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Christmas card photo of David, Vivian, Laura, Julie and Alisa Sooter, 2009. 12/20/2009

David Sooter family 2009

from Ed Martin:

Thought I'd send you a photo of Heather's first deer.  She made a very nice shot! Hunt was over 15 minutes after we started!  12/8/2009

Heather's first deer, December 2009

from Carol Yoho:

Kevin Singer, in Topeka magazine, Winter 2009Max in Topeka magazine, Winter 2009Max is featured in the Winter 2009 issue of Topeka magazine (free copies currently available on display at the Topeka and Shawnee Co. Public Library and available on-line). The article, p. 60, is "Once upon a time: Reading and telling stories can be a powerful connection for grandparents and their grandchildren." Max is quoted, as are local professional story-tellers Rosie Cutrer and Kyle Carpenter. This issue also features an article about our relative, Kevin Singer, superintendent of USD #501 school system (p. 16). Kevin's great great grandfather was George W. Martin, early Kansas white settler, also great great grandfather to first cousins' group Ron Martin through Russell Martin. G.W. Martin died in 1875 and is buried in Steward Cemetery, Jackson Co. KS.   12/8/2009

from Carol Yoho:

     Those of you who have visited Grandma Mabel Martin in her later years (95 to 103) at her house on N. Central, Topeka, will remember Letha Krumrey. Letha Krumrey, 1917-1909Letha's died on Oct. 20, 2009, at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka.
      Letha always felt close to the Martin family and continued to attend Martin reunions on a regular basis, including the 2009 reunion. She was 92. Her husband and brother preceded her in death. A sister-in-law and niece looked after her needs at the end.
    Here are photos of Letha celebrating her 90th birthday on Aug. 20, 2007.
    A thank-you plaque from the Martins, for her service to our family in taking care of Grandma Mabel Stone Martin (who died in 1988 at the age of 103), was enclosed in Letha's coffin and buried with her.
    Letha's funeral went very well. It was held in Valley Falls and she was buried in the Valley Falls Cemetery. Weather was lovely. Letha looked very peaceful. Kind words were said by a niece. Both Dad and Uncle Bob were honorary pallbearers. We three Martins attended.
      Interestingly, the recipient of donor gifts is Bloomfield Church. It's a small church with a steeple that used to stand north of Aunt Leota's house on Meriden Rd. and served once as a community center. It has since been moved to the roadside Threshing Bee Ground at Meriden. There they have old tractors, threshers, a General Store, and this picturesque church--currently being restored, including gifts in honor of Letha. Letha's piano will be featured in the restored church once they get a new floor installed. It looked pristine from the outside as we drove by it today.
     Here is a brief obituary for Letha from the Atchison Globe. 10/27/2009

A reminder about SOME October birthdays:  October birthdays 10/11/2009

from Ann Roberts

Here are a few recent photos of Jonathan (Kellie and Jake's 7 mo. old son). He can now pull himself up to stand and can stay there as long as he has a hand on something!

Jonathan and stuffed puppy Jonathan and Great Grandmother Roberta Jonathan standing

And good news for our oldest son, Brian. He is majoring in Sports Manangement at WSU and just found out that he has been accepted to do his Internship in Kansas City with the Kansas City Wizards, a Major League Soccer Team (MLS). He will leave in Jan. to begin the Internship.

Our last family photo was taken when Chris was home from Florida for Labor Day weekend. Front row: is Kellie, Jake w/ Jonathan, Chris. Back row is Tom, Ann, and Brian.

Kellie, Tom, Jake, Jonathan, Ann, Chris, and Brian

It was great to see some of the Topeka family this past week! 10/11/2009

Carol Yoho

Last week we finally traveled to see Aunt Roberta's new home at Vintage Place of Derby. Took some photos there. Uncle Bob drove, and the weather was terrible (wet), but we arrived there and home safely. Had wonderful visits with all. Ann joined us for lunch out at Village Inn, where we celebrated a TABLE-FULL of October birthdays.

Linda, Carol, Jack, Donna, Bob Roberta with audio reader
Roberta's room 1 Roberta's room 2 Roberta's room 3 Family photos

I felt lucky, because Aunt Donna brought two photos. One was grandson Robbie, wife Rhonda, and daugher Maya Rose, who will be two in December.

Maya RoseRobbie, Rhonda, Maya Rose

Linda brought photos of her new granddaughter, Klara Marie Wilson, daughter of Kevin and Lida and sister of Kalvin. Lida's mom was here from Prague at the time of the birth, and even Lori was home from Wisconsin and got to hold the baby.

Lida and Kevin with Klara and Kalvin Klara Marie Wilson
The grandmothers Klara and Lori Klara and Grandma Linda

In addition, Linda had photos along showing how fast her grandsons are growing. Kalvin is son of Kevin and Lida. Carson is son of Jason and Angie. One photo shows older cousin Hannah with the boys. 10/11/2009

Jason with Kalvin and Carson Kalvin, Hannah, and Carson Linda tickles Kalvin
Kalvin loves locks Kalvin and cookie Carson and his mom, Angie Carson Carson on scooter

f rom John Sooter

Hope this note finds you well!  I have never been much of a "picture" guy, but this time we couldn't help it - my fourth son, Peter, and his wife, Consuelo (Conti) just had their second child on Wednesday - a nice, big boy, Alexander Thomas Sooter. So I wanted to share the good news with all. Image 1 is Peter/Conti/Alex, #2 is me and Alex, #3 is Alex with his big sister, Hallie, and #4 is "the man" himself. The other hundred and some pics, you will have to come down and visit us here in Brazil to see. Ha!  10/10/2009

Peter, Conti and Alex Grandpa John and Alex Big sister Hallie and Alex Alexander Thomas Sooter
Peter, Conti & Alex
John & Alex
Big sister Hallie & Alex
Alexander Thomas Sooter

Max with granddaughter Sarah and her friends

from Carol Yoho

Our youngest granddaughter, Sarah Yoho, performed on Friday & Saturday nights, October 9 & 10, 2009, in one of two one-act plays produced at West Jr. High School, Lawrence, where Sarah is in 8th grade. Her play was This Is a Test, by Stephen Gregg. This was her first acting experience and, we hope, an enjoyable one. Good show, Sarah!  10/10/2009

from Phyllis Gish

I wanted to let the family know that we need good thoughts and prayers for Marty's friend Sara Engelhardt. She just started chemotherapy a couple of weeks ago for Hodgkins Lymphoma. She is a fighter and we believe she can beat this, but it just isn't going to be easy. She was at our 4th of July gathering in 2008 and is a standing on the front row, third from the left. Get her mailing address from Carol or myself . 10/7/2009

Leota's family, Reunion 2008

from Carol YohoCleve Martin, D-Day and beyond storyJeremy and son, Gideon Yoho

      Our grandson, Jeremy Yoho, was home on leave in September after going through basic and specialized training upon joining the U.S. National Guard. He is being activated and will be serving a tour of duty in Egypt. Before leaving he had his photo taken with his son, Gideon. Jeremy will be in our thoughts and prayers.
      Also, I'm very proud that Dad's WWII Navy story has been posted on an extensive and very attractive veterans site: D-Day, Normany and beyond... If you check the site soon, you'll see Dad's link posted near the top right of the space: Cleve T. (Jack) Martin. Hi's story is #233, and all stories look fascinating. I'm very proud of Dad, and wanted to share this news with family. 9/30/2009

from Sue Hallauer

Here are some pics our son Brian took of his daughter, Gracie, on her first day in first grade.  She loves it!  Even though it poured, he managed to get some pics of the day.  Enjoy. [Select a photo to see the larger version.] 8/25/2009Gracie starts kindegarten

from CarolYoho

Katherine and Carol, August 2009Katherine & David Ragland met me at a Golden Corral in the Wichita area while I was in Wichita for a meeting on Saturday, August 1. It seemed right that Katherine and I should celebrate our 60th birthdays. Mine was in mid-July and her's will be in early Sept. David surprised me by treating us BOTH to lunch. We had a nice visit. I'm just home from a vacation with my long-time friend, Patti Meade, to Yellowstone. Katherine has been working for a local doctor who specialized in geratric patients. Katherine and Dave both said they enjoy living in Peabody, KS. 8/4/2009

from CarolYoho

John Sooter was home in Kansas visiting in late June and early July for the first time since 1999. He brought photos of his family in Brazil (12 kids, 4 ofwhich are still at home). He visited his immediate family in Derby, KS, and spent three days in Topeka visiting relatives. Unfortunately, he could not stay for the 2009 Martin Family Reunion. However, he did see Aunt Roberta, Ann/Tom/Brian/Kellie/Jonathan, Mark/Karen/Jennifer, David/Vivian/Laura/Julie/Alisa, Uncle Jack, Aunt Leota, Uncle Bob, Ruth/Roger/Ellie, Linda/Ken, Ed/Brenda, Carol/Max, Dick, Phyllis, Bob H., and Randy. John & Uncle Jack also made a trip to Wamego where they saw Ed's bank and home, and to Manhattan where they toured Randy's print shop and had a pub lunch. 7/4/2009

John's family in BrazilBrazil family with JohnSleeping Giant, Rio
Above is Kevin (yellow shirt), Denise's sister (who has moved to Washington state), Denise, and Jonny (wearing green). Second photo is Ana Clara (holding Denise's nephew), Daniel (wearing black), John's wife Denise, John, and Kevin At right, above, is the Sleeping Giant at Rio de Janerio.
Sooter siblings with Aunt Roberta many Sooters visit in Derby, KS Tom with grandson, Jonathan, and daughter Kellie
at Martin Creek, visiting John on Tuesday evening visiting at Linda's Linda and John
Bob shows John verteran's memorial reading memory bricks observing the eternal flame sculpture
hot air balloon on evening walk at Carol'sballoon 2

from Brian Hallauer, forwarded from proud grandparents, Ray & Sue Hallauer

She Graduated!!  From PreSchool of course.  Gracelyn's graduating class, sitting in the front row, got their hats and diplomas, and can now go on to kindergarten as the Class of 2022!!  Won't be long now. 5/27/2009

Gracelyn Hallauer is capped Gracelyn and diplomaGracelyn and BenettGracelyn's graduating preschool class, 2009

from Linda Wilson

We just got home this morning from seeing the wall. I hadn't heard anything about it this year. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It was really great seeing your Dad's picture, also! I love your Dad so much...he's such a wonderful, caring man!!! I wanted to let you know that Ken's dad's picture was up there, too...on the other wall. His name is H. Scott Wilson. We gave them the pictures last year. I thought about it this year and wondered if they would re-use the pictures, but just hadn't heard anything. 5/25/2009

from Carol Yoho

Dad and I visited the Penwell-Gabel Cemetery in Topeka on Memorial Sunday, 2009. They are at 6th & Gage Streets (NE corner). They had mentioned in the media that they were honoring veterans with a display wall of tribute photographs on Memorial weekend. We found a tent at the north entrance to the cemetery with this display. I'd sent Dad's sailor photo to them last year, but did not see the display nor know if they would include the photo this year. It did not take long for us to find Dad's photo on display, and Ben Hope's Army photo was there also! I include photo thumbnails here. Select to see the larger version.
Jeremy and his son, Gideon     Some families had a whole row of photos on display. Wouldn't it be fun to have a row for our family that includes Jack Martin, Joyce Sooter, Ben Hope, Bill Martin, George Martin, Bob Martin, Don Martin, Bob Hope, Troy Hallauer and ???. I don't have photos of others, but could work something up to submit if I were to receive print photos or digitial photos (hint, hint).
     Also, my step-grandson, Jeremy Yoho, is in basic training at Ft. Benning, GA, until July 15, then will get specialized training in Lawton, OK, in Field Artillary for four weeks. He is to be associated with the National Guard unit in Holton, and we are proud he has decided to serve his country! 5/24/2009

Jack and his Navy photo, WWII vet Army photo of Ben Hope, WWII vet Penwell-Gabel tent, Memorial weekend
Jack beside the tribute display of local veterans.Families sent photos.

Josh and his neice, Sophie     In other family news, our grandson Josh Yoho completed his teaching certification and student teaching through Washburn University this spring. He had graduated from Washburn in May, 2004, with a Bacholar of Arts degree in Music Performance. He was recently hired to teach music during the 2009-2010 school year at State Street Elementary School in Oakland, Topeka. Congratulations, Josh! 5/24/2009


from Ann Roberts

Jake and Kellie had their first child on Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009.  They had a boy, named Jonathan Thomas Chrisman.  He is health which the most any new parent can be thankful for.   I am sending a few photos, including a close-up of Jonathan, the family, Mom with great grandson, and four generations. 3/2/2009

JonathanKellie, Jake and JonathanRoberta with her great grandsonFour generations are Kellie, Roberta, Ann and Jonathan

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Lida, Kevin and baby Kalvin Lida and Kevin Linda and grandson Kalvin Ken and grandson Kalvin meeting new school people waiting her turn boarding school bus ready for kindegarten adding backpack

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