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from Carol Yoho

Bob & Donna MartinBob Martin reports that his wife, Donna, has had a fall on the ice (happened Fri., Dec. 20) and broke her right leg just above the knee. She had surgery at the hospital on Friday, but was moved to the Mulvane wing of rehab facilities at Aldersgate Village on Monday, where she is resting comfortably. Getting mobility back may take a while because the break occurred not far from her artificial knee. Doctors are hoping there is enough bone above the metal knee joint that the bone will heal properly. Linda & Ken Wilson and familyFamily is gathering on Christmas Eve at Aldersgate, where they can open presents and celebrate Christmas together privately. Chris is home from Switzerland and Laney is home from back East. Randall and Susan and Russell will be there, but Roger and his family will not be traveling home for this year's celebration. Please keep Aunt Donna in your thoughts and prayers!

Wilsons shared this photo of the holiday grouping on Facebook. I stole the photo from the web. Their online comment was "With this many variables, this is the best we could do." (P.S. I think a dog is in the photo somewhere.) 12/24/2013

from Carol Yoho

Katie Sooter, daughter of Mark and Karen Sooter, married Jordan Simpson on December 15, 2013. Facebook photos show that Mark gave away the bride. Karen Burchett Sooter explained that "the bride and groom on the cake were from Joyce and Roberta's wedding cake."
Katie and Jordan Simpson, married 12-14-2013
Phyllis Gish sent news that her and David's son Dustin married Leslie Westbrook on December 13, 2013, in Las Vegas!

Dustin Gish and Leslie Westbrook were wed on December 13, 2013

Emily Yoho daughter of Max and Carol's middle son, Stuart and wife, Anna, married Justin Coffman on October 26, 2013 at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Topeka. Emily's sons, Joel and Beau, were a part of the service and her cousin Sarah Yoho was a bridesmaid.Justin, Emily and the wedding party, Oct. 26, 2013
More photos are posted on Flickr.

Dustin and Leslie were married in Los Vegas. Phyllis Gish shared some very-flashy, Las Vegas-style wedding photos recently on Facebook, so I stole them! Please note Elvis is in the center photo and the Gish family is at far right. 1/4/2014

Leslie and DustinWedding party, with ELVISGish family with new daughter-in-law, sister-in-law

Here is something we don't see often these days:...brothers, sisters, cousins together...including John and Den.
Some of the family has yet to meet Den. Let's work on that! 12/19/2013

Katie A Katie B Katie C
Bride w/ siblings & first cousins
Mark, John, Tom, Ann and Den.
Ann, Den, Karen, Jennifer.
Katie D
Katie E
Katie F
Driveway full of relatives!
Jennifer, Mark, Karen & Justin.
Tom and Ann (Sooter) Roberts.

from Carol Yoho

Kevin Wilson and his parents, Linda and KenKevin Wilson, son of Linda & Ken Wilson, is working on a new book titled Woman Talk: The Encrypted Language Women Never Wanted Men to Know. Kevin is in the final editing phase of book production and has started marketing the book with a web site and an appearance at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library's "Local Authors Book Fair," held on Sunday, December 8, 2013. Watch for further details coming early in 2014.

Max Yoho and June HilbertMy husband, Max Yoho also attended the TSCPL "Local Author Book Fair" on December 8, 2013. He shared a table with another writer in his writers group, June Hilbert. Max's most recent book is Me and Aunt Izzy. He also has four more novels and one collected work of poems, essays and short stories. June lives on a farm NE of Topeka, near Meriden. Her book's title is From High Heels to Gumboots, One Cow Pie at a Time. It is a memoir about herself, a City Girl, marrying a farmer and becoming a Farm Wife--a totally new role for her. The memoir includes examples of the many things she has learned by living and working on the farm. I've visited her farm and the lay of the land reminds me of the area around the Martin farm in Jackson Co., although June's farm is in Jefferson County. These two authors making reading really FUN!

On Monday, December 9, 2013, Max, June and I were all featured in a story by Ann Bush of the Topeka Capital-Journal about their writers group, A Table for Eight, "Topeka writers group celebrates 25th anniversary." 12/10/2013

from Carol Yoho

Anton and Cecil, Cats at Sea, by Lisa Martin and Valerie MartinLisa Martin, wife of Roger Martin, Charlottesville, VA, and daughter-in-law of Bob and Donna Martin, has written a novel for young readers, Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea. Co-author is Lisa's aunt, Valerie Martin. The book was published by Algonquin Young Readers and was released on October 8, 2013. The book is available in hard cover and also as an audio book, both for sale on Amazon.com. This book is listed as targeted to readers ages 8-12, grades 3-7.
     According to Lisa's online biography, her and Roger's sons, Cole and Cabot, helped inspire this story: "Lisa spent most of her childhood years in New Orleans writing overwrought poems and stories, and later earned undergraduate and Master's degrees from the University of Delaware and a Ph.D. in business from the University of Texas at Austin. She taught at the university level for several years and then became very active in her sons' school community, eventually returning to the world of words. She has published in Ladybug Magazine, and has written several collections of children's poetry. She and her aunt, adult novelist Valerie Martin, were inspired by her sons, then ages 8 and 10, to collaborate on a children's novel about two brother cats. Lisa lives in Charlottesville, Virginia with her family. Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea is her first novel."

David and Katherine in Switzerland

Katherine, wife of David Ragland and daughter of Leota Martin, reports that she is healing well from the open-heart surgery she had in September. Katherine has been released by her heart surgeon and is not scheduled to see her cardiologist again until summer of 2014. She will maintain contact with her general practicioner, but has started back to work as a nurse as of October 7, 2013. Katherine's surgery was performed in late August, 2013. Husband David complimented the immediate family on being there for Katherine at the time of her surgery and helping with details as she recuperated. Get well quickly, Katherine!

Jack with Laney, Alex and triplets at Thornton Place, October, 2013

Dad—Jack Martin—celebrated his birthday several times in mid-October. He and I ate out with Uncle Bob and Aunt Donna Martin at McFarland's in mid-weeo of the second week of October--just after Uncle Bob's 85th birthday, just before Dad's 93rd birthday. Aunt Donna's birthday will roll around next week. Later, he was given cupcakes by the ladies he serves meals with at Washburn. On Friday, step-son Alex Yoho, Alex's daughter, Laney Gliser, and Dad's great grand-triplets, Julia/Sophia/Sam, had lunch in the special dining space at Thornton Place with Jack and Carol, then toured the facility and visited Jack's apartment for their first visit to Thornton Place. Friends Vera and Larry Webster had lunch with Jack on Saturday, his actual birthday! 10/13/2013

April awarded RN degree

see Announcement—

April Boatright, daughter of Ruth and Roger Wood and granddaughter of Leota Martin, received her degree in Nursing (RN) from Highland Community College Nurisng Program on Sunday, August 25, 2013. The ceremony was held at Culbertson Auditorium, HCC, Highland, KS. April lives with her husband, Ross, and son, Ty, in Valley Falls. 8/25/2013

fAndrea with her Grandma Leota Martinrom Ed Martin

A quick note to let you know that our oldest daughter, Andrea, graduated from the University of Tennessee in Memphis and is officially a Medical Doctor: Dr. Andrea Ward. With her graduation from Medical School, she has moved to Chattanooga, TN, and has continued her education in the University of Tennessee System in a transitional year.  This will allow her husband, Ryan, to finish his Medical school, whereupon they will both seek their residencies in their chosen areas of specialty.

Immediately after Andrea’s Graduation, I followed my wife, Brenda, to Philadelphia ---to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania  for her fourth year of study and for her  graduation from the Wharton-Stonier ABA (American Banking Association) School of Banking. 5/20/2013

from Carol YohoBowling honorsJack with class honor, Class of 1938Jack at alumni dinner, Class of '38

Dad, Jack Martin, attended the 2013 Jefferson West High School reunion with his nephew, Don Martin. Dad was especially invited in honor of the 75th Anniversary of the graduation of his class of 1938! He and Don attended a social hour and supper at Jeff West H.S. Dad was both the oldest alumni present and the only one to attend from the Class of '38. Both Jack and Don were also recognized as U.S. Veterans! I'm sure proud of both Dad and Don! [Photos by Don Martin.] 5/19/2013
Jack was honored for bowling over his average on Jan. 8, 2013 at "Early Birds" league, Gage Bowl, Topeka. 8/31/2013

gathered from Jennifer Weide on Facebook—

Ryan Weide, a class Valedictorian, May, 2013Lee and Jennifer Weide, with graduating son, RyanRyan's cakeRyan Weide, oldest son of Lee and Jennifer Weide, and grandson of Donald Martin of Burlingame, KS, graduated with honors from Crete High School, Crete, NE, on Saturday, May 11, 2013. Ryan was one of nine Crete Cardinals who were Valedictorians, and one of five graduates who were members of the German Honor Society.
   Also, Ryan's younger brother Kyle won class awards in English, Science & Math and an Academic letter for the 2012-13 school year. —Congratulations, Ryan and Kyle! 5/15/2013

Jennifer Weide added—

    Ryan is headed to K-State (no surprise there!) in the fall to study Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering, after a trip to Europe this summer. Not sure yet, but he may be doing Marching Band At KSU. Hope to know more after our next trip down there in early June.
     He is one of approx. 300 students going with the Nebraska Ambassadors of Music and will travel to London, Paris, Switzerland, Germany and more. They spend about 3 days in each place, seeing the sites and playing concerts once in each location. The 300 students break down into two concert bands, a choir and an orchestra. He is second chair Alto Sax in one of the concert bands. Leaves June 9th, home June 24th. He is a veteran already at traveling abroad, as he went with a small group from his high school last year. 5/16/2013

from Donald Martin

Ryan Weide competes with his robot in the Nebraska 2013 Robot ChampionshipKyle Weide competes with his robot in the Nebraska 2013 Robot ChampionshipI got to attend and take photos as grandsons Kyle and Ryan competed in two tournaments for the 2013 Nebraska State High School Robot Championship and the Nebraska State Robot Championship in the same weekend. In my photos Kyle wears a white coat next to the kid in a red t-shirt. Ryan has on a white coat and shorts in the second photo. They did ok but did not win. Last year Ryan and Kyle helped win both the HS and State championship. Proud parents are Jennifer and Lee Weide. 2/12/2013

from Carol YohoBeau Coffman

Beau Allen Coffman arrived at St. Francis Hospital in Topeka on Jan. 22, 2013. He came at 7 lbs 2 oz., 20". Beau’s parents are Emily and Justin, his older brother is Joel Yoho, his grandparents are Stuart and Anna Yoho, great grandparents are Max and Carol Yoho, and great great grandpa is Jack Martin. Beau was born with a cleft palate and had to go to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City for analysis and treatment planning, but is now home with his parents and feeding well from a bottle. He’ll have continuing treatment as he grows, but this problem has some wonderful solutions these days! We’re happy to welcome Beau to our family! 1/26/2013

from Ed MartinMcCarty family

I'm pleased to announce arrival of our new Granddaughter: Teagan Joyce McCarty---
9 lbs 3 Oz. 21.5” arrived Jan. 20, 2013---1:18 p.m. Mom Heather, Baby Teagan---and Dad Matt are doing fine.
    Grandma Brenda is in Memphis with daughter Andrea. She plans to drive on to Georgia in the next day or two. Heather has two hospital days scheduled. —Grandpa Ed
   Congratulations to the McCarty family and Ed Martin's kin as aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.! 1/21/2013

from Carol Yoho

Cleve and his Navy flashlightI'm proud that the Topeka-Shawnee County Public Library has chosen my submission for their"Most Valued Possession" (MVP) exhibition. I nominated the WWII era Navy-issued Flashlight on displaybattery-powered flashlight that Dad gave me. It is the only personal possession that survived the sinking of the U.S.S. Block Island CVE-21 destroyer carrier with Dad when he was sunk in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, near the Canary Islands on May 29, 1944. (CVE-21 was the only American carrier lost in the Atlantic, the victim of three German submarine torpedoes.) Dad had an amazing escape from the vessel that night. His story is told elsewhere on the web site. See "Cleve Martin Jr., U.S. Navy WWII story." To me, the flashlight is a symbol of the miracle of his survival, and I wouOpening night, MVP displayld not be here without it!!!
   Our thanks to Brenda and Ed Martin and Ken and Linda Wilson for attending the opening, with Dad, Max and me. We had a nice visit together! Also Leota Martin, Katherine Ragland and Phyllis Gish attended the opening. Sorry we missed seeing them!
    The show runs January 18 to March 17, 2013. at the Sabitini Gallery at the library during their regular business hours.  I hope family living in the area will consider stopping by the library during the show's run. 1/18/2013

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Katie and Jordan Jordan and Katie, black and white Dad, Mark Sooter, gives away the bride Wedding cake has bride and groom used on Joyce and Roberta's wedding cake

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