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from Richard Martin

Stacie gets into KC this Friday from South Africa. Kate gets here Saturday (drove from Syracuse to Alabama to visit her Mom for a few days, then drive to KC). They both stay a week, then Stacie flies back to South Africa and Kate and roommate from college will be driving to L. A. (Burbank), where she will be studying at a Syracuse satellite branch and interning with a TV production company this spring semester.

Stacie recently completed a two week work assignment in Afghanistan, so I suspect she will have interesting stories to tell.

Don't know if I mentioned that I retired as CEO of PBI-Gordon effective November 1. So now I am officially...retired, unemployed or self employed...depending on the day you catch me.

Helen and I will spend three weeks in Australia this winter. We are obviously looking forward to that trip. 12/18/2012

Josh Yoho, MFA degree, Dec. 8, 2012

from Carol Yoho

We are proud to announce that our grandson, Josh Yoho, graduated from Kansas State University on Saturday, December 8, 2012, with a Master of Fine Arts degree. He graduated with honors, magna cum laude. Josh has been teaching vocal music at the grade school level for several years at State Street Elementary School in East Topeka. Josh's ceremony was attended by his father and mother, Alex and Sherry Yoho; his sister, Laney; her husband, Shane Gliser, and his triplet neices and nephew, Sophia/Julia/Sam. That evening Max and I joined them for supper at a Topeka restaurant and celebrated. We are very proud of Josh! 2/27/2013

from Carol Yoho

Max videotaped for QUEST, NPR program

Max was videotaped on Thursday, December 13, 2012, asking some questions about an American fiction writer – all for a KTWU NPR-TV program videotaped at the Washburn U. station every winter. It’s called “Quest,” and is an academic trivia contest among high school teams from across the state. Max’s questions were pre-taped and will be showen on-video to the competing teams on four unknown-at-this-time Sunday mornings in Jan./Feb./Mar. It was fun being in the studio to watch Max reading a teleprompter, sitting in front of a green screen that they will fill with some Kansas scenery. 12/18/2012

Isaiah from Carol Yoho

Found this photo of Isaiah Martin Wilson, born Sept. 20, 2011, on Jason Wilson's Facebook site. Isaiah seems to have enjoyed his first birthday party in September. Thanks, Jason and Angela, for allowing me to share this photo with family. 11/12/2012

from Bob Hope

I'm currently in Rockville, Maryland, taking care of my business partner who recently had neck and knee surgery. He's about 6'3" and weighs about 338 lbs. His wife is confined to a wheel chair and unable to take care of him. He can't lift anything over 5 lbs., so I do their laundry, help clean house, go grocery shopping for them, help with the house and yard work. I am also working with a guy I met from church, who is a real estate investor, and we are in the process of buying five houses in the D.C. area sometime this week. I do all the accounting for him, figure all his labor costs, raw material costs and equipment costs for each location. Will probably be here until the end of the year, and then, Lord willing, will be heading back to Dallas.
Bob Hope     I have been to the Viet Nam Veteran's Memorial wall in D.C., and much to my surprise, I was very touched, when I saw the names of high school classmates of mine on the wall. It brought tears to my eyes as my hand touched the names of Michael Allendorf, Huey Ishman, and Marty Grace. Mike was like a brother to me, and I had no idea the emotional effect this would have on me after all these years, Over 59,000 names on that wall, mostly young men who gave their life for their country and for the freedoms that we have today. It was a very solemn, yet wonderful experience.
     I've gotten involved with the Manor Woods Church of Christ, and have attended several lodge events at the Montgomery Lodge #195, and this past week end went to a Scottish Rite Masonic Family picnic at Glen Echo Park in D.C. I always think of Uncle Jack whenever I do anything with the Masons, as he was the one who schooled me 43 years ago, when I first joined the Masons at Meriden Lodge #236 in Meriden, Kansas. I'm looking forward to reaching the fifty year mark, and hope that Uncle Jack will be able to pin that award on me when I receive it.
    I also attended a Washington Nationals baseball game on September 2nd, when they played the St. Louis Cardinals. I had great seats right by the first base line and the Nationals won that game 4-3.
    I still plan to spend the better part of a day to see the Lincoln Memorial, The Jefferson Monument, and the Washington Monument in D.C. and I also, on a separate week end, want to take the tour of the Capital Building and take in all the history of this great nation of ours.
    But, the highlight of my time on the east coast will be when the Dallas Cowboys play the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore. I plan to attend that game on October 4th and that same day, go see where Michael Phelps trained, and if I am really lucky, get an opportunity to meet him and actually touch one of this 22 Olympic medals.
    Probably shared more than you care to read about........but I am living life, and trying to enjoy every precious minute of it. God Bless You All! —Cousin Bob— 9/12/2012

from Carol Yoho

baby ChrisChris and family, Christmas 1958Tuesday, September 11, 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the oldest Martin brother: Christopher C., born Sept. 11, 1912. Uncle Chris led the pack: as a son, farmer, husband, father, uncle, helper, friend, gardener, blacksmith and so much more. Let's remember Uncle Chris...and remember how his birthday is the first in the long line of anniversaries that will come over the next few years for family members held dear within the Martin family. 9/10/2012

Family comments on a photo-group collected from this site featuring Chris, including the two photos at the right, I sent to family:

  • Julie Goodman: I really enjoyed looking through all these photos of my grandad. I have so many fond memories of him. This is a great pictorial history to honor his memory!
  • Randy Martin ("Father to to one of the Chris namesakes"): What wonderful memories. I know my Dad greatly loved and respected Uncle Chris, as I suspect did everyone that met him. Being one of the younger nephews, I don't remember his farm but visiting his garage in North Topeka was always fascinating. I remember his "office," bait tanks, tools, fishing equipment, but it all fades in the shadow of his energy and personalty.
        Even amongst the "greatest generation," this family is truly exceptional, and Uncle Chris was the lead horse.
        I was lucky to be in lots of important meetings when I was in Chamber work, in several cities: Topeka, Jefferson City and Washington, and I am sure I was never in a room with more people of integrity, positive family values and earned respectability than when I was in a room of my Aunts and Uncles. I wish there were some way for our descendants to feel the awe I feel when I see the pictures you have preserved for us.
  • Phyllis Gish: What a wonderful tribute to Uncle Chris and the entire Martin family.
  • Ed Martin: Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Incredible history you have put together.
  • Richard Martin: I have many fond memories spending time with my “girl cousins” at Uncle Chris and Aunt Mildred's house while my parents played cards.
  • Darlene Morgans: What a nice tribute to my dad. I've spent the last hour viewing the website. Thanks so much. 9/10/2012
Chris Martin on Baltimore news

from Chris Martin

I think this is official enough to let the facebook universe know... In January I am moving to Geneva! (well probably Saint-Genis, France) 8/17/2012
[Chris spent time working on the Large Hadron Collider in 2008.]

from Dawn Hallauer—

Troy returned home with his 1st Battalion, 108th Aviation Regiment, based at Forbes Field. The welcome-home ceremony was held on Saturday morning, August 11, 2012, at Washburn University's Lee Arena. The battalion had served a year in Kuwait. This is Troy's second term in Kuwait, having also returned in 2007. [Troy is son of Ray & Sue Hallauer and spouse of Dawn.] 8/13/2012

108th Aviation Regiment is homeDawn, sons, Troy
That first hug HAS to feel greatHallauer banner in the crowdParents jioin the celebrationCelebrating being homeWelcome home, Uncle TroyTroy, neice, nephew, brother BrianDawn helps to hold the signThe road of honor

from Kate Martin [Richard share this. Kate has been helping NBC with coverage at the 2012 Olympic Games in London]

Kate at the NBC desk, 2012 London OlympicsHello Family,

I've been at work for 16 hours now and im still going strong. Looks like I might be leaving in an hour or so. Just wanted to take advantage of this slow period to update everyone and confirm the continuation of life.

So far, I've spotted Ryan Seacrest, Hoda, Bruce Jenner, the US women's Gymnastic team, Julianna from E, Bob Costas, and Matt Lauer to name a few. Though you might find that interesting. As far as the actual work I'm doing, I went on a city-wide scavenger hunt for a Beefeater hat replica. Turns out, those things are impossible to find. I would know. I spend an entire afternoon on the venture.

My shifts have been from 7:30 AM - 7:30 PM the past three days and I switch from 12:30PM-12:30AM tomorrow. Over all, not too bad. Promise to send a more detailed update soon. —Kate

[See Facebook photos Kate published on 8/6/2012. Log onto Facebook to gain access to photos,]

from Karen Sooter—

KatieAfter lots of planning, Katie has made the move to Portland, OR. The short story is that she will eventually be going to school there. Mark drove out with her last Wednesday through Friday1800 miles in a little less than 48 hours, in a u-haul truck towing her car! They stopped twice for some sleep and made it in to Portland on Friday in time to pick up the key for her apt, unload the truck, and get the truck returned that night. Saturday was spent unpacking and getting a feel for the neighborhood. Today they took advantage of public transportation and rode the bus to the original Powell's Book store and Voodoo donutsa couple of well known landmarks, if you're familiar with Portland. Katie starts her job tomorrow and Mark flies home on Tuesday. Katie is on Facebook also, so family might be able to get in touch with her that way. 7/22/2012

Carter and Ruby

from Kate Reaser—

I love all the stuff Ron makes. About 5 or 6 years ago Carter won that rocking motorcycle that Ron made at one of the reunions. Here's a picture of Ruby and Carter still enjoying it. 7/11/2012

from Brenda Martin—

Phillip Martin and his wife, Lesley, announce the birth of their daughter on June 25, 2012. Emma Louise was born at 10:23 a.m., weighed 7 lbs. 5 oz, and was 19" long. Ed and I are the proud grandparents. Elaine Medeiros, my mom, is great grandma. Emma's half- brother is 10-year-old Tyler. 7/10/2012

Baby Emma Louise Martin

from Vivian Sooter—

Hello to all the Martins. The David Sooter family regretfully declines the invitation to July's Martin reunion. My brother is back from Afganistan and several of my family members are meeting in Wichita that same Sunday afternoon. Our best to all who meet in Topeka. Have a great summer. — Viv for all 6/24/2012

from Richard MartinRichard and daughter StacieKate and Stacie

Stacie and Kate were home…they are presently back packing for 4 days in Yosemite, then to LA for a week to see friends, then back to KC for a few days. After that Stacie goes back to South Africa and Kate leaves for London (she has an internship with NBC for the Summer Olympics). Meanwhile, Dad is still working (until Nov 1, then it’s my turn to travel!) 6/21/2012

Kellie and Jake and familyfrom Ann Roberts

Kellie and Jake have Jonathan Thomas Chrisman who is 3 years old, born Feb. 26, 2009 and then Leighann Rose Chrisman, born March 5, 2012. It is a true blessing to have them living in Derby! 6/21/2012

from Carol YohoCarolGary and family with Max and Carol

Max and I were honored to entertain friends from Cypress, CA, when they visited in early June to attend the Prairie Band Potawatomi Pow Wow at Mayetta, KS. Gary WisKiGeAmatyuk, his wife, Rosewita, and daughter, Kayla, all traveled to Kansas. Gary's and Kayla's ancestor is Chief Abram Burnett for whom Burnett's Mound, at the SW edge of Topeka, was named. We'd been long-distance friends—and the tie was written about in the Topeka Capital-Journal in 2006, but meeting the family, serving them breakfast in our home, and guiding them to the grave of Chief Burnett and to the top of Burnett's Mound was an honor and a privilege. We stopped by and introduced the family to Dad at the front porch of Thornton Place during our Topeka stops. Gary has been to Kansas many times before, but this was a first visit for Rosie and Kayla. 6/18/2012


Mark and Karen Sooter

from Carol Yoho

Hearty congratulations to Mark and Karen Sooter who celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary on Tues., June 12, 2012! 6/12/2012

Chris Martin on Baltimore news from Randall Martin

Our Chris Martin is still working on his PhD at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and sent us this video news clip. He is in it a couple of times. I guess it's a brag, but I thought I would send it. [Johns Hopkins had a "Transit of Venus" watch on Tuesday, June 5, 2012.] 6/7/2012

from Carol Yoho

Carol at MykanosFulfilled a decade's old dream to visit Greece, traveling nine days to Athens and Greek Islands with a group of students and faculty from Washburn University over spring break 2012 (March 17-24). The trip included a stop in Turkey to see the lost city of Ephasis. It took about 1.5 months to arrange my 975 photos, but I invite family to review my tour online. 5/25/2012

Derek and Tamara's weddingfrom Phyllis Gish

Son Derek has a new fianceé, Tamara. [Their wedding photo was posted on Facebook on April 22, 2012..] 3/14/2012

Congratulations, Derek and Tamara!

from Terry WrightShirley McHenry Jones

We had a lovely celebration of life for Shirley this morning. Although we will miss her dearly, it was hard to grieve the blessing of nearly 97 years that God gave us to share with Shirley. She was such a marvelous person (her great-grandsons called her "Shirley the Great") and a major force in our family. Shirley's sister, Bettie, is the last of that generation, but she lives in California so haven't seen her in a very long time.

So sorry to hear about Scott. It is so hard to lose one so young. My condolences to you and your family, especially to Peggy! 3/12/2012

from Carol Yoho

Room filled with Scott's paintingsScott Long's visitation at Donaldson's on Saturday afternoon was touching. It was terrific to see so many family members in attendance. Some of us had not seen Scott's painting in person. The family had gathered them back in tribute to Scott and the collection was impressive. Scott's dad, Don, told me that Scott had only started painting in the fall of 2011. At first he painted on cardboard. The paintings were popular and sold well, so be turned part of the income into buying canvases and really buckled down to business. There must have been at least 100 painting on display. I was particularly impressed with the last painting Scott did, and his comments on the piece, his last published comment on Facebook. R.I.P., Scott. 3/11/2012

from Missouri relative Terry Wright

Please let the Groshong/Martin family know that Aunt Shirley [Jones] passes peacefully Saturday morning, March 3, 2012. She had fallen prior to Xmas and broke her hip. She survive the hip replacement and rehabilitation but could not overcome a build-up of fluid in her lungs and heart. Shirley's memorial service will be Saturday, March 10, Knox Presbyterian Church, 9595 W. 95th Street, Overland Park, KS, 66212, at 10 a.m. In  lieu of flowers the family suggest memorials to Knox Presbyterian Church Memorial Fund or St. Luke’s Hospice. Her obituary is available online. 3/8/2012

[Shirley Jones celebrated her 95th birthday in Overland Park on March 27, 2010. A number of our family members attended the celebration.]

from Bob Martin

Our grandson Christopher Martin is living in Baltimore and attending John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, where he is part-time employee as Observatory Technician. He is also working toward his Ph.D. degree in Physics as a student at John Hopkins. Chris's parents, Randall and Susan were in Baltimore recently on a visit. 3/4/2012

from Carol Yoho

Some of you may know, via Facebook, about the sudden death of Peggy and Don Long's son, Scott. Scott's sister is Susan.

Scott was a busy, vital man, with many friends. He will be greatly missed.

Scott Long, 2010 Martin reunionScott's obituary was in Sunday's Topeka Capital-Journal. Meanwhile, here it is from Facebook:

Scott Long, 42, of Topeka, Comedian, Poet, Artist, Songwriter, Renaissance Man of our time, passed on Tuesday, February 21, 2012. He lived a life most people don't even dare to dream. He shared his laughter and friendship with all. He touched many lives with his humor, his artistic flair, and his optimistic outlook on life. Scott defined greatness with grace and humility. His passion for the arts was boundless, and along with the love of his family, was foremost in his life. Those who knew him, loved him, and will be forever changed just by knowing him. He is survived by his proud parents, Donald and Peggy Long, sister, Susan Long and hundreds of friends and relatives. He will be deeply missed!
Davidson Funeral Home in North Topeka will be hosting the visitation on Saturday, March 10th, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Celebration of Scott's life will be Sunday, March 11th, 1 p.m. at Branded B Ranch, 785-484-2378, in Meriden, Kansas. In lieu of flowers, please make donation to the Davidson Funeral Home, for the family to decide what charity would be best at a later date.

Our deepest sympathies go to Scott's family in coping with his loss. 3/1/2012

Circus entertainer with Lida and kidsKlara, Lida, Linda and Kalvin

from Linda Wilson

Kevin, Lida, Kalvin, Klara and I enjoyed our visit to the Arab Shrine Circus at the Expo Centre, Topeka, using tickets that were a gfit from Uncle Jack. It was a very memorable experience! 2/26/2012

Rudy GraceReaser family


from Darlene Morgans

Dennis and Katie have adopted a little girl from Ethiopia. They have been in the process for 2 years, and she finally arrived home tonight. Her name is Ruby Grace Meheret Reaser and she is 18 mo. old. She is No. 5 for them, and grandchild No. 12 for me. I am so very blessed. 1/27/2012, updated 1/30/2012

from Richard Martin

Thanks for the update...currently Kate and I are in Cape Town South Africa...visiting Stacie...just a spectacular country. 1/3/2012

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