[Title] Martins and South Star School, Jackson County, Kansas, 1859-1952


  • Jackson County's Star School was founded in 1859, five years after the Indian territories of Kansas were opened to settlement.
  • The first Star School (#12) was built of logs.
  • A frame school was built and, in 1885, had attendance of 84 students.
  • Star School's original district, in the Muddy Creek area of Jackson County, Kansas, was split into North Star (#12 ) and South Star (#76) in 1886. The school closed in 1952.
  • The second family of George W. Martin is likely to have attended South Star School.
  • George's grandson, Cleve Martin, and his siblings attended South Star School.
  • Mabel Rose Stone Martin taught at South Star School.
  • All nine Martin children attended South Star School.
  • Mabel and Cleve's daughter, Roberta, taught at South Star School.
  • North & South Star School alumni reunions are held annual, second Sunday of July. For more info e-mail Carol
— Select a photo to see the larger version —Old photo, South Star School, Jackson County, Kansas.

Left: Photo of South Star School at some
date earlier than the memory of any living alumni. Later the school had a coat room added in front of the entrance seen here.

Martins and their classmates
South Star, Spring 1934

South Star, May 18, 1924 South Star, Spring 1937

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May 18, 1924:
• William McClurg, Hazel Richards, Golda Rippetoe, Laoel Richards, Merlt Faulkner, Navina Shepard, Eugene Wells, Leonard Hills
• William McCoy, Lewis Martin, Victor Hartman, John McClurg, Arnold McCoy, Culver Rippetoe, Chris Martin
Roberta Martin, Gerald Wells, Harry Martin, Grace Shepard, Ruth Sumpter , Pauline McCoy
Spring 1934:.
• Earl Langley, Ginny Sherret, Jack Martin, George "Bud" Sherrett, Floyd Sherrett
George Martin, Loretta Hartman, Francis McKeever, Virginia Harman
Bonnie Martin, Vada Zachariasen, Bob Chapman, Helen Hartman
Bill Martin, Chuck McKeever, Dale Langley, Ernie Sherretts
Spring 1937: .
Robert Martin, Dale Langley, Floyd Sherretts, Russell Kelly, Earl Langley, Robert Chapman, William Martin, Ernest Sherretts
• Helen Hartman, Elnora Langley, Vada Zachariasen, Mrs.Nincehelser, Bonnie Martin, Reba Langely, Mildred Zachariasen
• Myrtle Stewart, Don Langley, Mildred Stewart, Dona Jean Haun, Colleen Calderwood, Dale Calderwood, Doris Sherretts

Special thanks to Colleen Calderwood Blanton, granddaughter of Dr. E.A. Rippetoe, for allowing reproduction of her school photos.
It was Colleen's relative John Rippetoe, an early settler, who sold 2 acres of his land to the county as site of South Star School.

South Star School, 1935-36 school year

Star School Class of 1935-36, from left to right

BACK ROW: Carl Langley, Bud Sherritts, Loretta Harman, Vonda Zachariasen, Mary Hosler (the teacher), Francis McKeever, Virginia Harman, George Martin.

MIDDLE ROW: Dale Langley, Charles McKeever, Bill Martin, Bonnie Martin, Eleanora Langley, Helen Hartman.

FRONT ROW: Reba Langley, Bob Martin, Ernest Sherritts, Merle McKeever, Mildred Zachariasen, Louis Sherretts.

Known absent: Myrtle Stewart and Bob Chapman

Photo provided by Bob Martin

Response from the web:

I was delighted to find your Star School/Martin site.  My mother was Naomi Hartman, sister of Victor, Helen, Loretta and Virginia.  Unfortunately, she is not shown in any of the photos on your site.  I was hoping you might have additional pictures that you would be able to share.  My Grandfather’s farm (William Hartman's) was adjacent to the school. Last time we drove by the area it was overgrown with trees. We used to walk there from my Pop’s farm and I do remember the building, before it was torn down, and the well . Thank you for posting the photos.  --Dianne Ely


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