Martin Family Reunion 2000

First Reunion

Hannah Elizabeth Mason and mom Cole
Hannah, daughter of 
Jason Wilson, granddaughter
of Linda and Ken Wilson,
attended her first
Martin reunion.
This is Elizabeth.
Her parents are Julie and Todd Goodman and her grandparents are Dalene and Harvey Morgans.
Here is Mason
Reaser and her mom, Kathie. Her dad,  Dennis, is son of  Darlene Margans. Mason's firstbirthday
was July 3, 2000.
Cole Martin came to 
his first reunion from
Bloomington, Indiana with
his folks, Roger and Lisa
Martin. Cole's grandparents
are Bob and Donna Martin.
Family Groups
Ron, Rosemary and Darlene,with families Zora Martin and family Robera Sooter's clan Jack (Cleve Jr.), his family, plus Letha
Linda Wilson's family was all present. Leota Martin and clan. Bob Martin's family had perfect attendance!
Mary and Richard Martin
After the drawing for some wonderful handmade door prizes, provided by 
Ron Martin, RosemaryLester, Darlene Morgans, Roberta Sooter
Katherine Ragland, and Carol Yoho, we had a talent sharing...
Laurie, Alisa, Kellie and Julie
Kevin Wilson beats up his brother Katie Sooter plays flute
Max reads his poem
Kevin Wilson (right) demonstrated his karate skills. His brother, Jason, was a good-natured "victim." Kevin broke 3 concrete blocks with one blow as part of his demonstration.
Katie Sooter played
four short pieces on the flute for our entertainment. Katie's folks are Mark and Karen and her grandmother is 
Roberta Sooter.
Max Yoho, husband of Carol and son-in-law of Jack Martin, read "The Cornbread Poem," and poem he'd written about cooking cornbread. Laurie, Alisa and Julie Sooter joined their cousin Kellie in singing "The Frog Song" and "The Bunny Song." The Sooters are daughter of David and Vivian. Kellie's parents are Ann and Tom Roberts. Grandma is Roberta Sooter.
Katherine and Capp
Capp Woods measures his height against his aunt, Katherine Ragland. Capp has a ways to grow--but 
look out next year!

(The family was grateful that Capp, who was seriously burned soon after last year's reunion, is healing well and was able to be with us again this year.)

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All photos © 2000 by Carol Yoho
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