Climbing Vine Blues

—to my sweet trellis

Vines: Clingers and Climbers
A vine is a woody or herbaceous plant with flexible stems that climb, twine or creep along the ground. —signage, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

I’m a climber, Baby,
Wanna climb all over you.
Said, I’m a climber,
I’d best climb all over you.
When I’m all around you, Momma,
I lose my climbing vine blues.

Got tendrils, Baby,
Help me wrap round you.
See my sweet, sweet tendrils,
Wrapping all round you.
Like arms that hold tight,
Tendrils hold me, too.

I’m a clinger, Baby,
Clinging everywhere.
Yes a clinger, surely,
I push up through the air.
Wanna cling to you, Baby,
Can’t you see we make a pair?

I’m a twiner, Honey,
You and me, we’re bound to twine.
Twine around you, Baby,
Together we mighty fine.
I’m twining, Momma,
That’s how I like to climb.

If you won’t have me, Sweetie,
I’ll just creep along the ground.
I’m low down and blue
When up just ain’t around.
Don’t set me to creeping, Baby,
You do I’ll quit this town.

Yes, I’m a climber, Baby,
Gonna climb all over you
I’m a climber, Woman,
Wanna climb all over you.
If you won’t let me climb, trellis,
Gonna die from these climbing vine blues.










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Rose tattoo


Redbud leaf

Flower on walk

Crumpled newspaper

Flowers in flats

Strawberry blossoms

Cut stalks

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