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Granddaughters Buffet lunch is ready Salad and bread  
Chatting Serving  
Farm generation Katherine and Ruth Lunch tables
Roberta's birthday cake Icing flowers
Candles 1 Candles 2 Candles 3
Candles 4 Candles 5 Candles 6
Front facade Front with bell House side
Back yard chat House behind Joyce's handlaid fireplace
Breezeway Dining tables Kitchen chat Wall of family photos
By Joyce's hand
Fishing bear Cabinet Bed and cabinet, with Jennifer Joyce carvings
Gather Check anniversary book Dinig room
Was rabbit hutch Joyce's tools Russell with furniture clamp
Gooey hands Pumpkin carving Jack'o'lantern
Carving Aftermath Jack'o'lantern 2
Branded rugs Just like her mother, Roberta likes to keep her hands busy. Recently she has been branding rugs for family members.

All photos © 2007 by Carol Yoho
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Roberta S., Celebrating 90 Years




























































































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