Martin Reunion 2013

This year's reunion fell AFTER the July 4th holiday.

That timing seemed to work well for a full 116 Martin family members and friends.

Russell Martin, youngest first cousin, celebrated his FIFTYTH birthday on Independence Day. Russell being 50 gives the general public some idea just how old the rest of us are becoming. Congratulations, Russell!

We had several new bablies and other small children the family had only met once or twice before. Among new arrivals were Emma Martin, daughter of Phillip & Lesley Martin -- most photographed baby in the photos of this page. Family also met Tregan, duaghter of Heather and Matt McCarty. Ed and Brenda Martin are grandparents to both babies. It was fun to see Leighann Chrisman, granddaughter of Ann and Tom Roberts, again this year, and Ruby Reaser, adopted daughter of Dennis and Katie Reaser. Isaiah Martin Wilson attended the reunion with his parents, Jason & Angela Wilson, older brother Carson, and grandparents, Linda and Ken Wilson.

Other kids are growing like weeds., Carol and Max Yoho's great grand-triplets, Sophia/Julia/Sam Gliser will finished kindergarten in May.

This year's bounty of door prizes was awesome...especially the quilting by Darlene Morgans and the wide array of freshly prepared FOOD TREATS were well received. Ron Martin brought more impressive woodworking crafts as special gifts. Reaser clan was kind to handle door prize distribution again this year...and were a serious help with reunion clean-up again in 2013.

Thanks to all who helped to run the show, including Linda and Ken Wilson, who provided muscle for setting up and cleaning up. Ken also took family group photos. Phyllis and David Gish were kind to help again with check-in and money collection toward paying for lunch catering.

Darlene Morgans had guests attending from Texas. Linda and Ken's daughter Laurie and significant other, Eric, were in Kansas from Madison, WI, and Gish son Derek was home from Las Vegas.


Uncle Jack's hat, chickens handcrafted by his mother, MabelMartin Brothers and Sister displayAnn brought family photos to give awaySeven Sons, and All Are MasonsEmma gets photos of her great great grandparents, Mark gets backing sheet painting signed by his dad, Joyce SooterMabel Martin's mother, aunts and uncles, and grandparents JacksonAlanson F. Stone, 1854-1891Cleveland Taylor Martin and wife Mabel Stone MartinA young Aunt Lolly MartinRoberta and Harry as small childrenGrandpa Martin fed the squirrel on North Central Street in Topeka

Indoor Candids

Phyllis Gish helps Brenda and Stuart with check-in, assisted by husband DavidLunch was catered by Aboud'sLeota, Donna and Bob MartinSome gray shirtsRed shirts start lunchPhillip Martin and daughter, EmmaHeather McCarty and daughter, TeaganRuby, daughter of Dennis and Katherine ReaserYoungest first cousin, Russell Martin, turned 50 on July 4, 2013dice gameSome gray shirts (Yoho)Green shirts visit (Sooter)Wilsons

Family Photos

Family descendants of Chris and Millie MartinFamily descendants of Harry and Zora MartinFamily descendants of Joyce and Roberta SooterYoho step-family and Cleve MartinFamily descendants of Joyce and Bonnie HopeFamily descendants of George and Mary MartinFamily descendants of Bill and Leota Martin, with LeotaBob and Donna Martin, sons and daughter-in-lawDarlene Martin Morgans and her descendantsBrothers Cleve and Bob Martin, with Leota and Donna

Most Photographed New Kid -- Emma, daughter of Phillip & Lesley Martin

Emma AEmma BEmma CEmma and brother, TylerLesley with daughter, Emma

Outdoor Play and Relaxation

Stuart relaxes outdoorsPhillip, Uncle Josh and EmmaStuart Yoho and grandson JoelReasers at playAmanda's sonGideon, Joel and Sarah Yohoteeter totterswingingTyler, son of Leslie Martin

Door Prizes

Door Prize Tables ADoor Prize Tables ADoor Prize Tables -- FoodDoor Prize Helpers ADoor Prize Helpers BDoor Prize Helpers AudiienceQuilting by Darlene MorgansWon a hatJennifer Sooter and stuffed dogKen Wilson won a stuffed dogKen shares dog with grandson CarsonSophia Gliser won the stuffed rabbit of her dreams


Clean-up AClean-up BClean-up CClean-up D

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