Martin Family Reunion 2003

Little Ones
Don and Joan with twin granddaughters Katherine with her new grandson, Luke Emma Grace Luke with his mom, Leah Rosemary with her GREAT-grandson, Preston

Kids' Activities
Jennifer watches jewelry-making girls twist fabric for necklaces twisting fabric Capp plays tic-tac-toe Kate and Stacie play checkers Sooter grandkids play checkers

Family Groups
Descendants of Chris & Mildred Martin Harry Martin's widow, Zora, and family Roberta Martin Sooter and family
Jack (Cleve) Martin and family, with Letha Richard Martin, son of George, with daughters Linda Hope Wilson, Ken Wilson and family Zora was oldest attendee at 88
Leota Martin, widow of Bill Martin, and family Bob and Donna Martin and family Jack (Cleve), Roberta and Bob Martin

Leota looks at baby photo display Linda Wilson brought story and photos of her dad, Ben Hope, WWII POW Linda and Donna look at baby photos Ella Stone wedding vase Special thanks to family who brought additional family heirlooms for viewing.

Door Prizes
Door prizes, with Ron Martin's woodworking at center front Ed Martin mans the microphone Randall Martin checks off winners Phyllis Martin Gish wore out the floor accepting prizes! Special thanks to donors of our door prizes and to Ed and Randall for distribution.

watchers 1 watchers 2 watchers 3 watchers 4
Erin and Ella, twins, are walking as 1-year-olds choosing favors Chris and Layne Martin MUST have GROWN the MOST in the last year! Luke Angie holds Hannah kids choose party favors

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All photos © 2003 by Carol Yoho
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