Row of Martin graves, Steward Cemetery, Jackson County, Kansas
Martin Country, Southeast Jackson County, Kansas

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Hill to the southwest of the Martin family farm
Fall color, hill, southeastern Jackson Co., Kansas Fall drive in the country, Oct. 25, 2004
Fall color, hill, near the Martin family farm
pasture, Southeastern Jackson Co., Kansas gate fencepost, near Martin farm, Jackson Co., Kansas This hill reminded Anna Martin of her childhood home, Grant Co., Wisconsin
Martin farm, Southeastern corner, Jackson County, Kansas The Old Home Place, homesteaded by Christopher Columbus and Anna Groshong Martin Cemetery wild flowers
dry creek bed, was the old swimming hole: the road west from Martin farm, Jackson Co., Kansas posted: no hunting, SE Jackson Co., Kansas trees along the creek bed, Muddy Creek, Jackson Co., KS

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Martins were among the early white settlers of Jackson County, Kansas. George W. Martin and his second wife, Lucy Pumphrey Martin, came across the border from Platte Co., Missouri, to homestead near the southeast corner of Jackson County, Kansas, in 1856. George was widower of Rebecca Drais Martin. His Drais relatives helped raise a young son, Christopher C., and two older daughters, who remained in Missouri. Chris Martin was a young man at the time of the Civil War and signed up to fight for the South with his young uncle, Jack Drais.
After the war Chris married Anne Groshong, daughter of Kansans Jefferson J. and Martha M. Bainbridge Groshong. Anne's grandfather, A.W. Bainbridge, was pastor of the Muddy Creek Baptist Church. Chris and Anne homesteaded near the George and Lucy in the exact southeast corner of Jackson Co.
   Chris's son, Cleveland, married the local school teacher, Mabel Stone, inherited the family farm and raised a family of nine children. In the 21st century the Martin family has grown large. Each summer there is a grand family reunion.
  Harry Martin, William Jeffrey Martin Christopher and Mildred Martin
Steward Cemetery, looking South Chris & Anna Martin, Cleve and Mabel Martin, infant graves infant graves: Ellie, Ruth, and Bertha
A.W. Brainbridge, brother of Cleve Sr.'s grandmother, Martha Malvina Bainbridge Groshong, and uncle of Ann Groshong Martin early Kansas settler, George Washington Martin and his second wife, Lucy Pumphrey Martin carving, stone of GW Martin and Lucy, Steward Cemetery, Jackson Co., KS Bainbridge marker, Muddy Creek Cemetery, Jackson Co., KS spur of Muddy Creek, north of cemetery, Jackson Co., KS
some Martin graves, Steward Cemetery, SE Jackson Co., KS George and Mary Martin, Meriden Cemetery front of stone, George & Mary Martin, Meriden Cemetery, KS original George Washington Martin homestead, settled 1856, Jackson Co., KS, near Muddy Creek Baptist Church and Cemetery

Martins and their ancestors are buried in Steward and Muddy Creek cemeteries in rural southeastern Jackson County, and in the Meriden Cemetery at the outskirts of Meriden—the nearest town to the family homestead.
   Cleve Sr.'s older brother James, who died as an infant, is buried in the Pumphrey's plot of the cemetery at Camden Point, Platte County, Missouri. Likely, Cleve Sr.'s grandmother Rebecca Drais Martin is buried on the Drais family farm north of Camden Point.

Bricks (left) are paved in memory of Martins who attended high school
in Meriden, Kansas: Meriden H.S. and Jefferson West H.S.

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