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Old Home Place, SE corner, Jackson County, Kansas Baby Elsie, first born, died as infant Ruth Marie, second girl, died as infant Chrisopher C. Martin, third child, first son.
The Old Home Place, SE corner of Jackson County, Kansas. Home built in 1927. First baby, Elsie Irene, b. Apr. 30, 1908, d. Oct. 5, 1909. Second baby, Ruth Marie, b. June 18, 1910, d. Sept. 20, 1911.

Third baby, Chris, b. Sept. 11, 1912.

Chris, Lewis, Harry and Anna Crowley  (later Corneilson) Roberta and her pony South Star School 1933-34 Jack on pony Jack with dog
Oldest boys, Chris, Lewis and baby Harry with first cousin Anna Crowley. Roberta and her pony. Note the old Martin homestead (at left).

South Star School, classes of 1933-34. Jack in center, back row. George, Bonnie and Bill are far left in front three rows. See more of South Star School.

Jack on pony, Ted. Jack with dog.

Coon hunt Martins eat watermelon
Harry in bell-bottom trousers
Sally and Lew
Coon hunt, 1934. George (left), Cleve, and Jack (right) with hunting dogs. Family eating watermelon in about 1932. Back row: Cleve, Mabel, Roberta, Chris, Harry. Front row: Bill, Bonnie, Bob, George & Jack. Lewis took the photo. Harry wearing bell-bottom trousers, 1938. Back of photo says "Sally (Velma) and Lew."

Mary and George, 1942 sailor, Mary, unknown, Roberta and Bonnie Bill, Chris, Bob, George and Ron Martins together, Jack home on leave, 1944
Mary Rodecap and George Martin, summer 1942. Jack's sailor friend (behind) with Mary Rodecap, unknown, Roberta Martin and Bonnie Martin. This is a rare photo of the younger boys, mostly grown. Left to right: Bill, Chris, Bob, George. Nephew Ron stands in front. Cleve Martin family, summer 1944. Jack was home on suvivor leave. Front row: Bob, Bill, Bonnie, George, Jack. Back row: Roberta, Harry, Mabel, Cleve, Chris and Lewis.

Ben and Bonnie Hope, Gerry Martin (married Jack) and unknown Martin family, Mabel's birthday Lewis, Bob, Jack and George in San Diego Bob, Jack, George and Roberta visit Home Place, 1996.
Ben and Bonnie Hope, Gerry Martin and the Tony and Hazel Leidke family. At Mabel's birthday (1975?). Back row: Chris, Lewis, Harry, Jack, George, Bill, Bob. Front Row: Roberta, Cleve, Mabel and Bonnie. Brothers visit Lewis in San Diego, 1989. From left: Lewis, Bob, Jack and George. Family visit Old Home Place, summer 1996. Front: George and Roberta. Back: Bob and Jack.

Chris Martin and his wife, Mildred.
Chris Martin and his wife, Mildred.

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