Pink dinosaur

Answer: Because

Why are the purple star flowers of eggplant so small and the fruits so big?

A potato flowers white, imitating in size and shape the yellow flower of the tomato, a close relative.  The potato fruit is a hard green inedible ball while the tomato fruit is round and red.  Why?

Why is the flower of a thistle so much akin to the flower of an artichoke?

Why are peach pits so big, the single seed inside poisonous, while apple seeds are so small, numerous and harmless?

Why do the round starburst flowers of the onion mimic the fruit of that plant?

Why are the stems and leaves of so many vegetables more strongly scented than their flowers?

Why are some root vegetables so richly colored: red beet, purple turnip, orange carrot? Why do some flowers not even look like flowers?

Why do datura blossoms open only at night?

Why did a dinosaur never pollinate a flower?

Why is it probable there are flowering plants yet to be discovered?

"Answer: Because" first appeared in Flint Hills Review



Hedge shaped like an E

Football player topiary

Pepsi can

Toy dinosaur



Dandelion seed


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