Espaliered tree

Alex and Harry in the Queen's Garden, Edinburgh

And the boy, just finished reading the final Harry Potter, Deathly Hallows, knows that the Queen’s Garden (sedate in austere beauty, bedecked in flowers whose colors outlast their names, even though one of them, a rose, is the Queen’s own) is nevertheless surrounded by forces of nameless evil.  The huge labyrinth made of Es, myrtle hedge circling on itself in the middle of the garden, must be penetrated to its middle, to where the sprinkler jets with power, and the center must be touched, and without getting wet, or the whole world will implode.  And the boy races in, dodging, darting, running, ducking, shimmying through water and hedge.  And he does what no other could do.  Evil recedes and he cavorts back to the sudden safety he has created for us all.

 "Alex and Harry in the Queen’s Garden, Edinburgh" first appeared in Coal City Review



Hedge shaped like an E

Football player topiary

Pepsi can

Toy dinosaur



Dandelion seed


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