Hot 2012 Martin Reunion



It was unusally HOT for the 2012 reunion,
but cool enough in the dining hall!

Settling in to eat lunchAboud's cateredJack and Yoho clanOverview of family eating
Cousins in buffet lineSootersBev and familyMany red shirtsBlue shirts enjoy lunch

Tom with new granddaughter, Leighann Rose Elizabeth and Megan wait to help with door prize dispersalRon and RosemaryLyle, Lee, Jennifer, Ryan Weide
Sam, Julia and SophieRuby and her dad, DennisAshton, Ed, Brenda, DaveKids with Dawn Hallauer

 Family Groups —107 Martins attended in 2012
Family eldersFamily of Chris and Millie MartinFamily of Harry and Zora MartinFamily of Roberta Martin Sooter and Joyce SooterFamily of Jack and Gerry MartinFamily of George and Mary
Family of Bonnie and Ben Hope
Family of Bill and Leota MartinFamily of Bob and Donna Martin

 Door Prizes
awaiting drawing for door prizeshanding out a pink flamengoDennis announces another winner, helped by Emma and JulieRuby and her door prizea table full of toysJack won a wonderful woodcrafted clock. Here with Katherine and Ed.Jack thanks Ron for his generous giftCarol and Uncle Jack
Sam with his door prize, handcrafted by Ron Martin
Julia won a leiDerek also won a leiDoor prizes on display before the drawings

Ken and Linda Wilson are seated, Bev stnads behind them.Red shirts play outdoor games despite the heatMore outdoor game-playing
Beautiful birthday quilt is Leota Martin's, made by daughter Phyllisa flurry of clean-up activity at Forest Park dining hall

Family group photos by Don Martin
Two candids by Katie Reaser
Other candid photos © 2012 by Carol Yoho
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