2006 Martin Family News

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from Don Martin:

    I just returned from a two week trip to Australia. I left on Nov 27 and arrived home on Dec 12. There are two families I went to see. I met them on the internet.
    I include a picture of Coralie and her son, Riley. They live in suburbs of Brisbane. I got to see Brisbane and the Gold Coast while visiting her. The picture of me is in a park in downtown Brisbane. The two ocean pictures were taken on the Gold Coast.
    The other family I know lives in Gladstone, which is north of Brisbane. I have known Lisa since she was eleven years old. She is now seventeen. Her family even invited me to stay in their house while in Gladstone. I stayed there four days while they showed me around the Gladstone area.
    I also drove north to Cairns and went out to Green Island on the Barrier Reef.
    Its a long trip to Australia—14 hours flying time from Los Angeles to Brisbane. And coming home, flying time and waiting in airports, took me 26 hours.

I did not feel too tired when I got home, but the second night home I slept 12 hours!!!!!   —Don    2006.12.15

Don in Brisbaane
Don on the Gold Coast Coralie and Riley
Don with Lisa's parents Surfers Paradise Lisa and Don

from Carol Yoho:

Laney and triplets
Jack Martin with his golf score of 78Jack Martin loves golf and had a great game recently. He shot a "78" on a round of 18 holes. Even more recently he had a good day bowling:—very close to "600" for a three-game series. All of this done at the age of 86. I'm pretty proud of him! 2006.12.15

Also: All three of our great-grandbaby triplets, Sam/Jullia/Sophia, are now home from the hospital and are growing. Parents (Laney and Shane Gliser) and grandparents (Alex and Sherry Yoho) all report that they are tired but happy. 2006.12.15

from Carol Yoho:

Cleveland T. Martin Jr., U.S. Navy WWII veteran


Jack Martin received a letter in mid-December from the Veterans History Project, U.S. Library of Congress, saying they have received his videotaped interview, done at the Colmery-O'Neil VA Hospital in Topeka, about his WWII Navy experiences. Their staff still must  enter his data into their database. Maybe his name will show up eventually on their web site: www.loc.gov/vets  Jack IS mentioned on the Nation World War II Memorial web site: "C. T. Martin, Jr." 2006.12.11

from April Boatwright: Leota Martin Family Cruise MOVIE (wmv) 2006.11.27

Erin and Ella holiday photosErin and Ella holiday photo 2from Debbie and James Martin:

[Don Martin's granddaughter's attended Grandma Joan's funeral in early November. Their mom sent this message with two holiday photos of Erin and Ella.] We're excited because [the twins] have just had their picture come out in the catalog for OC Tanner jewelry!!!!  This was their first official “job.”  It was so much fun.  Next time I see all the family I will try to bring it. 2006.11.24

Veteran's Day letter from Katherine Goodman, daughter of Julie & Todd Goodman and granddaughter of Darlene & Harvey Morgans:

Dear great-great Uncle Jack,

Veteran's Day letter    I am writing to you today to show my appreciation for your service to our country. Thank you for wanting to protect our country. The Bible teaches us to recognize the people like you who deserve to be thanked.
    Here are some of the things that make a good soldier: strong leadership, knowledge, selflessness, obedient, loyal, self-control, mental & physical endurance, bravery, helpful, be aware of your surroundings. You were these things and we are very thankful to you.
    I want to be a good American like you. In school, I am learning how to be partriotic. Some of the things a 5th grader can do is to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or put a flag outside the house.
    Enclosed is a pciture of me. I can't wait to see you at the next family reunion!!
    Happy Veteran's Day!

    Sincerely, Katherine

from Linda & Ken Wilson:

Ken and I had the pleasure in September of going to Prague, Czech Republic. We went with our son, Kevin and his wife, Lida (she grew up in Prague!). We had a wonderful time with her family!!! Prague is a beautiful city with buildings dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries. We walked a lot which was great because we also ate a lot!!! We saw castles, cathedrals, palaces, gardens and sat at sidewalk cafe's. Oh yeah, life is good!!!! Just wanted to share this and a few pictures. To all of you, take care and know that we love you! 2006.11.12

Kevin and Lida castle Ken and Linda courtyard reiver

from Leah Bengfort:

Hello!  Here are the most recent pics. we have of our two naughty little boys, Lucas and Owen...!  These were all taken in October 2006.  Owen is 6 1/2 months old and is finally rolling over, crawling, and sitting up.  He also has two brand spankin' new teeth on the bottom of his mouth....now he officially chomps!  Lucas is now 4 years old and is a big helper with Owen. Lucas was a Black Knight for Halloween and Owen was a Bumble bee. 
Hope you all are doing well. —Leah and Tim

Lucas1 Lucas and Owen Owen 1 Lucas 2 Owen and Dad (Tim)
Owen 2Owen 3Owen 4

from Carol Yoho:

Debbie, Olivia, and JessicaRyan and KyleThere was an excellent turnout for family visitation prior to Joan Martin's funeral. We saw some younger family members that we don't often get to see...or watch grow. Here are Ryan and Kyle Weide, sons of Lee and Jennifer Weide and grandsons of Don and Joan Martin. Here, also, is a photo of Debbie Martin, wfe of Mike Martin, and her daughters, Olivia (almost 12) and Jessica (14). 2006.11.1

from Don Martin:

Joan Martin   Don's wife, Joan Hallauer Martin, passed away Saturday, Oct. 28, 2006. She had been living in a nursing care facility and suffered from Alzheimer's Disease.
An ambulance delivered Joan to St. Francis Hospital in Topeka, where she died. Doctors believe the death might be related to some blockage caused by an undetected blood clot. (Joen fell and broke her hip previously.)
    Joan's funeral was Wednesday, November 1, at Christ Lutheran Church., Topeka.
     Joan recently celebrated her 59th birthday. Her obituary wass published online in the Oct. 31, 2006, Topeka Capital-Journal.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Don, James, Jennifer, and all family at this sad time. 2006.11.1

from Carol Yoho:

I'm proud to announce the arrival of Max's and my newest great grandchildren, triplets, born to Max's oldest granddaughter, Laney and her husband, Shane Gliser on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2006. The boy is Samuel. His sisters are Julia and Sophia. Being a multiple birth, the babies came early and will remain in a Kansas City area hospital for a while yet. Laney is doing okay and was recently released from the hospital, but will spend much of her time there. Shane, who is a computer guru has his own Family Blog online. Grandparents are Max's old son, Alex Yoho, and his wife, Sherry. Josh Yoho is the proud new uncle. 2006.10.22

Julia, 3 lb 14 oz, 17.5 in Samuel, 3 lb 15 oz, 16 in Dad Shane, Mom Laney and little Sophia, 2 lb, 4 oz, 14.5 in Grandparents Alex and Sherry Yoho and Julia

from Darlene Morgans:

Harvey Morgans and his eleven grandchildren


The grandkids are growing and keeping me wonderfully busy.  Harvey is now wheelchair bound, but still able to feed himself with some help. I'm very happy with the care he's getting at the Good Samaritan Center. It's a very nice place. He still knows who I am, and recognizes the kids some of the time. They are very good to visit him. I'm attaching a picture of Harvey and all 11 grandkids taken on his 67th birthday. 2006.10.14

from Carol Yoho:

Uncle Jack with his giant turnipJack Martin celebrated his 86th birthday last week. He's shown here with a good-sized turnip he dug from his garden. He reports other turnips to be spindley, and that Uncle Bob had the same problem with his sweet potatoes...that they look more like roots than vegetables.  2006.10.15

Max honored by KansasThe Moon Butter RouteKansas Notable Book sealMax and I are home safely from a very busy weekend. Max looked dashing at the Black, White and Read All Over Ball, a fundraising event for the Kansas Center for the book, held Friday night September 29 at Exploration Place, Wichita. There he received a medal and certificate as author of The Moon Butter Route, named one of fifteen "2006 Kansas Notable Books."  2006.10.03

from Ed Martin:

Heather Martin, President of Lady Cats    I've attached a picture of Heather Martin, daughter of Ed and Brenda, in her catchers garb for the Lady Cats (K-State Lady Softball team).  She is President of the softball team this year and plays Catcher, Shortstop and First Base. Her Fall schedule came to an end with the tournament in Kansas City last weekend. The season will resume  in the Spring.
    Heather is currently a senior at K-State seeking two degrees --Business Finance and Marketing and plans to graduate in 2008.  2006.09.27

from David Ragland:

Just a note to let you know that Cleo Ragland, the father of David and father in-law of Katherine died Tuesday, September 26, 2006. The memorial service will be held on Friday, September 29, at Resthaven Funeral Home, 11849 W. Highway 54 (Kellogg Street), Wichita, Kansas.
—Our deepest sympathy is extended to David, Katherine and the Ragland family. 2006.09.27

from Carol Yoho:

Cleve (Jack) Martin and his sister-in-law, Leota Fay Becker Martin, were honored for 60 years of membership in the Meriden, Kansas, Blue Lodge of the Free Masons and the Order of Eastern Star. Both family members entered the lodges in 1946.

Jack, Leota, and familiesMasonic and Eastern Star honoreesLeota MartinCleve (Jack) Martin

The awards ceremony was held on Sunday, September 10, 2006, at the Meriden United Methodist Church. Family members present included Brenda and Ed Martin, Carol YohoBob Martin, Ruth Wood, and David and Phyllis Gish. Friends of the family also honored with 60 memberships included Floyd and Dorothy McCain and Dale and Alice Langley. 2006.09.21

from Sue & Ray Hallauer:

Troy Hallauer in camouflageTroy Hallauer, door gunner   Troy has been back on a ten day leave and Tuesday evening has to be back at Fort Hood and in about twelve days is heading to Iraq to a airbase 60 miles north of Bagdad. E-mail Carol for Troy's postal address.
    He is in Quartermasters and also a door gunner on a Blackhawk. Mom and Dad hope he spends most of his time on the ground (in the office). 2006.09.12

from Katherine Ragland:

We had a great trip to the Ukraine in July. Here are four pictures. We saw lots of sights and got to help with a United Methodist Women's conference and with the street children's ministry that the Ukraine District Supertindent was working with. —Love, Katherine 2006.09.09


THIS YEAR'S REUNION was Sunday, July 2nd at Forest Park in Topeka, the site of the last few reunions.
Over one hundred family members attended.

from Carol Yoho:

The Revival by Max YohoTales from Comanche County by Max Yoho Max's book THE REVIVAL, was released, unabridged, as a set of 6 audio CDs in June by Books In Motion of Spokane, WA. They released TALES FROM COMANCHE COUNTY on audio in September.
    This is exciting, and we were pleased with the work of Cameron Beierle, who read these work. So many people would rather listen to books than read these days! Books In Motion started as a rental service for cross-country truckers, but they deal with book stores and libraries too. The work ranges in price from about $20 for CDs and mp3 files to $30 & $40 for the cassette taped versions.  2006.10.15

from David Ragland:

Katherine and I have completed our move to Peabody. We arrived on June 20. Things going well. [Carol has the new address and contact information.] The other highlight of our summer will our mission trip to Kiev in the Ukraine. We leave with 5 other people on July 4 and return on July 15.  We will fly in and out of Kiev through London. This should be a fun and inspirational trip. 2006.6.28

from April Wood Boatwright:

Ross and I were married on Friday, June 16, 2006, 5:30 p.m. at the Reinich Rose Garden at Gage Park, Topeka. A reception was held after the ceremony at the home of my parents, Ruth and Roger Wood, near Meriden. 2006.6.28

Ross and April weddingWedding ceremonyKiss the bride Wedding group
Wedding party
Roger and Ruth, parents of the brideApril and Ross 1
April & Ross 2
April with Max

from Allison Martin:

Our oldest daughter Kahla graduated from KU this spring with a degree in elementary education. She is going back in the fall to pursue her masters. Aftan is still at KU and is half way thru her junior year and still hasn't picked a major. Taylor's major is sports management and he liked Washburn but got burned out on playing baseball and going to school, so he's still deciding--but I think he will just go to school next year possible to Washburn so he doesnt have to transfer into a new program at KU. But he plans to live in Lawrence and drive back and forth. We hope to come to the reunion next year. Were taking my dad to a cardinals baseball game in St.Louis for his 75th birthday. They have a new stadium and we bought him a brick with his name on it. He's the biggest cardinal fan, kinda like George Martin was, and we have a big weekend planned for him.  Hope you're all doing well. 2006.6.28

from Brenda Martin:

I have attached some pictures from Heather at National's. For those of you that aren't aware Heather plays on the Kansas State University Softball team. Ed and I followed her to National's held at Morgantown West Virginia in April. Heather's team ended up 6th- (the tournament ended early because of weather delays and the standings were decided by points). Once again her team made it exciting to watch as they got in the most games possible by going up the bottom bracket. Not as good as their 2nd place finish last year but the weather didn't cooperate. My favorite picture is of her taunting the pitcher between 3rd and home.

And Andrea is currently in Johnson City, TN attending ETSU's Prehealth Outreach at Quillen College of Medicine. She is preparing for her MCAT's. If any of you would like to send her words of encouragement her address is: [Carol can provide address to family members]. She claims all she does is study, study, study and take tests. She placed in the top four on her pre-test. Quite impressive considering she still has a year and a half of college left. She's striving for mid 30's for a final score to get offered scholarships to Vanderbilt Med school. 2006.6.28

K State softball team 2006 Heather
Play ball 1 Play ball 2 Play ball 3 Play ball 4

from Topeka Capital-Journal, May 28, 2006:

    Max and Carol Yoho, Topeka, will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on Friday, June 2.
    Mr. Yoho retired as a machinist from Topeka's Goodyear plant in 1992 and began a career as a writer. He has three novels and a collection of poems, essays and short stories in print.
   Mrs. Yoho teaches web graphic design at Washburn University and is a board member for several local professional and non-profit organizations.
   The Yoho family includes Alex and Sherry Yoho, Topeka; Stuart and Anna Yoho, Topeka; Nick Yoho, Lawrence; and Cleve Martin, Topeka. They have five grandchildren and two great-grandsons. 2006.6.02
Carol and Max Yoho

from Ray Hallauer:

Sue saw her doctor in late May and he said she is doing fine. She'll take one more treatment in early June. The doctor feels the cancer is in remission, and he's pretty sure it will stay that way. If she can get by for the next 30 to 90 days without anything showing up on tests, they've conquered the cancer. If she stays well a year or more before any symptoms recur, they can treat it again, if necessary. If symptoms show up sooner then that, the cancer will be very hard to treat. We are praying that Sue is cured. 2006.6.02

fom Rosemary Lester:

My second set of twin great grandbabies were born Nov 8th, 2005 to my granddaughter Michelle and Justin Torres.  The babies names are Eli and Ian. Big brother Preston who will be 4 in Oct. loves them to pieces.  Kathy is working now so couldn't get a current picture but will forward one at a later date.  I don't know where the twin genes are coming from but that was two sets of twin great grandbabies for me in 2005, and I also have a set of grandson twins. 2006.6.02

fom Carol Yoho:

Chris, Lewis, Harry, AnnaA first cousin of the Martin brothers and sisters has died. Anna J. Cornelison, only daughter of Grandpa Cleve's older sister, Willie, died Sunday, May 28, 2006 at the Jefferson Co. Geriatrics Center in Winchester. She was 99, and would have been 100 on August 1 of this year. Here is a photo of Anna as a young girl. She is labeled under her maiden name of 'Anna Crowley" and poses with Chris, Lewis and Harry. You can read her obituary online from the Topeka Capital-Journal:and you can sign her online guest book at a link from the newspaper page. 2006.5.29


   On Sunday, May 29 Jack, Bob and I hosted distant relatives from Missouri at the Meriden, Muddy Creek and Steward Cemeteries. Terry Wright and his sister Karen Findley, her husband, Rex Findley, and Terry's daughter Lindsey Wright all made the tour with us. These relatives are descendants of Cleve Sr.'s mother's brother. She was Ann Groshong Martin. Her older brother was Sylvester Warfield Groshong. These relatives are descended from Sylvester's son, John Jefferson Groshong -- their mother's mother's father (their great grandfather), a farmer from the McLouth area. On this trip to the Meriden Cemetery I saw the gravestone of Cleve Sr.'s grandfather, Jefferson Jeremiah Groshong, for the first time. Cleve's grandmother, Martha Malvina Bainbridge Groshong, is believed to be buried beside him, but she has no headstone. Jefferson's headstone was there but had been broken off at the base and was laying on the ground. Terry, Karen and I would all like to see the stone repaired and will look into it.
    Beside Jefferson's stone is the marker for his oldest son, Darius B. Groshong. Interestingly, Darius married Cleve Sr.'s aunt, Huldah Martin, who is sister of Cleve's father, Christopher C. Martin
   Terry brought some historic photos from his family to share, and I will post them on the web site soon. 
   Did you know that Cleve Sr.'s great-grandfather is buried at Muddy Creek Cemetery? His name was Darius Bainbridge and he was born in 1794 in Maryland and died in Jackson Co., KS, in 1860. He was a Baptist preacher and preached at the Muddy Creek Baptist Church that used to stand beside the cemetery. 
   If these names seem confusing, the Martin Family Tree might help you straighten it all out.
   See also: Country Cemetery Visit, May 29, 2006. 2006.05.29

J.J. Groshong stone, Meriden CemeteryA.W.Groshong married Huldah MartinDarius Bainbridge, our oldest relative buried in Kansas, muddy Creek CemeteryGroshong kin at Groshong farm, nw of Meriden

from Leah Bengfort:

Hey, we are doing good and slowly adapting to our new addition to our family.  Owen is growing so fast and is now 7 1/2 weeks old.  He is now smiling which helps soften the fact that we are still waking up every 3-4 hours during the night to eat!  Lucas has proved to be very helpful and is a wonderful big brother.  Tim and I are also doing good and so blessed to have such sweet boys, well at least when they sleep...! [Leah's folks are Katherine & David Ragland.]  2006.05.29 Baby Owen The Bengforts, Spring 2006 Owen and Lucas

GRADUATION 2006: Congratulations to all graduates!

from Rosemary Lester:

My grandson, Danny Allen, son of Dan Allen, celebrated his 18th birthday on May 20 and graduated from Shawnee Heights High School on May 21st. 2006.06.02

from Tel Wood:
Tel Wood, graduating senior Valley Falls dragon Telakye Jay Wood, son of Ruth and Roger Wood of rural Meriden area, graduates from Valley Falls High School on May 21st.
Tel's card

Telakye is son of Ruth and Roger Wood and grandson of Leota Fay Martin. 2006.05.16

from Randall Martin:

Chris MartinManhattan High School shieldChris's card

   Chris is graduating on May 21st.  He is receiving several honors and scholarships. After much deliberation, he has decided to go to the University of Kansas where he has been admitted to the Honors Program. He had some excellent opportunities to go out of state, but in the end decided that his goal of getting into graduate school to study high energy physics, would be best served at KU.
    This summer he will continue to work as a lifeguard and has also added a part time job at K-State in the Physics labs.  Chris is son of Randy and Susan Martin and grandson of Bob and Donna Martin.

Robbie Cooper at graduation program, 5-13-2006

from Donna Martin:

Our grandson Robbie Cooper graduated in May from Naropa University, Boulder, CO. His degree was in Religious Studies with a heavy emphasis in Yogic Studies. Robbie plans to take a year off of schooling, then continue in graduate school with his focus on Religious Studies.

Chris is son of Debbie and Mike Cooper and grandson of Bob and Donna Martin. 2006.05.16

from Brian Hallauer:

Troy with folks, Sue and RayTroy Hallauer, National GuardSome of you may not know, my brother Troy joined the National Guard here in Topeka last October. He is a member of the 1st Battalion, 108th Aviation Assault at Forbes. He left last Nov. for Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, SC and graduated in Feb.  He then went to Ft. Lee, VA for Advanced Individual Training and graduated there in early April. He received marksman ship honors at Basic Combat Training and was an Honors Grad at AIT where he received a Qualified Weapons Expert award for his marksmanship.  He left April 7 for Ft. Hood, TX for 5-6 months training with his unit. They will then go to Iraq for 12 months. He (his unit) will be gone a total of 549 days. He is studying to be a supply specialist (Quarter-Master?) for his unit and is told he has a job and desk waiting for him when he returns. Here are some pictures of him at his graduation from BCT.

Update:  We received word today that he has been assigned a position as a door gunner in a Blackhawk. His superiors liked his ability as a marksman and assigned him, and some others, as door gunners. He is currently being moved to Ft. Sill, OK for further training.

"To those who serve our country, the taste of Freedom is a flavor others will never know." - unknown  2006.05.06

Owen Tyler Bengfort

from Leah & Tim Bengfort :

   Hello! Well our new baby boy has finally made his arrival to our family. Owen Tyler Bengfort was born on April 6, 2006 at 8:55 a.m. at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.  Owen weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz and is 20 1/2 inches tall and has a head full of dark brown hair.  Mom and baby are doing well and are slowly recovering from a c-section.  Lucas absolutely loves giving kisses to his new baby brother and is an awesome big brother!  We are so thankful for a healthy baby boy and can't quit kissing him.
    Thank you all for your love and support during this pregnancy and delivery.  We couldn't be happier...we will send more pictures once we are functioning better and not so sleep deprived!  Talk to you soon. Sincerely, Tim and Leah   4/12/2006

from Connie Lay:

Just a note to tell all that I'm getting along fine. Didn't have to have any chemo this time or radiation.  Doctors let me go for 2 months between appointments so we feel very grateful for that. 4/12/2006

from Richard Martin:

Kate and her dad, Richard Stacey and her dad, Richard Stacey & Kate Thought you might enjoy the pictues prior to the Father/Daughter Dance at the KC Club. A fellow could not ask for more lovely escorts, wouldn't you agree??? 1/23/2006
Kate and her dad, Richard
Stacey and her dad, Richard
Kate and Stacey

from Ann Robert:

Chris (15), Kellie (14) and Brian (19) Roberts
   I am surprisingly well. I am feeling good and able to walk most days to keep in shape. With my medicines under control, I truly do feel great.
   The worst thing that has happened to us is that the cats knocked over the Christmas tree!!!  But I am able to even laugh about that....the whole thing is fairly ridiculous. Although I do have two cats I would be willing to part with...he,he
   Take care and give my love to all. 1/1/2006

from the
David Sooter Family :
Laura, David, Vivian, Alisa, and Julie Sooter

Holiday Blessings and Good Cheer!
The Sooters






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