Martin Country, Southeast Jackson County, Kansas
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Brown Road near junction with 102nd St.
Coyote Creek, very near Muddy Creek Cemetery Bown Road, looking south May 22, 2010
Brown Road winds south Cellar in hillside. Perhaps once part of George Martin farm. George homesteaded in Jackson County, KS, in 1856.
Country road looking south. Martin farm at left at top of rise Martin farm, reworked front porch Martin farm, side yard Rocky outcropping, south of county border in Shawnee County Land once cleared by Jack and George Martin

.• Tree is at Coyote Creek near Muddy Creek Cemetery
• House is Martin Farm, built in Summer, 1929
• Road runs north-south, Jackson & Shawnee Co., KS
• Deer Farm is where baseball field once was
• Generations of Martin names carved in rock
Horse standing, field west of Martin farm Deer farm Crop of deer
Horse resting 2 This field, west of Martin farm, has been planted This field was once used for Sunday baseball games. Cleve Martin was coach.
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