1999 Martin Family Reunion
Sunday, July 4th, was hot and windy, but the Martins enjoyed another family reunion.
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Zora Martin was the oldest participant.
Zora, oldest
Dalton, youngest Dalton Barnett, son of Lori and Toby Barnett and grandson of Connie and Billy Lay, was the youngest participant.
The newly-weds are Lida and Kevin Wilson. Kevin is the son of Linda and Ken Wilson. Congratulations!
Lida and Kevin, newly-weds John Sooter, home visiting from Brazil John Sooter, son of Roberta Sooter joined us from Sal Paulo, Brazil. This was his first U.S. visit in 25 years! John and his wife, Hannah, have 8 kids.
The newest family member was not present. She is Mason Reaser, born
July 3, 1999. Mason's older brother is Trevor, her parents are Dennis and Kathie Reaser, and her grandparents are Darlene and Harvey Morgans.

family, by branch...
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Ron and Violet, Darlene's family
Connie's family
Roberta's family
Jack's family
Mary's family
Linda's family
Leota's family
Bob's family
Zora's family

family show...
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Capp Wood
Telakye Wood
April Wood
Capp Wood sang, then read a poem about the flag from a grade school text of his grandfather, Bill Martin. Telakye Wood played a song on his trombone. Proud parents are Ruth and Roger Wood. April Wood played Ode to Joy on her saxophone. She will be a freshman next year, and performs in band.
Max Yoho
Kellie Roberts/Laura Sooter
Julie Sooter/Katie Sooter
Max Yoho sang  and played The Devil and the Farmer's Wife and The Fox. Kellie, daughter of Ann and Tom Roberts, and Laura, daughter of David and Vivian Sooter, sang Five Nights Ago. Julie, daughter of David and Vivian Sooter, and Katie, daughter of Mark and Karen Sooter, sang The Beaver Song.
The Reunion Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in our show!
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Carly, and mom, Angie Tillery
David and Vivian Sooter, Tom Roberts Sooter and Roberts kids play cards with April Capp Wood plays cards with Brian Hallauer and Scott Long
Donna Martin, Max Yoho, Richard Martin
Harvey Morgans, John Sooter, Linda and Ken Wilson
Olivia Martin, and her mom Debbie
Peggy Long, Donnie Martin, Ray Hallauer
Quilt made by Mabel Martin's aunt
Karen Sooter and quilt's owner, Phyllis Gish
Look for spider and fish embroidery Ruth Woods Mike Martin, April Wood
Joan Martin, Ron and Violet Martin
Cousins watch video of 1956 home movies
Jack Martin cleans up the hall
Door prizes, made by Ron Martin
The Reunion Committee would like to thank everyone who helped with clean-up and thank Uncle Jack for paying facilities rental. Special thanks to Ron Martin for his fine handywork on making our door prizes

All photos ©1999 by Carol Yoho
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