24/2005

from Don Martin:

Joan Martin

I have put Joan in a nursing home. She was having problems with her Alzheimer's. In the process of changing some of her medications she went into the nursing home to get her medications straightened out. She is getting along so well there that I have decided to leave her there. It was a very hard thing to do, although I think it is best for both of us.
Get Joan's address by requesting it from Carol 5/10/2005

from Sandie Mahon:

Here are some new pictures of the twins, Ainsleigh Grace and Aiden Dean Smith, and of big brother Avery. Avery is 19 months old in the picture. Ainsleigh and Aiden, born Jan. 4th, are 3 months. All is going well with April, Anthony, and the kids. They are all growing up so fast.

Grandma Sandie Mahon
(Great-grandma is Rosemary Lester)

from Brian Hallauer:

Gracelyn on cell phone

Gracelyn has some news so she's calling everyone she knows...

Parents are Brian and Dana Hallauer, Grandparents are Ray and Sue Hallauer. 4/21/2005


about Chris Martin / Jack Martin:

Chris Martin, Eagle ScoutOn Sunday, April 10, 2005, Chris Martin, son of Randy and Susan Martin, brother of Layne Martin, and grandson of Bob and Donna Martin, received his Eagle Scout Award, Troop 74, First Presbyterian Church, Manhattan, Kansas. This Court of Honor included an awards ceremony for other troop members of Troop 74 also. Donna Martin offered the Invocation and the Benediction for the service. A large Scout reception followed at the church, with a small reception in special honor of Chris held afterward at his home. See the photo essay of this event on this site. Chris is a high school junior, and a champion swimmer (see note below from Randy Martin). 4/17/2005 Congratulations, Chris!

Jack (Cleve) Martin honored by Scottish Rite

Jack Martin was honored at Topeka's Scottish Rite as a member of the Kitchen Crew. His is one of several members that serve meals and coffee at Scottish Rite functions, and was awarded a Scottish Rite Mason of the Month Award, photographed, and featured in the March 2005 Scottish Rite Newsletter. Linked here is a group of three photos which appeared in the Scottish Rite newsletter. 4/17/2005 Congratulations, Jack!


These messages and photos are from Don Martin:

Steve Fossett's Global Flyer taking off, Monday evening March 1, 2005I went to Salina, Ks yesterday to watch Steve Fossett take off on his flight around the world!!!!!!!! Could have had some great pictures except it was almost dark when he took off (about 6:45 PM last night). It's hard to believe he is going to be flying 3 days non-stop around the world. He should be back in Salina by Thursday evening. If he gets back I am planning on going back and take more pictures. This web site is tracking his flight  http://www.virginatlanticglobalflyer.com/   --Don 3/2/2005

Steve Fossett's Global Flyer returning, Thursday, March 3, 2005Its hard to believe that you watch this airplane take off, you go home for three days and the whole time this guy is flying around the world. Really unbelievable, isn't it?
    There were a lot of people in Salina watching Steve do this. I enjoyed it very much.
    It was hard to get in a good place to take pictures, but I got a few that I am satisfied with. Yesterday was really a nice day to be out waiting for him to return--a lot better than the cold evening on Monday when he took off.
    I had a scanner and was listening to the tower so I knew where he was the last hour or so and when he was landing. They changed the runway he was going to land on, so I moved to a different location. Then they changed back to original runway, but I stayed where I was and am satisfied with pictures I got.
--Don 3/4/2005

from Randy Martin

Chris and Layne Martin, July 2003   I am very proud to report that last week my son Christopher earned qualifying times to swim at the state championships, for the third year in a row. He also received the final paperwork for his Eagle Scout award, for which we will be planning a ceremony soon, and will try to pass on the date. (Chris is a Junior and in the middle of the college testing/selection process, an experience that I find staggeringly stressful. Fortunately he is much better prepared for this stage of his life than I am!)
    Our daughter Layne is playing traveling volleyball again and today her team won their third straight tournament. We will be going to Denver in March to play in a national tournament that is attended by most of the college coaches from across the country. Again, way more stress than I can handle, so Susan and I are just along for the ride. Layne is also preparing for her first high school Forensic Tournament in a couple of weeks, and despite all the excellent advice from her brother, she is actually more worried about that.
    Susan is teaching Kindergarten in Wamego and runs into cousin Ed now and then.
   As you may be aware, I was elected to the School Board here in Manhattan a while back, and we are interviewing for a new superintendent.
    Life is good in Manhattan, and we welcome any and all to come for a visit! 1/30/2005

From Karen Sooter:

   Talked to Roberta. After several radiologists, technicians, etc. looked at her CAT scan they agreed that the broken sternum was an old injury. That was a tremendous relief. She has no idea when it happened - perhaps when she was a child - but it is a healed break and she doesn't have to see the cardiac sugeon or worry about the broken bones damaging nearby tissue, blood vessels, etc. She is hurting still, but says she can tell that the bumps and bruises are doing better. She is so relieved that she's not too worried about the temporary discomfort.
    You may have heard by now that Roberta Sooter fell on ice in the parking lot at the DRC in Derby on Monday. EMS was called. They evaluated her condition on the scene. Ann was called and was present as well. No evidence of injury other than pulled muscles was found, so they didn't transport her to the hospital and she drove herself home. She thought she would be stiff and sore for several days. Ann's family helped make her comfortable and take care of details around the house. Some of them spent the night with her as well. Mark had been calling regularly and she was still very sore on Wednesday. Ann took her to the Dr today, Thursday. They did a CAT scan and discovered that her sternum was broken laterally. The radiologist who read the scan said that it was a very rare break - usually only seen in serious car accidents. They found it hard to believe it happened in a fall. Another radiologist will read the scan and report on it tomorrow. She will see a cardiac surgeon in a couple of weeks to determine what action she should take. She's in a quite a bit of pain and has consented to take some pain medication. She'll know more in the coming days. I'll try to keep you posted as we know more. She is at home and Ann and her family will keep an eye on things. Mark may go out to spend some time with her and help in any way he can over the weekend. 1/14/2005

From Sandie (Allen) Mahon:

Ainsleigh Grace and Aiden Dean  Hello, I'd just like to let everyone know that my daughter April and husband Anthony had twins on January 4th at Stormont-Vail.
    April, Anthony, and 16 1/2-month-old Big Brother Avery welcomed Ainsleigh Grace and Aiden Dean to the Smith family. They were born at 36 weeks weighing  Ainsleigh at 4 pounds 15oz & 19 1/4 inches long and Aiden 5 pounds 13oz & 18 1/4 inches long. Both are very healthy and happy babies.
   This now makes 3 Grand Babies for me, Grandma Sandie Mahon, and 5 Great-Grand Babies for Great Grandma Rosemary Lester.

from Phyllis & David Gish:

David is still with Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Phyllis has a new job as business manager for Kansas Health Care Association. Marty works for PT's Coffee of Topeka, bagging and delivering coffee in the Topeka area. The music scene is Marty's interest. Dusty works for Gold Star Concrete and plays on an adult flag football team. At the 2004 Sunflower Games the team took first in a nationally qualifying tournament in Colorado. A win thereNiece April Wood and nephew Cap WoodDavid and Phyllis Gishrecent graduate, Derek GishDerek and his visual communication work qualified Dusty to play in the national tournament in Florida next month (Feb. 2005). Derek is working at Washburn Rural School district as a Para, traveling to all schools in the district giving one-on-one physical education instruction. Derek recently received his BS in Visual Communications at Mount Olive College in North Carolina. Phyllis and David have been celebrating the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. All three sons are meeting regularly to play Texas Hold 'Em. We hosted an open house for Derek on Sunday, January 2, 2005 at Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church. Derek displayed some of his art work. Family was welcomed. 1/4/2005


from David & Vivian Sooter: Julie, Laura and Alisa Sooter 1/4/2005

from Linda & Ken Wilson:

   Lori graduated from K-State in December 2003. In February 2004 we moved her to Madison, Wisconsin, where she works for Herff Jones as a yearbook sales rep. She travels quite a bit. Her boyfriend Eric also moved to Madison last September.
   Jason and Angie have a new house and a new black lab named " K.C." Now Jason is co-manager of a Wal-Mart in Kansas City, Missouri. Angie is going to college full-time AND working for Farmers Insurance full-time! Hannah started school in August and was six in December.
   Kevin is a landlord as well as co-owner of a Karate school. He is also helps manage a medical staffing company, with a branch that specializes in First Assist Training. This new company is nationally accredited. Lida has another year at college to become a nurse anesthetist.
   Linda stays busy with her YMCA and step aerobics classes and has been volunteering at the Helping Hands Humane Shelter. Ken will celebrate 25 years with Frito-Lay in 2005. He is enjoying his 1984 Jaguar XJ6 and studying its repair manual!

Wilson family collage. Select thumbnail to see larger version.
Select photo collage to see the larger version.

Please note photos of Linda and Ken in PARIS!

from Roger & Lisa Martin:

Roger and Lisa are settling in the Charottesviile, VA, area, doing home repairs and improvements. Cole is a first grader, loving math and science. Though he is an avid reader, likes bugs, rocks, sharks and snakes, and plays the piano, Cole doesn't care too much for his school's French lessons. Cabot is in preschool this year. He plays soccer, pretends to be a rescue hero, and dreams of playing electric guitar and ice hockey someday. The family enjoyed a July vacation on the beach in North Carolina. They all enjoy the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and are becoming Jefferson/Monticello fans. 1/4/2005

from Leota Fay Martin:

Four grandchildren graduated from college this year: Leah Bengfort from Avila College with a BS in Social Services, Josh Martin from Kansas State with a degree in Mechanical and Nucelar Engineering and Business Finances, Phillip Martin from Kansas State with a degree in Mechanical Enineering with Nuclear option, and Derek Gish from Mount Olive College in North Carolina with a degree in Visual Communications. Heather Martin attends college and catches for the Kansas State softball team. Andrea Martin attends college in Tennessee, and Admana Wood attends college in Kansas City. April Wood received her CNA and plans a nursing career. Tel Wood is a high school Junior and Capp Wood is a 7th grader. Grandma Leota helps Ellie Wood "hold down the fort." Youngest grandson, Lucas Bengfort, is now two years old. Leota is dealing with a hitch in her "get-along," but still managed to enjoy a Carribean Cruise in early December with daughters Ruth, Phyllis and Katherine. 1/4/2005

from Katherine & David Ragland:

Katherine and David enjoyed a vacation with Leah, Tim and Lucas Bengfort in the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania last September. The grandparents enjoyed babysitting Lucas while Leah and Tim explored New York City. The Bengforts live in Gardner, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. Jeremy lives in Hutchinson, about thiry miles from Pretty Prairie. He hopes to start college at Johnson County Community College in January. Katherine still works as a nurse for an allergy doctor in Hutchinson. David is in his sixth year as Pastor of Pretty Prairie and Murdock United Methodist Churches. 1/4/2005

from Carol & Max Yoho:
JoelCarolCleveMax & StuartGideon, Sarah, Joel, Stuart
Left to right: Joel, Carol, Cleve, Max and Stuart, Gideon (3), Sarah (8), Joel (1) and Stuart (40+)

The Yoho clan is getting too large to celebrate holidays at someone's home, so we held our Christmas Eve party at Cleve's party room at Martin Creek, where everyone seemed to enjoy the evening. Great-grandson Joel celebrated his first birthday on Sunday, Jan. 9th. He has learned to walk since we saw him on Christmas Eve. 1/4/2005

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