2011 Martin Family Reunion, Forest Park, Topeka, Kansas

Families (Photos by Don Martin):
Roberta's family Harry's family Bonnie's family
Roberta's Family
Harry's Family
Bonnie's Family
Chris's family Bill's family
Chris's Family
Bill's Family
Bob, Donna and their family Jack and his family
Bob's Family
Jack's Family

George's Family could not attend the 2011 Reunion because of Aftan's wedding.

Door Prizes:
Randall Martin had help with door prizes from Elizabeth, Emma, Megan (10 on Sunday!), Joe and Carter.
Randall and helpers 1 Randall and helpers 2 Randall and helpers 3 Ron and Violet
Pulling numbers, reading names. First time there were more prizes than people hoping to win!
Ron & Violet with moraccos!
Uncle Jack Mark and other Sooters Room full of hopefuls Phyllis and Katherine
Jack, now family patriarch
Sooters watch and wait
Tables full of winners!
Phyllis & Katherine both win angels
Carter with gator hat Megan was 12 on Sunday of the reunion Emma in clown nose and glasses Ty wins two Christmas bells
Carter with his new gator hat
Megan receives wishes
Emma in nose & glasses
Ty wins two Christmas bells
Sophie and proud Sam, with his new photo Hallauers with their Don Martin photo Tel with his storm photo
Sam is proud of his new Steam Locamotive photo
Hallauers with their Steam Locamotive photo
Tel with a Kansas storm approaching


Lunch line Emma balances on one foot Aunt Roberta's quilt top
Lunch line
Emma stands on post
Aunt Roberta's quilt top went home with Darlene, a kind volunteer
Gliser triplets Loading van to head home Bones, feathers, horns and nest found at Forest Park
Sam, Sophia & Julia are four now
Loading up the van at the end of the afternoon
Parts and pieces found at Forest Park
East hill, Forest Park Overnight cabins, Forest Park

Air-conditioned facility used by Martins

Forest Park is green. We had some sprinkles 7-3-2011.

Forest Park gabazo

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Family photos by Don Martin
Candid photos © 2011 by Carol Yoho
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