Martin Reunion 2010
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Gathering and eating
Phyllis checked us in | Darlene brought display boards | Aboud's catered
107 attended. Great turnout!
David and Phyllis Gish help family members sign in Dennis and Kathy at the family poster buffet line
Lunch 1 Just getting started on lunch Gray shirts have lunch red shirt hijinx
Chris | Roberta | Bonnie
Harry | Jack | George
Bill | Bob | Elders
First Cousins | Newest Family Members
 Attending family of Chris and Millie Martin. Front row is  Joe, Carter, Emma, Mason, friend from Texas, Elizabeth, Blake, Joe visiting from Texas, and baby Nathaniel  Attending family of Roberta and Joyce Sooter. Roberta was with us last year.  Attending family of Bonnie and Ben Hope.
Attending family of Harry and Zora Martin Jack Martin (right) and his attending family  Attending family of Chris and Millie Martin
Attending family of Bill and Leota Martin. Leota Martin is left of her great grandkids. Attending family of Bob and Donna Martin. Bob is behind the date sign. Jack (Cleve Jr.), Bob, Donna and Leota Martin
18 of 25 first cousins Ross, April and baby Ty Kellie, Jake and baby Jonathan Nathaniel and his mom
Door prizes
First cousins thank second cousins for stepping in to deliver door prizes: Marty, Dennis & ___
Special thanks to prize donors: Ron, Rosie, Jack, Katherine, Leota, Linda, Carol...
Marty, Dennis and Julie help with door prizes Marty, Dennis and Julie 2 Marty, Dennis and Julie 3 Waiting to win
Kids hope to win Jonathan and Kellie Max harvests a fresh cumcumber from the Gish garden door prizes dwindle. Katherine made the snowmen. Kids get the consolation prizes.
Playing around & cleaning up
The reunion committee (Linda, Donald, Rosemary, Phyllis & Carol) would like to thanks those who stayed to help clean up!
Daniel Allen & grandson Korbin Jones Ty Boatwright, first time reunion attendee Linda gathers tablespreads As usual, Jack sweeps up  Kole and Noah Spencer play with Ashton Wood on the clean floor
Elizabeth, Darlene's granddaughter, is an old hand at helping. She helped last year too. Dennis and Elizabeth fold table legs Darlene, Elizabeth and Rosemary wait to stack a table on the pile Carting away the tables

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All photos © 2010 by Carol Yoho
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