Discarded flower

Flowers on the Metro

      In Paris, women carry flowers onto the Metro.  These women are vases, and the flowers become them:  mums, lilies, and roses. 
      Flowers drape with drooping nonchalance across the laps of men.  Or husbands tuck bouquets under their arms.  Or lovers rest buds in the crooks of their elbows. 
      The women’s flowers are not aching for a home–they are home already. 
      The men’s?  Some of their flowers will be delivered into care.  Others will be taken home, cut, stuffed hastily into the open maws of jars. 
      Those flowers will define desire.

"Flowers on the Metro" first appeared in seveneightfive








Hand scattering ashes

Rose tattoo


Redbud leaf

Flower on walk

Crumpled newspaper

Flowers in flats

Strawberry blossoms

Cut stalks

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