Our Family Heritage: Country Cemeteries
Generations of our family are buried at the three cemeteries mentioned below. Bainbridges, Groshongs and Martins all came to Kansas within the first years Kansas Territory was opened for homesteading.
These families came seeking free homestead land from various eastern states. All came to Kansas from western Missouri. The Groshongs, for example, came via Kentucky with the Daniel Boone family, first settling near St. Louis, then moving westward.

Meriden Cemetery, Jefferson County

Brothers:Sons of Cleveland T. Martin Darius Bainbridge Groshong and wife Huldah Martin Groshong Left: Oldest son, below: father
George and Mary Martin William Donald Martin Jefferson Jeremiah Groshong and wife Martha Malvina Bainbridge Groshong
George C. Martin
Mary Martin
Wm. D. Martin
Leota Fay Becker

Darius B. Groshong
Huldah Martin,
Cleve Senior's uncle & aunt

Jefferson J. Groshong
Martha M. Bainbridge Groshong
Cleve Senior's maternal grandparents

Once the Groshong Farm and Land, near NW of Meriden

Lindsey Wright watches her dad, Terry Wright, do a stone rubbing Karen Findley helps her brother, Terry Wright, do a stone rubbing Terry and Karen work to record a Gish headstone The Wrights, Findleys and Martins stay on ancestor's land slight north and west of Meriden, Kansas
Left to Right:
Lindsey Wright, Terry Wright, Karen Findley, Bob Martin, Rex Findley, Jack Martin
Wrights & K. Findley have Groshong ancestors

Muddy Creek Cemetery, Jackson County

Darius Bainbridge, family father and oldest family member to be buried in Kansas Darius' son, A.W. Bainbridge and his wife, Rosannah View of the Muddy Creek Cemetery, looking southwest over the gate.
The Bainbridges and Groshongs moved briefly to Grant County, in SW Wisconsin. There Ann Groshong, mother of Cleve Martin, Sr., was born, 7-23-1845.
Darius Bainbridge, d. 1860
Mary (Polly) Wright, d. 1856, (buried in Platteville, MO)
Muddy Creek Baptist Church preacher
Cleve Senior's maternal great-grandfather
Oldest relative buried in Kansas
Alpheus W. Bainbridge, d. 1895
Rosannah Aker
Cleve Senior's maternal uncle
Rosannah is buried at this stone also
Muddy Creek Rural Cemetery
looking southwest.
Bob Martin is current treasurer of the cemetery board for this and Steward Cemeteries.
The families returned to Missouri, then traveled into Kansas to homestead in 1855.

Steward Cemetery, Jackson County

Christopher Columbus Martin and Ann Groshong Martin George Washington Martin and his second wife, Lucy Pumphrey Martin Chris and Ann's son Robert, who died young
Five of six generations of Martins are buried in rural Jackson County at Steward Cemetery, north and west of the family farm in rural Jackson County.
George Washington Martin homesteaded in Kansas in 1856 with his second wife, Lucy Pumphrey Martin. Both are buried here. Son Chris C. Martin served in the Confederate Army in the Civil War and farmed land near his father, purchased in 1972. Cleveland Martin took over the family farm. Cleve and wife Mabel Stone Martin had twelve children. Two sons and three daughters are buried here, as well as one great-grandson. Cleve's brother Bob and sister Lolly are here. The farm was sold in 1955.
Chrisopher C. Martin, d. 1927
Ann Groshong, d. 1935
Cleve Senior's parents
George W. Martin
d. 1875

Lucy Pumphrey
d. 1901
Cleve Senior's grandfather & step-grandmother
Robert J. Martin
Cleve Senior's older brother, died of illness at the age of 22, d. 1895
Gerry Miller Martin, wife of Cleve T. Jr.
Gerry Miller Martin
wife of Cleve Jr. d. 1991
Lolly Martin, sister of Cleve Martin, Sr.
Lolly Martin
sister of Cleve Sr., d. 1972
Harry A. and Zora Gardner Martin

Harry A. Martin
d. 1986
Zora Gardner
d. 2004

William Jeffery Martin, son on Donald and Joan Martin
Wm. Jeffery Martin
son of Don & Joan Martin, grandson of Harry & Zora Martin, died at the age of 21 in a traffic accident in 1992.
Chris and Millie Winter Martin are buried at Steward Cemetery
—need photo
Cleve and Mabel Martin and three baby daughters
are buried at Steward Cemetery
—need photo

Current landowner of what was the Groshong Place now raise goats

All photos © 2006 by Carol Yoho
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