Cleve and Mabel Martin

Historic Martin Family Photos

Here is a gathering of family photographs for the family of Cleve Taylor Martin and Mabel Rose Stone Martin.

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These are the parents of Cleve's mother. She is Martha Malvina Bainbridge Groshong. He is Jefferson J. Groshong. They came to Kansas in the 1850's from Grant Co., WI and are buried in Meriden Cemetery, Jefferson Co., KS
Chris and Anne Martin
These are Cleve's parents, Christopher C. Martin and Anna Eliza Groshong Martin. Chris fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. Both are buried at Steward Cemetery, Jackson Co., KS. 
These are the grandparents of Mabel Stone Martin, Joel and Rosanna Feathereby Jackson. Joel was a blacksmith from Pennsylvania. 
Joel and Rosanna Jackson
Ella Stone
This is Mabel Stone Martin's mother, Ella Vanette Jackson Stone Wells. She came to Kansas from Illinois. Mabel was third of Ella's 4 daughters. After Mabel's father, Alanson, died Ella remarried and Mabel's step-brother, Clyde Wells, was born. Ella is buried in Rossville Cemetery, Shawnee Co., KS. 
Cleve was next-to-youngest of eight children. Here he is photographed with his older brother, Chris, and older sister, Elle. 
Ella, Chris and Cleve Martin
Lolly Martin
The family's youngest was sister Anna Laura, known as "Lolly." Lolly never married, but had a career in Kansas City. She returned home upon retiring and is buried at Steward Cemetery, Jackson Co., KS. 
Cleve attended Kansas State Agricultural College in Manhattan at the turn of the century. Here he is photographed in his military training uniform. 
Cleve in uniform
Lolly and Chris Martin
This photo is of Cleve's sister, Lolly, and his brother, Chris. Chris was visiting from California (he was barbering in San Francisco at the time of the SF earthquake). Lolly was visiting from Kansas City. 
This is Cleve as a young man. He and Mabel were married July 11, 1906. He lived to the age of 91 and is buried in Steward Cemetery, Jackson Co., KS. 
Cleveland Taylor Martin
Mabel Rose Stone Martin
This is Mabel as a young woman. She met Cleve while she was teaching at nearby South Star grade school. She lived to be 103, and is buried in Steward Cemetery, Jackson Co., KS. 
At the far left in this barrel is Mabel. At the far right is her older sister, Jesse. The sisters were close friends. They are seen here with some other young ladies. 
8 gals.
Chris, Lewis, Harry and a cousin
Cleve and Mabel had twelve children. The first two girls died in infancy. This photo is of the oldest boys: Chris, Lewis and Harry. The girl on horseback is a cousin. 
Next in ages were Roberta, Cleve Jr. (called "Jack" by his family), George and Bonnie. 
Roberta, Jack, George and Bonnie
Bonnie, Bill and Bob
Here Bonnie is seen again with her two youngest brothers, Bill and Bob. The youngest daughter, Bertha, died at 3 months. 
In late summer 1947, with WWII over, the family had their portrait taken on the front steps of "the old home place." Included are several in-laws. Youngest in this photo is Dick, George and Mary's infant son. Harry and Zora's Peggy (at left) isn't much older. Other children are Ron, Rosemary, Don, Marilyn Sue, Darlene and Connie. 
Family portrait, summer 1947.
Dr. Robert R. Taylor, MD of Meriden
This is Dr. Robert R. Taylor. A graduate of the Medical College of KS, he lived 1881-1937.  This Meriden doctor delivered the Martin children. All deliveries were at the farm home. The doctor also delivered Ronnie, the oldest grandchild. Dr. Taylor  was a personal friend of Cleve and Mabel.
This photo of Cleve's sister Lolly surfaced 7/2004. It was taken when she lived and worked in Kanasas City.
Lolly Martin
Mabel's mother, Ella, was widowed, then married Dave Wells. Clyde was their son.

Standing: Mabel Stone (left), Clyde Wells (boy), Jesse Stone (center), Ella Stone (right). Seated: Ella Vanette Jackson Stone Wells and Dave Wells. Photo taken ca. 1902.

Martha Malvina Bainbridge Groshong, sitting, with son Darius Bainbridge Groshong (left) and Fred Groshong (right). Martha died at the age of 93.
Photo taken 1908.
Three generations of Groshong
Jeremiah and Martha Groshong with neice
Jerimiah Jefferson Groshong (seated right), wife Martha Malvina Bainbridge Groshong (seated left) with "one of the Hodges, whose mother was a Groshong and a sister of Christopher C. Martin. Either cousin Ell or cousin Sweet.
Sylvester Warfield Groshong, brother of Ann Groshong Martin (Cleve Sr.'s mother) and great grandfather of Karen Wright Findley & Terry Wright. Photo believed to be taken pre-Civil War.
Sylvester Warfield Groshong
Martha Malvina Bainbridge Groshong with son Sylvester Warfield Groshong
Grandma Martha Melvina Bainbridge Groshong with son Sylvester Warfield Groshong.
Portrait photo of Mabel Stone Martin's mother, Ella Vanette Jackson Stone Wells. (See also above.)
Ella Vanette Jackson Stone Wells
Mabel Stone Martin and her younger sister, Ella.

Mabel Stone Martin and her younger sister Ella (Ella was namesake of their mother--see left).

Sisters Jessie, Mabel (standing) and Ella Stone.
Sisters Jessie, Mabel and Ella Stone.
Chris Martin and Ann Groshong Martin
Chris Martin and Ann Groshong Martin. Photo was taken at Martin farm, looking north. Garage at photo left. Milk house directly behind at left. Old farm house MAY BE far left in photo.
Mattie Martin, Cleve's older sister.
Mattie Martin, Cleve's older sister
Mattie with her mother, Ann Groshong Martin
Mattie with her mother, Ann Groshong Martin. Note Ann's fan. She passed one fan to decendants.
Photo labeled "Anna Crowley, Grandma [Ann], Grandpa [Chris], and Marguerite C[aldwell]."
Anna, Ann, Chris, Marguerite
Edd, Ell, Mabel, Lolly, Cleve Martin, 1950
Photo labeled "1950 -- Uncle Edd, Aunt Ell, Aunt Mabel, Aunt Lolly, Uncle Cleve Martin." Ell married E. Eskridge. They moved to WY before 1920 and retired to CA. Ell, Lolly, & Cleve are sisters and brother.
Mabel Martin with Marguerite Caldwell at Mabel's 100th birthday celebration, June 11, 1985.
Mabel Martin with Marguerite Caldwell at Mabel's 100th birthday
Groshong brothers
Back Row, l>r:Samuel Groshong, Jacob Groshong, and Jefferson Wright Groshong.  Front row, l>r: Josiah Clement Groshong and Charles Albert Kee Groshong; all sons of Jacob Groshong who lived and died in Lincoln Co., Missouri, and was a brother to Jeremiah Jefferson Groshong

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