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Alisa's note to Uncle Jackfrom Alisa Sooter, to Uncle Jack. Select the photo, right, to read Alisa's message. [She interviewed him for a class assignment about his service in the U.S. Nvay during WWII.] 12/19/2010

from Ruth Wood:

Things still going good.  Still on same routine - but Mom is getting a little more freedom moving around the house.  Actually her infection is currently under control.  When she left the hospital all the tests came back negative so that there was none, and she was out of isolation for about one day, but that was good and a relief for things here at home. 12/23/2010
I retired Dec 3rd, so it has been helpful getting to all the appointments and adjusting to a new schedule.    The Dr. appointments have worked out pretty good, April can usually stay with Ty and Ellie, while Mom and I go to the appointments, or Roger can fill in there.  Home health has been coming in to help with her rehab and head wound changes as well - thankfully.  She does pretty good getting around, she still needs to let us know when she gets up - just to be sure she does not fall - but she is getting better each day.  Not exactly on top of the "Christmas" season of things to get done - but I guess it will not really matter, if all is not as usual this year :) 12/19/2010
Right now we are still in the getting settled mode :)  but things are going pretty good.  Once we get somewhat of a routine set and know when appointments are, I would think we will be able to make some plans.  12/13/2010

from John Sooter (via Jack Martin):

I wanted to at least take opportunity to wish you a really wonderful Christmas this year and all the best for 2011. It seems like yesterday that I was visiting with you there in Topeka - but it's already been a year and a half and mom has gone - time really flies.   Sure hope you're feeling well - send lots of love to Carol and Max and any of the family there that you might see soon. 12/13/2010

from Linda Wilson:Linda and Ken Wilson

Dear Martin Family-- Ken and I will celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  Our children are planning a reception for us. No gifts, please. It will be on Sunday, Oct. 24th from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at Highland Park United Methodist Church, 2914 S. E. Michigan, Topeka.   Would love to have you be part of our celebration! 10/16/2010

from Carol Yoho:

Our thanks to all family and friends who attended Dad's 90th birthday celebration (a couple of days early) at Martin Creek Place on Sunday, October 10, 2010. Many more were kind to take the time to send cards or e-mail good wishes. We had a wonderful time and Dad is still celebrating his Big Day. TODAY is the official birthday. 10/12/2010

from Katherine Ragland:

In September we took a trip to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The highlight of this trip was the Great Passion Play in Oberommergau, Germany. This production is done only once each decade, and Oberommergau is known for its woodcravers, so the town was a delight to tour, as well as seeing the play. We enjoyed our time in Switzerland and Austria as well. I include several of our favorite photos from this trip. 1/22/2011
Ragland in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

from Richard Martin:

Stacie left for South Africa on August 11. She is an attorney and Foreign Service Officer with the  U.S. Agency for International Development (Agency that the U.S. channels non- military foreign aid through). Diplomatic passport and all of that. She will be stationed in South Africa (Pretoria) for 4 years…then somewhere else…most likely a developing/third world country. She is excited about her position and responsibilities…but Kate and I miss her already.
      And yes, Kate started classes today at the Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse University. She is very excited about going off to college…just hope she remembers to study!! 8/30/2010

from Carol Yoho:

Who says that almost 90 is too old/wise to need a new car? Dad just bought a new '10 Chevy Aveo. 8/4/2010

See also Topeka Capital-Journal story, "KS sailor relives carrier sinking," about Dad, by Stever Fry, published in the 7/4/2010 Independence Day newspaper, p. 1.

to Ann & Tom Roberts:

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary, Ann & Tom! Congratulations to you and your family: Brian, Chris, Kellie/Jake/Jonathan. Tom and Ann Roberts and family 8/2/2010

from Carol Yoho:Gideon Yoho with his dad, Jeremy, newly home from active service

Our family welcomed home Anna and Stuart's son, Jeremy Yoho, from his active duty with the 2nd Battalion, 130th Field Artillery Division of the Kansas National Guard. His battalion was stationed on the Sinau Peninsula in Egypt since Fall, 2009. A nice-sized family group, including Jeremy's son, Gideon, greeted him after the ceremony at Topeka's ExpoCentre on Saturday morning, July 17, 2010. Jeremy will continue to report for weekend duty with the National Guard. See photos of this event. 7/27/2010

Also, Stuart Yoho is making music with his new local band, The HighFalutin' String Band. HighFalutin' String Band, Old Prairie Town, TopekaStuart introduces the music, sings and plays banjo. Other band members are Tom O'Brien (bass) and Chris Frost (fiddle). They do bluegrass and gypsy tunes. The band performed recently in downtown Topeka for a "Top City" Thursday evening out, and also at a private summer wedding. They were the featured act at a Summer Sunset concert at Old Prairie Town, Ward-Meade Park, Topeka, on Saturday evening, July 10, 2010. The band has their own Facebook page, with performance videos. If you live in the area, you might want to see them perform live. 7/27/2010

from Linda Wilson:

Linda Wilson reports that her daughter, Lori, became engaged to her long-time friend Eric Engel on Sun., May 9, 2010, while Lori and Eric were vacationing in New York City. Both now live in Madison, Wisconsin. No date has been set for the wedding as yet, but the Wilson family is excited about wedding plans. Also, Linda reports that she and Ken enjoyed vacationing with their entire family recently at Osage Beach, Lake of the Ozarks. The entire family vacationed together in a pre-40th wedding anniversary celebration for Linda and Ken. 7/13/2010

See 2010 Martin Reunion Wrap-up 7/5/2010

from Don Martin:

Don has a photo exhibit set up at the Burlingame Museum, Burlingame, KS. Hours are Sun./Wed./Fri., 1-4 PM, and Sat., 10 AM to 4 PM. His work should stay on display through mid-June. He has included two photos of the exhibit on his Facebook site Photos page. 5/27/2010

from Carol Yoho:

Several family members had an adventure in late March. They attended a birthday party, held in Overland Park, KS, on Saturday, March 27, 2010, for a distant but distinctive relative -- Shirley Groshong Jones was celebrating her 95th birthday. She is aunt of Terry Wright, his mother's sister. Terry and family members visited Meriden, Muddy Creek and Steward graveyards with us in May, 2006.
     Shirley and Terry are descended from Sylvester Warfield Groshong, older brother of Cleve Sr.'s mother, Ann Groshong Martin. Our common ancestors are Ann and Sylvester's father and mother, J.J. Groshong and Martha Malvina Bainbridge Groshong, buried in the Meriden Cemetery.
    Family who attended the Saturday afternoon open house birthday party were Jack Martin, Leota Martin, Ed & Brenda Martin, and Phyllis and David Gish. Phyllis took some photos at the event, linked to a birthday page I created. Thanks, Phyllis! 5/7/2010

Visit Jones Birrthday Pary   Shirley Groshong Jones, 95th birthday, March, 2010   Read more about the Groshongs in Missouri

Class of 2010:

Chris Goodmanfrom Darlene Morgans:

Just wanted to let you know about my first grandchild's graduation.  Julie & Todd's son, Chris Goodman, will graduate from Maranatha Academy High School.  He plans to attend Johnson Co. Community College next year.  Seems like he was just born a couple years ago.  (Where did the time go!) 5/31/2010

from Peggy Long:

Jeff West grads, Jesse Martin, Capp Wood

Just wanted to let you know -- it's official. Jesse just stopped by to tell me she will be the 2010 Valedictorian at Jeff West! Jesse is Mike and Debbie Martin's oldest daughter.  She has been accepted and enrolled at K-State and plans to major in chemical engineering. Grats to Jesse for all her hard work! 4/27/2010

Jesse has been really busy with graduation coming next week.  She was awarded the Governor's Scholar Award last Sunday at Washburn and she will be getting pics of that also.  5/7/2010

[P.S. Carol remembers that Peggy was Valedictorian of her class at Meriden H.S. ...back when. ;-) ]

Capp Wood, Jeff West Senior 2009-210 Capp in a necktie

from Ruth Wood:

Ruth and Roger's son Capp Wood will graduate from Jefferson West High School on May 16, 2010.

  • UPDATE from Ruth:
    Capp is planning on going to Pratt Community College this fall.  He is enrolled in the Electrical Power Technology, Lineman program. 5/7/2010

    Julie Sooter
  • reminder: David and Vivian's daughter Julie Sooter will graduate from Bishop Carroll High School in Wichita in May. Her plan is to pursue a degree in Sports Therapy at Ft. Hays State University in Hays, KS. 5/7/2010



from Carol Yoho:

Linda Wilson joined Max and me for a special treat at Washburn University on Wed. afternoon, April 21, 2010, when we heard Kansas poet Steven Hind recite at the dedication of the Tom Averill Kansas Literature Collection at Mabee Library. Steven had been English instructor to both Linda and Ken Wilson when they attended Topeka High School, and the three have been friends ever since then. Max and I had not met Steven Hind, but I was familiar with his poems, introduced to his work when I helped Tom Averill and Washburn honor students produce a Map of Kansas Literature, published on the Center for Kansas Studies web site. 4/22/2010

Linda Wilson and Steven Hind crowd shot, Steven Hind's Washburn appearance

from Carol Yoho:

Seeing cousins at a family funeral is a sad occasion, but is also an opportunity for catching up on family news. Here are tidbits picked up last week when I had the chance to see and talk to family:

Kelly Martin has been retired from AT&T since 2003! Allison took a buy-out from AT&T and is "retired" also, although they both manage rental property. Kelly has been recuperating from shoulder surgery.

  • Kelly & Allison's son, Taylor, is managing Avamar Golf Course in Lawrence, KS. A baseball player, he's had to develop a fondness for golf. Kelly says Taylor DOES play, but is still working on his swing.
  • Taylor's twin sister, Aftan, is managing a Lawrence apartment complex.
  • Sister Kahla is checking out teaching jobs in the Kansas City area.

Mike Martin is eligible to retire from his letter-carrier position with the U.S. postal service, but with two teenage daughters (Jessica and Olivia), he's not sure he's ready to retire. Olivia is now sixteen and her Aunt Peggy Long is helping her learn driving skills.

Ruth Wood will be eligible to retire from her job with the U.S. Postal Service as soon as next December.

  • April & Ross Boatwright have a son, Ty, born in December 2009.
    Ty Boatman Ty Boatman 2 Ty Boatwright —5/7/2010
  • Changes in mail delivery routines may make it difficult for Tel Wood to keep his job as temporary City Letter Carrier in Topeka .

Phyllis Gish's husband, David, will be eligible to retire from his job as foreman for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe R.R. this time next year.

  • Marty is working in Topeka. His significant other, Sarah, has been responding well to some serious cancer treatments, and appreciates the good wishes of our family members.
  • Dustin is working as a security guard at various venues in Las Vegas, NV. He moved to Las Vegas with a friend.
  • Derek is serving as Assistant Coach at Independence Community College Independence, KS. He had been managing both women's and men's soccer teams and is waiting to see if tight budgets will change any of his duties.

Linda Wilson says her husband, Ken, is eligible to retire from his work at Frito-Lay, but has no immediate plans to do so.

Christopher Martin, son of Randall and Susan Martin, will graduate on May 16 from the University of Kansas with a double major in accounting and physics. He has accepted an invitation from John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, to work on his doctoral program. Dad Randall says Baltimore is only a couple of hours from Chris's Uncle Roger's home in Charlottesville, VA. Randall, for one, likes the idea of his son having close family. Christopher was one a very few college students to spend time at the Large Hadron Collider, the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland. The Collider is a project of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN.

David and Vivian's daughter Julie will graduate from Bishop Carroll High School in Wichita in May. Her plan is to pursue a degree in Sports Therapy at Ft. Hays State University in Hays, KS.

Mark & Karen Sooter's son, Justin, is working full time at ETCO Specialty Products, Inc., a manufacturer of plastics, in Garard, KS.

Ann & Tom Roberts say their son Brian is enjoying his internship with the Wizards Hockey Team, Kansas City, MO. His job includes team promotion. 4/18/2010

from Carol Yoho:

M. Roberta Martin SooterThe family was greatly saddened to learn that Roberta Sooter, age 92, passed away in Derby, KS, on Tues., April 6, 2010. Her death was sudden. She celebrated Easter with Ann and her family on the weekend before and walked 1.5 miles at an indoor track and had done water aerobic exercise the day before her death. Is is suspected that she suffered an anyurism. Her obituary appeared in The Wichita Eagle on April 7. The funeral was Friday, April 9, and a large number of family members from the Martin and Sooter sides attended, including John Sooter from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Robert Sooter from New York, New York; Mark Sooter from Dallas, Texas; Chris Roberts from Orlando, Florida.

Our sympathies go to John/Denise/Robert/Mark/Michael/John/Nina/David/Stephen/James/
      Ana Clara/Jonny/Daniel/ Kevin
David/ Vivian/Laura/Julie/Alisa,

Funerals are a hard time for family, but it was a comfort to see so many of the aunts, uncles and cousins present. Bob, Donna, Leota, and Jack attended from Roberta's generation. Seventeen of the Martin cousins gathered with in-laws, children and grandchildren. Linda Hope Wilson contributed a recording of her soprano voice singing "Whispering Hopel"—a lovely addition to the service. 4/11/2010

Sooter cousinsRussell, Kelly, Ed, Mike and Don Martingraveside service
family luncheon at the First Presbyterian Church, Derby many family members attended brothers Mike and Don, sisters Sue and Peggy

from Carol Yoho:

Julie Sooter, basketball starSooters and Uncle JackDavid, Vivian, Julie and Roberta Sooter were in Topeka March 11-13 while Julie played for Bishop Carroll High School in the Girls State 5A Basketball Tournament. Aunt Roberta stayed with Dad (Uncle Jack), and had visits from Linda & Ken Wilson, Uncle Bob & Aunt Donna Martin, and Max and myself. She also talked by telephone with Sue Hallauer, Peggy Long, Rosemary Lester, Darlene Morgans and Phyllis Gish.
    Julie and her team played three games and placed third in the tournament. She was high-scorer for Bishop Carroll inboth Friday's and Saturday's games.
    Julie will graduate from high school this spring and plans to attend Ft. Hays State University next fall, majoring in pre-pharmacy. 3/13/2010

about 1974Carol and MelissaFor decades I've been a fan of film comedian Buster Keaton, born in Piqua, KS. It was a treat when Buster's granddaughter, Melissa Talmadge Cox, came to Topeka as special guest at the Kansas Silent Film Festival we have annually at Washburn University. I'm on the Board of the group that sponsors the festival and always help out at the event. You can see the 2010 wrap-up on-line. I attach a photo taken of Melissa and me. I not positive, but I THINK we are pretty close to the same age. 3/13/2010

from Ruth Wood:

Cap Wood, Jefferson West wrestlerJust got home from Salina.  Capp did not place at the state meet. He got to wrestle both days, though, but just being state qualified was quite an accomplishment for him.  Great experience. 

Tel is a temporary City Letter Carrier in Topeka.  He enjoys his job and of coarse, if the hiring freeze is ever lifted he would like an opportunity to apply.  He works out of the Gage Center Station most of the time, but is on various ones and helps with others when they have too much mail to take the whole route themselves.   2/28/2010

Kate Martin

from Richard Martin:

As to news of Martin family graduations this spring… Kate ( my youngest daughter) will graduate in May from The Alabama School of Fine Arts (high school). She wants to go into Television Production ( of all things) and this fall will attend  the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. I told her she better enjoy snow…all 9 1/2 feet per year!! Dad plans on visiting in early fall and late spring.   2/24/2010

from Ed Martin:

My little sister (Ruth) called me and told me their son Capp Wood qualified to wrestle in the State meet.  Cap wrestles for Jefferson West (Meriden) in the 152# Weight class and will head for Salina for matches Friday and Saturday (Feb. 26 & 27) for the State competition. Congratulations , Cap!   2/23/2010

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