Martin Family Reunion 2009, Topeka, Kansas


The off-spring and families of Cleveland and Mabel Martin of rural Jackson County, Kansas, met for their annual family reunion at Forest Park, Topeka, Kansas, on Sunday, July 5, 2009. The Martins farmed and has twelve children, nine of which lived to marry and six brothers and two sisters had families of their own. There were 109 family members attending the 2009 event. Weather was perfect (mild and sunny) and we had a pleasant day.

Karen Sooter and daughters Kathryn and Jennifer Jason and Angie Wilson with daughter Hannah and son Carson. Family was meeting Carson. Dana, Gracelyn, Brian and Bennett Hallauer with Ashton Wood
Allison, Aftan, Kahla and Kelly Martin Taygen with Grandma Diane 1 Taygen with Grandma Diane 2 Stuart Yoho with neice Sarah
Elizabeth Goodman and her cousin, Mason Reaser David is stand-in for his family as they gather for a group photo Joel Yoho plays in the Forest Park playground Russell Martin, blurry through no fault of his own Ken Wilson in stunning tiger t-shirt Sohie Yoho swings
We were sorry to lose our long-time caterer after last year's reunion, but decided to have Aboud's cater this year. We had tender beef brisket, has, mashed potatoes, gravy, baked beans, coleslaw, fresh fruit and iced tea and water. As usual, we gathered before the meal to visit and ate at about 1 p.m., before heading outdoors to have family photos taken.

food line Bill's clan wears blue Taygen and her mom, Daysha. beginning to be seated to eat lunch
Bob's clan wears white George's family at one end of a table Roberta Sooter's clan wears green Zach Reaser and cousin, Carter Reaser
head of the line picks fresh fruit Demi Allen and son Korbin Jones Chris Martin's family wears red Red-shirt kids enjoy lunch Yoho family wears the grey shirts of Jack Martin's family
Family Groups
Attendance at this year's event was 109. We were pleased to see Beverly, Kim and CJ Phillippe this year. There were some regulars that we missed this time, and always miss those who live farther away or are traveling over the 4th of July holiday. In 2009 we met for the first time since the passing of cousin Connie Lay. He husband Bill, daughers Lori and Diane, and various grandchildren pleased us by attending. Lori Barnett lost her husband, Toby, in a truck rollover accident in March 2009, so she has had a hard year. We were happy she joined us. Connie's new great-grandbaby, Taygen, had met her great grandmother just days before her passing. The family was pleased to meet Taygen at this event. This was also our chance to meet Carson, son of Jason and Angie Wilson here.

Linda's family, including new grandson Carson Aunt Leota and blue shirts family Bev, Dick, and Kelly and some of their kids attended
The red shirts, family of Chris and Millie Martin, outnumber everyone else, as usual. We're grateful all keep coming. Bob and Donna Martin and family members
Letha joins Jack Martin, Carol and Carol's Yoho clan Don Martin with Sue, Ray and the Hallauer clan Roberta Sooter and her family. We just missed seeing John, home from Brazil.
Eighteen of the remaining twenty-three first cousins were in attendance Jack, Roberta, Bob, Donna and Leota are our patriarchs and matriarchs
Weather was extra nice for the 2009 reunion. The day dawned cloudy, the day after a mild Indpendence Day. The sun came and went during the afternoon, but the high temperature was only in the lower 80s, and Forest Park trees offered cool, shady comfort for chatting and playing.

Outdoor chat 1 Outdoor chat 2 Outdoor chat 3 Outdoor chat 4
Aunts and cousins chat just outside the dining hall Kathy Emmert, twin sons Alex & Spencer, Darlene Allen in middle, and Alex's girlfriend. Daniel Allen & grandson Korbin Jones Alex Yoho holds granddaughter Jules. Ladybug found
Door Prizes
Family thanks Ed Martin, Don Martin, and Elizabeth Goodman for helping give away the door prizes. AND, thanks to all family members who brought prizes to distribute.

Ed calls winner of one of three of Ron's woodcarvings offered as door prizes Ed displays cinnamon rolls baked by Aunt Roberta Sooter Elizabeth Goodman picks a number from the hat Don holds Ed worked without a microphone this year. The volume power assist was missed, but Ed did well.
Potential winners wait to see if their names will be called Dalton Barnett, Lori's youngest, picks a prize Addison Mikkelson, prize winner Connie's great-grandbaby Taygen watches the fun
Ron Martin won a prize too Diane Jennings helps Garrett with his prize Sisters, Mason and Emma Reaser, hope to win Watching from the front row
Even triplets can get tired of being good. Julia, Sam and Sophie Gliser show some fatigue during the Jack Martin family photo shoot.
Julia, Sam, and Sophia Gliser
Addison & Alannah Mikkelson helped clean up

Rosie took her grandkids home with her, but first they both Addison & Alannah Mikkelson were an enormous help in cleaning up the hall.

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All photos © 2009 by Carol Yoho
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