Several members of our Martin family had an adventure. They attended a birthday party, held in Overland Park, KS, on Saturday, March 27, 2010, for a distant but distinctive relativeShirley McHenry Jones was celebrating her 95th birthday. (Shirley's mother was Muriel Ester Groshong who married Clarence G. McHenry.)
     Shirley is aunt of Terry Wright, his mother's sister. Lindsey Wright, Terry Wright, Karen Findley and Rex Findley visited Meriden, Muddy Creek and Steward graveyards with us in May, 2006.
     Shirley, Terry, and their clan are descended from Sylvester Warfield Groshong, older brother of Cleve Sr.'s mother, Ann Groshong Martin. Our common ancestors are Ann and Sylvester's father and mother, J.J. Groshong and Martha Malvina Bainbridge Groshong. Both are buried in the Meriden Cemetery.
    The Groshong family has lived in Missouri and Kansas for a very long time.
    Family who attended the March 27th Saturday afternoon birthday party were Jack Martin, Leota Martin, Ed & Brenda Martin, and Phyllis and David Gish.
    Phyllis took some photos at the event, linked to a birthday page I created. Thanks, Phyllis!

     The Bainbridge's of New Jersey and Allied Families, a book by Gwen G. Seefeld of Wichita, KS, states that Cleveland's grandfather, Jefferson Jeremiah Groshong (his mother Ann's father) "was the son of Jeremiah I. Groshong who came to St. Charles County, MO, where he had a Spanish Land Grant along with the family of his wife (Mary Magdalene Kroh) and the Daniel Boone family. Jeremiah I. was the son of the immigrant Jacob Grojean who came to America Oct. 4, 1751, on the ship 'Queen of Denmark,' settling in PA. He was a French Huguenot and went by the name of 'French Jacob.' He had a large family, most of them going to KY with him, then on to MO."
     The Groshongs were settled in Missiouri by 1799. That means they were living in the area near St. Louis, MO, when Lewis and Clark and company paddled up the Missouri River looking for a passage to the Pacific Ocean in 1804!
     Read more about our Groshong family tree.


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