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Photos © 1997, 1998 by Carol Yoho
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Ruth and Roger celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary on Jun 30, 1998. 
Ruth and Roger
25th anniversary cake Ruth and Roger pose behind the cake made by Ruth's mother, Leota. At picture's left are Roger's parents. 
Phyllis and David celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary on May 20, 1998. 
Phyllis and David
Andrea and Ed Andrea is the keeper of her family's official e-mail address. Here she is with her dad, Ed. 
Roberta Sooter collects buttons. Here she is with a portion of her collection. 
At. Roberta and buttons
Jack's new digs Jack moved into an apartment in July 1997. He is reachable via the same phone number he has always had. He still enjoys playing golf. 
Stacie Martin, Dick's oldest daughter returned from a year in Switzerland last July. After 1 year of college in Iowa, she transfered to Georgetown U.
Stacie Martin
Roberta and Robert Sooter In February 1997 Roberta introduced her family to grandson Robert from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Robert just finished Phase I of Air Force language training and will continue training in Texas. 
Linda, Lori and Ken Wilson posed for a photograph at Bob Martin's house, Feb. 1997. 
The Wilson's
Phillip, Joshua and Ed Martin In April 1997 we visited Ed in Wamego and had supper with him and his sons, Phillip and Joshua.

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