Look, it's the Martin Reunion 2008

Martin Family Reunion was held at
Forest Park, Topeka, KS, on July 6, 2008.
For more about Martin Family history visit www.martinfamilyks.net
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Young Family
Derek and Savannah Lida, Kalvin and Kevin Gabriel, Ann, Josh and Lila Ashton and Grandma Ruth Chris's clan, little guys
New since last summer Lila Madelynn Bennett H. Kalvin W. and his dad Grandma Sherry with Julia
Chris's clan in hats Joseph Goodman, age 4, gets the mud cleaned off Aiden Aiden and Ainsleigh, twins
Sam, the brother Sophia, one sister Julia, another sister Ainsleigh Chris's clan

Family Groups
Kelly and family Linda and family Bob and family Roberta and family
Leota and family The many reds of Chris's family Jack's family
The purples of Harry's family Martin first cousins, ages 71 to 45 Leota, Jack Roberta, Donna, Bob Martin brothers, sister

Lunch line 1 Lunch line 2 Lunch line 3 Lunch line 4 Lunch line 5
panoramic lunch line
families chat Red shirts gather Red shirts enjoying lunch Sooter clan chows down Yohos eat lunch

Relax & Visit
playground Letha Max and his sons Laney hauls trash Jeremy juggles
Blue shirts visit Kelly's family poses for a portrait Don with leftover cookies

Door Prizes
family hopes they'll win door prizes Ed is Master of Ceremonies Laura, Julie and Kellie Chris Goodman picks up his door prize
Darlen and her family watch the fun Don gets to take away door prizes for his kin Trevor Reaser wins brownies Marty wins Aunt Roberta's cinnamon rolls Red shirt picked up a number of door prizes for family

Forest Park
Forest Park flowers Forest Park playground, looking west Forest Park playground looking south little boys find a big bell to ring by pulling the rope
Forest Park garden statue Forest Park Business Hours knotted tree sign The sapling of this tree was tied in a knot in the early 1930s. So it grew. Forest Park dining hall

Yes, family DID play bocci, although no photos were taken. Green team beat red team!

Clean Up
Linda wipes a table Jack sweeps the floor Dining Hall cleaned up for next guests

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All photos © 2008 by Carol Yoho
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