Chance Bargmann

April 16: Chance is getting a lot bigger.  He's all legs right now--legs and attitude.  Ha-ha.  He's getting pretty good at doing the basic commands like "Sit", "Down", and "Off". Of course he's stubborn and does them only when he sees fit to do so, but he definitely knows what he is supposed to do.  A stubborn human and a stubborn dog--both trying to train the other...

Chance, May 16, 2007 5-16b 5-16a 5-16c

April 2: He and I have become quite attached already. Between you and I...the best times are when he just wants to sleep on my lap. It's really nice and relaxing.
    Chance has been here 8 days now, and just this weekend, has really started to show a difference in his comfort level. Normal daily noises don't startle him as much. He is starting to see that its ok to be a lil' farther from me. It's actually really interesting to me that while he doesn't like to be far away from me at all...and kind of protests when I get out of sight, it doesn't seem to bother him when I leave the house. My neighbors snuck onto the front porch minutes after I pulled outta the driveway, and peeked in the window, and he was calmly chewing his toys! It's weird. I guess he is OK with me going somewhere else...but when I am home, I am supposed to be right there!
    I have to say, I am really pleased with my decision to get him. Just in this first week, I have loved having him here..."messes" and all. Which (the "messes") is the reason that I am replying to you at 1:00 a.m. Going to the bathroom has been absolute chaos--no rhyme or reason to when or where he goes at all...until yesterday. Yesterday he just simply started letting me know when he needed to go out...and we've had great success compared to the rest of the week. I was just down right PROUD tonight.
    Sure, there have been accidents still...but he seems to be trying his best to say "Hey, let's go out!"--which is what we just now did!
I know I've only had him a week...but so far, I couldn't ask for a better puppy!    Eli.

PS. By the way...just this evening, a good friend of mine decided to adopt Chance's sister! That poor girl-puppy has had several potential owners bail out on her, almost as fast as they've inquired about her! She's the last one left, and she is now gonna stay in a really good home, and near Chance. I thought that was kinda cool, that they'll stay near each other! The breeder thought that part was really cool herself. Other than Chance's lopsided ears...they are like "twins" when they're side by side. It'll be fun to watch as they grow, and compare them.

Chance, May 2, 2007 5-2-07c 5-2-07d 5-2-07b 5-2-07a 5-2-07e

March 30: Well, I picked the puppy up last week as you know...he's 8.5 weeks old right now...full of energy and you know what else! Ha ha! I have finally gotten a couple of better pictures of him. he is in his new yard here, where we had been playing fetch with his tiny tennis ball. If you look closely in the bottom picture...his right ear perks up and his left doesn't....he's got a lazy ear, I guess. Eli

Chance, late March 2007Chance chases a ball

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